Popies is an Intense Whack-a-Mole Clone


As news is a bit slow today, we decided to head over to the Android market to take a look at some of the more intesting games to be released lately. We stumbled across a game called Popies which – for lack of a better definition – looks like a whack-a-mole clone. They add a lot of things on top of the traditional whack-a-mole gameplay such as special mallets that can be infused with elemental powers.

Different “popies” – as the characters are called – bring about different challenges. The blue guys are about as easy to hit as they are in a real whack-a-mole game, while others may take 5 or more hits before they get back into their hole. You can shop for different mallets, power-ups, and health, but you’ll only have so many chances to take advantage of that opportunity as it only presents itself every once in a while.

The game has great graphics, enjoyable sound, and achievements help motivate you to play more, but it becomes a bit overwhelming as you go along. I was playing on Easy mode and I still had trouble keeping up. When they’re throwing 5 “fat popies” (the yellow ones who take longer to kill) at you at once while 3 more red ones pop up, things start getting out of hand.

Even if you purchase the more powerful mallets or the area damage power-ups, you’ll quickly find yourself mashing all over the screen as you try so desperately to kill all those popies. More skilled players will have fun with it. The lite version is worth a shot and you can buy the full one for $1.99 if you end up liking it. Find both in the Android market. [Lite | Full]

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  1. Aiy popie!

  2. Looks like a clone of Tontie:

    which is not a bad thing… I love that game.

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