Samsung Captivate Froyo Upgrade Should Now Be Available


The Epic 4G got its Froyo upgrade starting Monday (though it’s since been pulled), and now Samsung and AT&T are rolling the upgrade to Android 2.2 out for their Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Captivate. You’ll need Mini Kies to grab it – no OTA here – but Samsung has posted rather clear instructions to get you started. Let’s hope this one stays on their servers. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. PC only apparently. Mac users appear to be SOL at this time.

  2. PC!=Windows
    Plus you can install windows (and kies) on a Mac.

  3. I waited for the Rogers update to 2.2. IT was still sluggish. Soon after I tried the FireFly ROM. Never going back to stock. Its fast, all the bugs are fixed, and the theme looks better.

  4. This sucks, I have a mac and cant get it. Stupid ATT cant do a OTA when Sprint just did it for the epic and the epic had mac support. Screw ATT!!

  5. The update went off w/o a hitch. Seems a bit faster overall, and the Flash support is a plus. Did wipe the home screens clean except, of course, the AT&T junk. There aren’t too many extra widgets, although a mini calendar view is now an option. Also see a Task Manager app now installed, although I still prefer the one from the Market, and gives you info about RAM and storage in one place.

  6. We Linux users are SOL at this time.

  7. @ DannyB

    will Kies run under WINE?

  8. About damn time, geez. Sadly, I’m at work and can not get kies. Guess I have to wait a little longer.

  9. Can anyone tell if this is a new build number entirely different from any leaked ROMs?

  10. It appears to be the same as the leaked one. I am planning on installing it on a phone that isn’t mine soon. I prefer the custom ROM I have now. Very fast and GPS locks no problem. Been running 2.2.1 since January. :)

  11. why is it we cant find this information via the samsung website or anything related to att.

  12. I have the update and have been messing with it during lunch. It feels a little snappier. GPS is dramatically improved although not perfect (still a little chop on turns… but acceptable now). It wiped the home screens for me too. Task manager and its widget were nice. Ability to turn off 3G was needed.

    After manual reboots, I am getting a copule error messages (causing 4 or 5 vibrates) before the home screen comes up… anyone else seeing that? Is that some app I have loaded getting denied?

    Overall, so far… very happy.

    Now to see if I get reboots with a full charge…

  13. @gokartracer5..thank you I look forward to see if there are any improvements however I am doubtful over the custom ROM

  14. How long did it take for the download

  15. Why does everybody complain so much? If you don’t like AT&T, then switch. Nobody forced you to sign on with them. Has anybody ever heard of a virtual machine? I updated mine on a 32-bit Windows XP virtual machine running under 64-bit Windows 7. I updated my buddy’s phone at work on a 32-bit Windows XP virtual machine running under RedHat Linux. Not a single hiccup in either upgrade.

  16. Adam:

    How did you do it? Just spent 4 hours trying to get this to work using windows xp inside virtualbox on a mac. Kies keeps hard locking the vm when it tries to install drivers during the last step of the installation.



  17. Anybody did it on vista? I have to wait because I’m still at work. Fuck me!

  18. Update for Epic 4G pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, Epic 4g users will need to HARD RESET the phone. My advice: AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

  19. I did the update with windows 7 64 bit in about a half hour (mostly because i took my time). No problems and works great. It feels snappier, works with all my widgets (YouTube double tap for full screen option is a nice addition) and i can use skype now!!!

  20. Worked perfectly. The phone is much better now with Froyo. I managed to get Kies Mini to work on W7 64 bit. (:

  21. Looking forward to it on my Fascinate. The only Galaxy S w/o Froyo.

  22. Did it and love it! Nothing wrong yet. Took about 30 minutes. Simple and clean.

  23. Does this update wipe all the data from your phone by design? If so, how do I back up my emails in the email program (not gmail)?

  24. I rooted my captivate 2.1 update1 and I’m not sure if I should update to this official 2.2 froyo. Any suggestions?

  25. I did the update two hours ago and everything seems good so far. My only problem I have been having is connecting to my wifi but it might be my wifi and not the phone. And also it does not wipe anything from the update. I updated on windows xp and it is working very good so far. The update took about 15 minutes for me.

