MegaVideo for Android is Now Available


MegaVideo fans will be happy to know that their Android application is now in beta and has hit the Android market for all to try. MegaVideo is a video upload alternative from the same folks who create the popular file upload service MegaUpload.

Embedded MegaVideo players will launch the application when clicked inside a browser and will not only give users the option to instantly stream the video, but to download it as well. Here are some of the other features that they’re working on:

  • Tablet support
  • HD videos
  • Link auto-grabbing
  • Multiple link
  • Send-link-to option
  • Download speed widget

We’ll also be asking for a search feature as that seems to be missing. You can find MegaVideo in the Android market right now as a free beta. [Android Forums]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Happy Monday people, FIRST

  2. Awesome

  3. looks like it’s time to renew my subscription…

  4. That’s a good site for porn videos;)

  5. And TV shows. Wayyyy better than Hulu. No advertisements.

  6. Let the porn watching on Android begin!

  7. Yay I love porn!

  8. Worked great on my froyo browser based for watching movies, don’t know if I would bother to use this app and try and find the same video I found on my tv/movie site. Not unless theirs some optimisation that makes it stream fast enough for 3g…. then this app would be god sent.

  9. Lol porn!!

  10. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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