HTC Inspire 4G Overclocked to 1.8GHz?


We’ve been seeing a lot of overclock action these days. The XOOM got its piece of work over the weekend, and now one XDA dev is claiming he’s been able to get the Inspire 4G up to 1.8GHz as well. We’re approaching this with caution as no users have tried it and we can’t speak to its legitmacy. It’s compatible with the beta version of CyanogenMod 7 for the Inspire 4G, but the developer didn’t say whether or not it’d work with other ROMs. Here’s the XDA thread if you want to take your chances. [Thanks, Ehsan!]

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  1. I overclocked to 1.4 stable with the CM kernel. Runs extremely smooth

  2. Not surprised. Many phones with the same processor, G2/MT4G can run stably at 1.9GHz. Tho I doubt battery life would be much to rave about.

  3. After overclocking whats about its warrenty?

  4. You have to be rooted with a custom recovery to flash an overclocking kernel. Your warranty will be void.

  5. The new version of CoreDroid has a 1.8Ghz kernel built in and it runs great. My Inspire scored a 3483 on Quadrant running at 1.8Ghz.

  6. my friends g2 is clocked at 2ghz and its stable. battery life is just terrible though

  7. What’s the point, if dual-core phones are on their way?

  8. A dual core 1 ghz does not equal 2 ghz single processor.

  9. @John, an Inspire 4G at 1.8GHz is faster than any (non-overclocked) dual-core phone announced so far.

  10. Who gives a fuck about warranties! Smartphones are meant to be so that we can have fun with them. Us people who overclock clearly know what wer’re doing and understand the risk. All you careful motherfuckers who are ready to call your wireless carriers when you drop your phone on the carpet with the cases on need to mind your own business. WE KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WE”RE DOING!!!!

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