LG Committing to One-Level Upgrades (Minimum) For All Optimus Smartphones


LG’s Kenneth Hong has gone on record saying that all of LG’s Optimus phones in 2011 and beyond will be getting at least one-level upgrades after their launch. (This means you can expect a Froyo device to get Gingerbread or a Gingerbread device to get Ice Cream whenever that debuts.) We have to take into consideration that LG would only be accountable for the unlocked/unbranded versions of their phones. Updates still have to go through each carrier ultimately, and unless there’s some clause in place, they have the right to deny it. (Or make their users experience excruciatingly long delays.) [A&M]

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  1. Good to see at least some public announcement of future upgrades for a manufacturer’s phones. That said, it’s still just all talk. I’m still weary of these promises as should all Samsung and Motorola customers.

  2. Sooo they could potentially scrap the Optimus 2X/Optimus 3D at Gingerbread? I’ll wait for HTC instead of settling for a brand that does nothing more than the bare minimum.

  3. Seems good marketing technique to me. Just to increase public intereste.

  4. This is indeed good news. It seams that phone manufacturers are catching up on the one truth: Users don’t like the custom of forgetting about them after the sale is done…

    I really hope this will continue and improve.

  5. The upgrades should at least be available during the carrier contract. If the phone is purchased off contract, I’d say 2 years makes sense. Even though I disagree with their initial stab at this, it is good to begin this discussion. Another thought is that they could could offer vanilla android after some initial period of time.

  6. Great, thanks for committing 6 months to your new phone (believe Google said they’re going to a 6 month cycle). Or maybe a 1 year commitment.

    Meanwhile many people sign up for 2 years with their carrier, three in Canada.

    Would be nice if Google cracked down on the terrible support most companies seem to be giving – or companies support what they put out as long as possible. Chances are neither will happen though.

  7. Do they really want a bunch of rooted phones running roms from who knows who on their network? They should just provide vanilla android if they don’t want to maintain their software anymore.

  8. +1 to above comments. Like Hyundai broke into the Auto world by offering their 10year warranty, LG has the opportunity to break into the cell phone world by offering one guaranteed major upgrade. Of course that could go horribly wrong for them if the USA carriers deny/delay the upgrade, which would cause complete loss of trust from the public. Interested to see how this pans out!

  9. I would love to see some vanilla android. With that said I think it is by no means a bad thing at least they are committing to android upgrades. This is better than samsung which still has some of it’s top tier android phones(that would be u fascinate) still sitting on eclair.

  10. I agree, support for 2 years for the usual life of the early adopter.

  11. I guess htc is the way to go! The g2 mt4g and nexus one will see two updates at least!

  12. So here is what they should do. Offer the upgrades when they are available and if the carriers cause delays then provide customers with the steps to root and install their own version or every a vanilla

  13. LMAO I have been seeing statements like these for the last 2 1/2 with Android and they almost never keep their word, Thats why I only buy Nexus phones. It’s sad that is has to be this way but these big companies just can’t keep up with Google’s pace.

  14. I’ve been asking LG for the source code for their LG Shine Plus phone for months now, I usually get no responses but last time I got “please contact the manufacturer of Android (Google) as they have what you need, sorry that we could not help you”!!!! Seriously? Google is supposed to have the kernel source for LG’s hardware?

    **** LG, I’ll never buy a product from them again. HTC all the way.

  15. Wow, they are guarranteeing one upgrade. That should go without even saying. How about guarranteeing every upgrade for 18 months minimum.

  16. I agree with ABCD, if they don’t want to provide updates, then provide stock Android and be through with it. These companies have made record profits off of a combination of free Android and us the customer. So if they do not want to upgrade the phones to keep it relevant, then provide a stock version so people have the choice of using their custom UI or the stock version. I am whole heartedly in favor of custom UI’s as there are many customers out there who do not have a clue as to the power that they have in Android phones, and the custom UI’s help to put it right in front of their faces, and I am sure there are some folks who know the power or Android but still like the customer UI (not me, I only own the G1/N1/G2, currently looking for my first Dual Core Phone). Best I can say is, take care of your customers and they will take care of you…or vice versus!

  17. Just an additional thought. Pretty sad when a company has to announce it’s supporting it’s phones for one whole upgrade – and they expect it to be welcomed as a good thing – as a service to the customer – when all it does is show the sad and abusive state of the android phone industry… :(

  18. Good a carrier going on record that only 1 upgrade.

  19. Good, a carrier going on record.

  20. In terms of high end phones (I know that there are many low end Optimus phones but I am referring to the 2X and 3D only), ALL manufacturers guarantee at least 1 update (hell even Acer has been giving one update to their Liquid lineup before scrapping it). So far the only ones who have really stood out are HTC and Motorola (as much as I dislike Moto, no denying that they care of their high end phones). Had LG promised at least 2 updates for the 2X and 3D, then they would’ve stepped out ahead of the pack (by actually going on record and guaranteeing more than just the bare minimum which is to be expected).
    On the plus side, the regular LG Optimus which launched with FroYo is probably now the most valuable low end phone since it is guaranteed Gingerbread.

  21. Well, at least they are trying to update their phones instead of leaving them on an earlier firmware like Motorola.

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