GameLoft Will Soon Be Using Unreal Engine 3 for Android Games


GameLoft has just announced a licensing agreement they’ve signed with Epic Games to develop multiple games on their Unreal Engine 3. The deal includes four games to start: two of them will be released in 2011, while another two will come the year after that. Tucked away at the end of the press release is a mention of Android. We’re not sure exactly how many of those 4 games will come out and for which Android devices, but we imagine those deets will make their way out soon enough. [EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thats Enreal!

  2. whoops

  3. Is the Enreal engine better than the Unreal engine?

  4. That’s great but I stil won’t be buying their games until they get their act together with that terrible store.

  5. Unless they publish their games on the market like everyone else, I don’t give a crap…

  6. Ditto monkeydroid and Hugo B. Gmaeloft in unreal if they expect us to step outside of the market just for them.

  7. Not to be repetitive, but Gameloft is completely irrelevant as a game studio until they put their games on the market, unfortunately.

    The purchase/update process from their “store” is terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    Doubly unfortunate that they actually have some worthwhile games.

  8. Just to reiterate what others have said. Will not be giving a cent to Gameloft until they start publishing their games on the Android Market. If it’s good enough for EA, it should be good enough for them.

  9. I’m sure they have the web store for a reason! If their games were in the market they would get ripped off left and right maybe!?

  10. why dont they publish there games in the market wassup with android apple taking over with the games!!!

  11. I will never buy their games unless they are in the official Android Market.

  12. Personally i’d like for EA to release nba jam for up to par android devices soon. If the iphone 4 can support it, surely android devices with snapdragons, hummingbirds and tegras can rock it better!

  13. they do have a couple of games on the market. however most of their games are on their site only. honestly though, what is wrong with that? are people really that against going to their site? gameloft is a trusted company. i trust buying a game from their site more than i trust buying an app off the market. i’m sure most of you surf the web on your phone, so why not stop to their site and check out their games? they have some amazing games that are worth the purchase, the next will hopfully be rainbow six.

  14. I can’t wait, I love Gameloft games. Although like others it would be much nicer if you could buy them from the market. Gameloft definitely makes some of the best games for android. I have been hooked on modern combat 2. The graphics are amazing.

  15. Gameloft has good games, but they need to do the “pay by phone bill” like EA does. My bank won’t let me charge out of the USA

  16. I’ll have a iphone 5 by then and be playing quality games without having to buy a new phone every couple months to be able to play games… I hate apple but as a gamer I have to give android and google the middle finger. I’ve had 6 phones in 12 months and it’s not slowing down. Screw you think about your consumers on contacts!

  17. @Whoamanwtf
    Yes it’s Googles fault that they can’t force the manufacturers to build a phone that pops out a big rubber mallet to knock some sense into you.

  18. Whoamanwtf- You’re off your rocker. Nobody forced you to buy 6 phones in 12 months. You bought them because you wanted to upgrade. The original Droid still plays 95% of the Android games out there.

  19. @Whoamanwtf you support to research i have droid 1 can play any new games. Droid 1 was release November 6th, so not all android get outdated only the one that from HTC and Samsung.

    If you buy premium you get it. Droid 1 is by far one of the best android phone that came out in 2009 is probably like iphone 3g it powerful and old at same time. Droid line rocks.

  20. Ummm you guys read this as a good thing?? Uhhh 2gaes this year and 2 games next year????? Is that a joke? Why do devs hate android so much? hahahaha

    there is no way android can take down apple at this rate. Yes more phones will have android but ok soooooo? One phone has millions and million and millions of people using it and loving it religously and thats the Iphone! Google doesnt want to offer you something better than iphone….they just want to be on more phones….and then when they have YOU ALL….. then youll see who the real evil empire is. Do you think they are doing this for free??? ummm really?

  21. Lets see your droid play the samurai 2 that is only for tegra 2 on android yet works on the 800 mhz ipod touch 3

  22. Whoamanwtf is right I have to admit.

    samurai 2 plays only for tegra based devices but plays on the iPod touch series fine. We’re getting less than what some of us have in terms of hardware. e.g my Galaxy S with the GPU it has can play it. But it is just not supported.
    Don’t even get me started with nfs…ffs.

    If google doesn’t sort things out with the fragmentation issue, things will go bad to worse (in terms of gaming experience)
    Nvidia store for tegra phones was a start but it needs to somehow be done by Google. Not all phones in the future will have tegra chips. Even the high end ones.

  23. Take your fragmentation FUD, and shove it up your ass. Period. You want to play good games? Get a good phone. Nothing different here than from the PC world.


  24. @DonnyDon you just jealous American twit. Android now has best some best games including Angry Birds and Bejewelled 2. You jealous because we can root Android and get games free and you have to pay in the crApple closed ecosystem. Games on Android are just as good and follow Googles ad supported model and with Ad Blocker you get game for free without the ads. There are now 200000+ games on Android and tablets faster than iPad crap. Go crawl back in your US whole with the other cronies who fail for the future. Android rocks and crApple sucks.

  25. I agree with Android Fan, all you Android haters/crApple fanboys are just jealous that your stuck in a contract with AT&T and a whole bunch of new, better Android phones come out almost every month that make your iPhone 4 look like the fragile glass sandwich it is. And don’t worry, your glorious iPad will be dethroned quite soon enough (btw the ipad 2’s specks could be topped easily if they actually went over 256mb of RAM with a *Gasp!* possible 1.2 ghz dual core processor).

  26. Android market is the reason why there are so many games on iphone and not on android. Google doesn’t know how to sell stuff. Leave it to Amazon and nvidia to sell quality apps and games for Android because they know how to bring in the goods.

  27. Give me a good way to get them or they’ll never sell…

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