Feb 28th, 2011

For about 3 hours late last week, a 25% off code for Motorola’s online store was being tossed around for folks to purchase the XOOM for $200 less than what it goes for at full retail without a two-year contract with Verizon. Many of you got in on it, Motorola caught on, and the code has since been marked as invalid.

It appears that Motorola isn’t going to cancel those orders, but when exactly are they shipping? Many folks got “confirmation” that their devices would ship on 2/24 – the day the device was released – but they have yet to receive a tracking number, suggesting it may not have shipped after all. Friday came and went without tracking numbers, too, and now it’s Monday.

The last thing we want to see is Motorola refusing to honor those orders, but it could just be a small hiccup. We’ll keep an eye out on the situation. [Android Forums, Thanks Jay!]

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