Get a NOOKcolor for $200 if You Act Quick [Deals]


If you have been looking into getting a NOOKcolor after all this talk of how easy it is to turn the e-reader into a full-fledged tablet with a bit of software tweaking, then your decision just got $50 easier. Through Barnes & Nobles eBay store, the NOOKcolor is being sold in conjunction with a coupon code that brings the e-reader’s price down from $249.99 to $199.99. Not bad, eh?

All you need to do is quickly make your way over to the eBay listing (before supplies run out or before 8AM PT on March 3rd, whichever comes first) and enter coupon code ‘CBARNESDD’ at checkout to save some strain on your wallet. Shipping is free. Jump on this one immediately.

[via eBay | Thanks, timmyjoe42]

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  1. Does this mean a new Nook color will be out soon or just that the price is probably going to drop to $200 in the near future? Or, perhaps they are clearning inventory for the rumored version with a locked bootloader.

  2. I keep switching between rooted and unrooted. I just can’t take the soft keys. And I can’t see all apps in the Market.

  3. Damn. They ship only to US. Europe is always left out from anything fun. I would buy this thing in an instance.

  4. It figures! I just bought a my NC last week.

  5. Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one. Been on the fence and nothing like a bargain to make the decision for me.

  6. Direct from B&N with free shipping too. It looks like you have until 11:00 am EST on March 3rd to pull the trigger. I bet they are using this to fire up competition with the rivals. (Kindle color maybe? Xoom wifi? Galaxy Tab 2?)

    I hope they are doing it as a promotion ahead of pushing 2.2 and the Market out to current users.

  7. Hmm, Nook color or Viewsonic gTablet? Decisions, decisions…

  8. I’m getting NOOKIED! I’m getting NOOKIED with that cool leather case too. I can’t wait until I root that damn thing and get my HoneyComb fixin’.

    Woo Hoo!

  9. Oh by the way, THANKS for the heads up and saving my $50. Can’t tell you how far that’ll go with the cost of everything nowadays.

  10. @ingrid put honeycomb on there…. the softkeys are much better than the softkeys app. I’ve rooted like 4 of these in the last week. The current Honeycomb build might have bugs, but it seems to do the best for the user since the buttons are built to be on screen.

    Very tempted to get one :-( this isn’t helping. Need to save my money! ahhhh

  11. CM7 has menu and back soft keys on the notification bar. Makes it easier on the nook.

  12. thanks, just got one! I was in the market for a tablet, too bad Dumbo Ears CEO of Moto didn’t release a Wi Fi only verion. Instead of a Moto Xoom, I’ll be rocking a Nook with 3.0 after I root it.

  13. @chad

    I was running the Honeycomb preview off of my SD card, and it was fine, just a bit slow and no market. I’m not savvy enough to get it on there via adb. I’m uncomfortable putting on the internal memory only because I don’t wanna mess with stock. I actually really like stock’s interface with reading books.

  14. Simply tbe best tablet out there for the money! Love my Nook.
    Eclair, Gingerbread, even a cobbled up Honeycomb.

    The Dev community has made this there little pet project and it only getting better. CM7 now.
    Thanks Barnes & Noble. lol

  15. I forwarded this deal to a bunch of my friends whom I have been singing the praises of the B&N Nook Color to since I got mine for Christmas. Hopefully a couple will pick one up.

    This is simply an outstanding entry level Android tablet even at the full $250.00. The $200.00 deal price just makes it that much more awesome.

  16. So is there a refund if you have aready purchased one less than a month ago?

  17. Just ordered one as well. From the looks of things over at XDA these run the 3.0 preview release very well. Can’t wait for 3.0 to hit AOSP.

  18. At this price, this becomes tempting just to have a leave-on-the-coffee-table Honeycomb tablet. Hmmmmmm.

  19. Ughh… I wish it had a front-facing cam then I’d jump all over it (yea I know its intended use is an e-reader, but still).

  20. Hmmm… for $200 may as well grab one. Not that $250 isn’t cheap, but $200 is what I paid for my phone!

  21. @Pat,
    Of course not. This is their Ebay store promotion only. Everywhere else it’s still $250…

  22. Oh the agony! I was going to wait for the wifi Xoom. Do I waste $200 for what is ultimately a toy and will be collecting dust in a few months?

  23. Damn it…I just bought one 2 weeks ago. Anyway haven’t rooted but did update the software and love this thing. Exactly what I needed out of the form factor.

  24. Well, my wife is getting her birthday present early.

    In the great words of the witch doctor off of Grandmas Boy

    “Somebody ass getting layed tonight!”

  25. Been on the fence for a while now… this got me to buy one. Here’s hoping they get AESOP Honeycomb with flash 10.1/2 and BlueTooth on it soon!

  26. Just got mine.

  27. I ordered mine today. I’m excited to step into the world of e-books, although I don’t like the idea of my real books getting no love.

  28. Not bad. It looks like they sold just under 11,000. That’s a lot of cash. $2.18 million worth of nooks.

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