Did Your Discounted Motorola XOOM Ship Yet? [Forum Talk]


For about 3 hours late last week, a 25% off code for Motorola’s online store was being tossed around for folks to purchase the XOOM for $200 less than what it goes for at full retail without a two-year contract with Verizon. Many of you got in on it, Motorola caught on, and the code has since been marked as invalid.

It appears that Motorola isn’t going to cancel those orders, but when exactly are they shipping? Many folks got “confirmation” that their devices would ship on 2/24 – the day the device was released – but they have yet to receive a tracking number, suggesting it may not have shipped after all. Friday came and went without tracking numbers, too, and now it’s Monday.

The last thing we want to see is Motorola refusing to honor those orders, but it could just be a small hiccup. We’ll keep an eye out on the situation. [Android Forums, Thanks Jay!]

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  1. I was wondering what was happeneing. I placed mine early in the day on Thursday with hopes of it shipping out and being in hand by Saturday, but that didn’t happen. Still no tracking number/shipping confirmation. I WANT MY XOOM!!!

  2. I got my xoom on day one from BB store and I really love my xoom but,I find myself a little disappointed as to how Motorola is handling all this messed. First the flash issues, than the no sd storage,price is not an issue for me but for some it is and now this thing whether people who bought the xoom with that 25% off code will actually get it. Motorola just had a really bad head start and with the Idevice2 coming soon they are putting themselves out of the race and no because of the xoom no being good but the all of that BS that has been happening.

  3. I ordered it with the discount on the 24th. My account section on the website says:

    Items shipped on :
    Delivery Estimate: Feb 28, 2011 – Mar 1, 2011

    No tracking email though.

  4. I ordered my discounted XOOM late Thursday night. I received an email confirming my order, and my credit card was charged. I have yet to receive my taking number, and I’m getting really upset. I’m going to call Motorola later today and see if anything is updated. Maybe they just forgot to send us the taking number. Please keep me informed.

  5. *tracking number. Stupid swype! Haha

  6. @josefromhershey – I don’t see how Motorola is responsible for the lack of Flash or SD storage. Flash is Adobe’s responsibility, and I would be amazed that the confusion wasn’t caused by the fact that they told Motorola and Google that Flash would be ready in time for XOOM launch. As for SD storage, obviously this is on Google’s shoulders, but the XOOM is the only Honeycomb device, from a major manufacturer, with an SD slot. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 and G-Slate don’t have an SD slot. The HTC Flyer does, but it’s being launched as a Gingerbread device.

  7. FUCK! How did I miss this. What was the total price…for those who got in?

  8. I paid 635 for the xoom the free case and free shipping plus tax.

  9. I still haven’t recieved a tracking number either. The total price with one day shipping was:
    Item(s) Subtotal:$799.99
    Shipping & Handling: $14.95
    Promotional Discount: -$200.00 Before Tax Total:$614.94 Estimated Tax: $31.95 Order Total:$646

  10. This is not fair. People those who purchased it on the launch got the same one for $250 more. Motorola should give the $250 discount to everyone.

  11. Please keep us updated people who call and ask Motorola wtf is up. :)

  12. Just called Motorola and they confirmed that the device hasn’t shipped yet but also verified that it will ship and the discount price will be honored, so it’s all good :)

  13. @Lanny – You should have entered “FREESHIP” on the order review screen.

    I ordered the XOOM, keyboard, and speaker dock for $787 (tax and shipping included). My card has a charge hold for the full amount, but no shipping confirmation yet. Still says 3/1-3/2 expected delivery.

  14. @Matrix: The discount was a miss step for moto, not a deal they intended. The price will eventually go down to that again but give it time. It is unreasonable to expect them to change their entire marketing plan because someone found a discount code.

  15. @ ckeegan you are right but whose’s name people are talking about? you barely hear people or the media blaming adobe flash or google for the sd issue its motorola that has to sale a product not adobe or google. But you are right!

  16. For those who missed the discount and have not purchased yet…be patient, as the competition is about the begin and more then likely drive the price to a more competitive rate…or be left behind

  17. Mine shipped late Thursday night.

  18. I called today, and they said even though they cannot get a tracking number, it is supposed to be delivered today, so I will post when it gets delivered.

  19. I also just got off the phone with Moto, and the CSR said that since I ordered on Thursday there is a day or two processing time, and that I will probably get the shipping confirmation today and the tablet on Wed. or Thurs even though as I stated in post no. 3 that my account says: “Delivery Estimate: Feb 28, 2011 – Mar 1, 2011

    (I ordered it with 1 day shipping.)

    Taking into account the above posts, it sounds like there is a lot of conflicting information out there with the Customer [dis]service reps!

  20. Just wanted to follow up on my post up top… I just got off of an online chat with motorola. They mentioned that there is a 24-48 hour shipping time for online purchases, and that my order is awaiting pick up. I am calling now to see if it is too late to change to the overnight shipping option

  21. My track packages account says “Item shipped on: _____. Expected Delivery Date: Feb 28 – Mar 1.”
    I called Moto and they just said that when it ships you will get a tacking number. I ordered mine on Thursday and paid for 1 day shipping. So far its 2:03pm CST on Monday and no tracking information…

  22. I would have bought at that price…

  23. I just called Motorola and they said that my discounted XOOM was being processed today, and should be delivered to me either tomorrow or the next day.

  24. I ordered mine in the morning on Thursday and paid for one day shipping.

    It’s 4:40 on the day it’s supposed to be delivered and I don’t even have a shipping notification.

    Called Moto and they said it should arrive today or tomorrow.

  25. It shipped people! It shipped! I got my confirmation and Fedex tracking number. ETA March 2nd

  26. I would have bought it a $600 too. I thought that $800 was a little too high. But if the Sonos App got released… might change my mind.

  27. Update: Ordered Xoom and a portfolio cover in two separate transactions on the 24th, both with promo.

    Received portfolio cover shipping info this morning (Ground shipping)
    Still no shipping info for Xoom (1 day shipping)


  28. Tracking number arrived this morning @ 1:50 EST. ETA 3/3 via UPS.

  29. Just got off the phone with Moto Customer support.

    CSR told me that due to the problem with the coupons there were ‘IT’ problems and they were trying to sort them out.

    Told me he didn’t know when they were going to ship. I asked if they were going to refund the $15 I paid for 1-day shipping, he said no.

    So the word from Moto is basically “STFU, you’ll get it when we decide to ship it regardless of what shipping you paid for.”


  30. Motorola charged me $649 on Friday morning, and apparently deposited the funds back into my account on Tuesday, March 1st. My bank also has no online record of them doing so, which means I would need to call their customer support and speak to an agent who could reveal what just happened behind the scenes.

    I purchased my Motorola Xoom directly from Motorola’s online store on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 3:50pm PST. Twenty minutes later, the 20% discount code went offline and was unavailable to prospective buyers.

    Shipping Status: Shipped on Feb 24, 2011 via Two-Day Shipping
    Delivery Estimate: Mar 1, 2011 – Mar 2, 2011

    No tracking number yet, and nothing new.

  31. Just got off the phone with motorola… they are claiming for the 3rd day in a row that my Xoom will ship today and will be in hand on Friday. I call BS, but we’ll see :-(

  32. I got the tracking number today. It was shipped out yesterday and I am supposed to get it tomorrow.

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