Samsung’s CTIA Event to Focus on the Galaxy Tab, New Sizes on the Way?


Just last week we heard a rather flimsy rumor that Samsung might have yet another size variant of the Galaxy Tab lined up for launch at this year’s CTIA show in Orlando. A new posting on Sammy’s Facebook page seems to infer just that, with the question “What’s your Tab life?” and a mysterious chain of numbers underneath.

That chain of numbers, 78910, seems a bit less mysterious in context. The two flanking numerals, 7 and 10, could very well refer to the 7-inch Galaxy Tab and the upcoming 10-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1. This leaves 8 and 9, which could refer to two new 8 and 9-inch versions of the tab, or more likely to the rumored 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab. We will have to wait until March 22nd and Samsung’s next “Unpacked” event to find out, but the odds seem pretty good.

[via TabletGuys | Thanks, Mike!]

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  1. Orlando, not Atlanta

    I got excited :(

  2. Samsung come correct with your pricing.

  3. … and wifi only

  4. I live very close… I will be there!!!
    If you see the announce there is a honeycomb pattern in the image.

  5. they should also go over the new GalaxyS2 devices as well…
    would be very strange if they didn’t, considering they still haven’t announced price or availability.

  6. 78 and 910 inch tablets.

  7. Pricing better be right and tight

  8. Wifi only….shit!

  9. If 78910 referred to 7, 8.9 and 10.1 then should it not be: 789101?

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