FullHDMI Breaks Your EVO’s Limits, But Only If You’re Rooted


The one thing that annoyed many EVO users is that their HDMI port could only be used while watching video and viewing photos. Orrebmas at Android Central’s forums looks to do away with that with a limited time beta of FullHDMI, however, that’ll allow you to view and play anything you want on the big screen as it looks on your phone.

The catch? Of course there’s a catch. You must be rooted so that you can install the kernel it requires. Your ROM must also be Sense-based: no CyanogenMod support here, unfortunately. And as it’s a beta, things aren’t extremely smooth, we hear. If you’re OK with all of that, though, click this link to grab the .APK file and kernel you’ll need. [Android Central | Forums]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This was awesome reading in the forums when he first started. To see it coming a reality is the S**T! I’ve been using Myn’s Warm Z rom and it works great!

  2. I just want to know what camera app that is…. I’m tired of having to go through 5 clicks just to switch from read to front camera

  3. Any word on whether they’re planning to add AOSP rom support?

  4. CyanogenMod will have it soon. Shinzul tweeted they are getting upwards of 80fps!!! Follow @Shinzul on twitter for more info.

    Sent from CM7ed EVO on 2.3.3

  5. Nice, will have to try this when i get home.

  6. Does this still limit the sound output to be from the phone’s speakers? If so, no thanks (I do realize the limitation might be hardware based, but still useless to me if so).

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