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This one has been making the rounds via Reddit. Nothing much needs to be said, but why does the apple get 4 light sabers? I read a funny joke that said not to worry as it could only use one of them at a time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply today. Still, it’s on my desktop and you know which side I’m reppin’. Get the high-resolution version here if you want it. [via MC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet wallpaper! Im 1 of them who luv to change my wallpaper like “alot” – daily! LOL So this can make rotation!


  3. Apple is General Grevious, that’s why it has 4 lightsabers. In other words, Apple is evil. :)
    Yay Andy the Jedi!

  4. Apple gets the 4 because it`s Evil like General Grievous

  5. The Apple has four lightsabers because it’s representing General Grievous and he’s a baddie! :)

    The Android is Obi Wan and he’s most definitely a goodie

  6. The reflection, in the silver apple, og the light sabers isn’t bright – but just dark? Fail …

  7. Nice. Four didn’t work out all that well for General Grievous.

    Go Andri Wan Kenobi!!

  8. So windows phone 7 would be the kid in the Darth Vader suit staring at a VW?

  9. Ah, see I was never into Star Wars so I wouldn’t know these things. :-P

  10. LOL nice

  11. I love it when the First comments aren’t first. FAIL!

    And this image is old.

  12. Apple gets 4 because it has the media, Hollywood and all the Apple fanboys behind them.

  13. This must be abosoultely briliant. I want it now! The Clone Wars second best mvoie ever made after Phantom Menace and slightly better of Revenge of the Sith. Han Solo was best Jedi ever and beat Grevious easily in the movies. This is same future of Apple with Android using force to beat crApple. BB is Jar Jar binks and MS is that little flying elephant guy who represents the jews, they get beaten by the Jedi too. Go Andoird.

  14. The rivalry that has emerged between Apple and Android reminds me of the rivalry between the stankies (I mean Yankees) and the RedSox. These comments are too funny.

  15. OK get this straight. Nobody beats the Jews. Mr Spock and Captain Kirk are both Jewish and even Star Trek is better than the star wars prequels.

  16. Re android fan: stop smoking that crack “phantom menace” the best star wars film and Han solo a jedi knight.

  17. Not too impressed with this wallpaper and the “light sabers” look more like fluoresent light bulbs. lol

  18. iOS still doesn’t support real multitasking but merely a ‘compromise solution’ … so i’d guess the ‘apple’ in the wallpaper should only have one light saber …

  19. Where can we find one with resolution for a phone? -Evo

  20. @android fan (#13) you just made my day. Lmfao.

  21. I love this wallpaper so much. Using it on my desktop now.

  22. I do like that apple represents the empire and Android the revels… very life like.

  23. I think the light sabers represent the OS generations. iOS or iPhone is on G4 and Android OS is just getting 3.0 out. This Image is a bit aged so hence the OS generations/Light Saber similarities.

    P.S. Han Solo was not a Jedi!!!!!!!! @#13.

  24. This thing is months old. How is this news!!!

  25. Nice but would be nicer if it fit my phone!

  26. Really? This is like 3 months old. I have about 6 versions of this WP and even more already on my phone.

    Really Phandroid? Did you hear its also 2011?

  27. There are like 3-4 wallpapers like this.
    Actually there is 1 when android cut the apple.

  28. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

  29. @13.. WOW.. smh!

  30. @ghostofcail & LuisG3.. You guys just got trolled. Atleast I hope so.. if he didn’t mean to do that thats alot of fail.

  31. So this R2D2 prototype learned to fight from Master Yoda?

  32. That is full of win. Android is out gunned, but he’s a ninja in disguise.

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