  26. Downloading for ever, how long will it take ? no indication on what percent the download has gone.

  27. The download site said it would not work on a 64bit machine. Dusted off an old laptop and tried to load kies mini, but the drivers failed. Went to my desktop with a AMD64 chip. It is running vista and it would not load the drivers. Finally disobeyed the site rule and loaded kies mini on my 64 bit, win7 laptop. Everything loaded, entire process took about 25 minutes. Phone works great. Especially Googles’ voice system which I downloaded from Android market. It is fantastic!

  28. We only have a mac at the house. Can’t we take captivate to an ATT store and have them update them? This should be an option.

  29. Did the update last night. Wouldn’t work on my 64 bit computer, so I switched to my daughters 32 bit. Lots of loading and restarting the computer and phone, but everything went smoothly. Unlike when I updated my Mot phone and lost all the apps and contacts, everything appears to have stayed (I would still back everything just to be safe). I did start to worry after the phone rebooted and stayed on the splash screen for a few minutes, but that was part of the process and it continued. The build number is ICKB1.

  30. Everything goes fine, then I get an error that reads…

    SGH-I897 Could not be Upgraded.
    1. Detach and reattach the mobile phone’s battery.
    2. Reboot the mobile phone, and then try the upgrade again.

    I’ve tried this several times on both 32 and 64 bit machines. Anyone else getting this too? Is this update only available in batches?

  31. Greg: I’m getting the same error. Very annoying.

  32. @24 – I was rooted on 2.1 update 1. I upgraded with zero issues. I am minutes from re-rooting under 2.2. I am VERY happy with the update. It went very smoothly, even if it did require some additional downloads. The only thing i “lost” was my homescreen configuration… I had to reconfigure those and add my icons/widgets back.

  33. Matthew: Is your phone rooted? What firmware? Is it new or referb?

  34. @ganesh,
    I had the same problem the first time. Had to talk to tech support at Samsung to unbrick my phone. Turns out I had not turned off my firewall and virus checker before downloading. Boy, that’s bad practice, creating an update that requires the user to remove all the PC’s protection in order to update.

    After, it went very smoothly, and I’m now running 2.2. Seems to work smoothly, but I haven’t checked all the nooks and crannies.

  35. having to hard reset your phone (meaning wipes all your data and settings and preferences) to get the update to work accurately??? Sorry, I will NEVER do that for a silly update that comes from the phone’s maker. An update that screws up your stock phone? I am not rooted and the update is a joke.

    DO NOT TRUST ANY UPDATE FROM SAMSUNG until at least 2 weeks after it is released.

  36. Ran the update this AM via Kies Mini on a WinXP machine, ran just fine. One slight hiccup upon the download of the binary files after clicking “Phone Upgrade” in Kies app … it failed to update the phone on the first try. Second try ran just fine. (Hint: I suspected short screen timeout setting on my phone, changed it to 10 mins. before second try, ran OK.)

    The upgrade to Froyo on my ATT Captivate did in fact, blank out my Home screens requiring me to reset all my app shortcuts so if you happen to be very particular about where you’ve placed your shortcuts, make a note somehow. Some cool apps in this update (likely via Samsung not Google) like Car Home – when launched simplifies your choices to Phone, Search, Contacts, Navigation, Maps, Music and Settings. Makes it much easier to fumble with the phone while driving! Also, the Google Maps GPS locks faster but still a little suspect on accuracy.

    All in all … its about time we got Froyo on the Galaxy S (Captivate)!!!

  37. How long did step 3 (configuring device/driver install) take for any of you? The yellow triangle has been on my screen for at least half an hour now…does it really take that long?

  38. I am having the same problem. How long did step 3 (configuring device/driver install) take for any of you? The yellow triangle has been on my screen for at least half an hour now…does it really take that long?

  39. I am having that same issue, how long does it take?

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