Adobe AIR Updates for Honeycomb Tablet Support, Flash Still Waiting


While Adobe Flash still waits for its day when it will be compatible with Android Honeycomb with the release of Flash Player 10.2, AIR is already receiving its update for tablet compliancy. While that is certainly the major news coming out of the update, plenty of other enhancements and tweaks have been made. Overall performance is increased with faster scrolling and smoother video and animations thanks to GPU-based rendering.

AIR is still waiting to make a name for itself; so far the technical demos of its capabilities have been a bit more satisfying than the actual applications and services it has enabled. If you have AIR on your phone you should get an update notification. Otherwise, find it in the market with the info below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. BrainApp sorts apps made with Adobe AIR and has several hundred AIR apps for Android:

    Also since almost all the apps made for the PlayBook use the AIR SDK, expect several thousands tablet AIR apps to reach Android tablets shortly.

    Finally, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution for Android uses AIR for their viewer. So Android users using Wired, Vogue, National Geographic, Martha Stewart Living magazine and more will all be doing so using Adobe AIR.

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