Motorola Posts Series of Motorola XOOM How-To Videos


If you haven’t been able to go out and pick one up for yourself – or if you have one and want to know how to use it without having to read some stinkin’ manual – you’ll be glad to know that Motorola has just published a series of Motorola XOOM how-to videos on their how2moto YouTube channel. Everything from taking photos and video to reading books to using the calendar are all covered, and we’re not so sure they’re done yet so take a look at the one video we’ve included above and browse around their YouTube channel for the rest.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. We got one here at work. Who the eff is going to pay $840 out of contract to buy one LMAO.

    ps my work analyzes these devices so that’s why we bought one.

  2. Yeah. Cut the price in half, at least, and then we’ll talk.

  3. Just played with one at Best Buy, and to be honest with, I wasn’t that impressed. I just don’t see why I would use this over my Epic or my laptop?

  4. And so, the bitching and whining about the price continues. I wish we could all move away from the whole “Wal-Mart” Mentality pulease. You cheapskates want all the ‘bells and whistles’ of a full featured product and then pay pennies for it. Well, it ain’t gonna happen. If you don’t like the price, wait till next year for Quad core devices then these dual cores ones will be discounted but stop bitching about the current pricing. These companies stay in business by making money not giving away product. Grow Up

  5. still, I agree with you but motorola needs to do something big to counter the ipad…no make that the ipad 2. I don’t think that what they are doing is enough.

  6. just got back from the verizon store… hoping i would be wowed and amazed by the xoom, and i really wasnt. maybe at 300.. but i would much rather buy a new laptop for the price of the xoom(600-800) dont get me wrong the tablet is very entertaining and fun. but i can do pretty much all of that on my android phone.

  7. @Undecided

    We would probably complain less if the only other company with a tablet on the market didn’t offer a $500 WiFi only version off contract.

    I’ll be waiting for the iPad 2 announcement, playing with both and choosing then.

  8. Xoom is extremely great and feels awesome in hands.
    If it cost $599 for 4G and $499 for wifi-only versions it would be an instant hit and a real start for price wars.

    ipad1 parts cost $260(isupply). Tablets CAN and just MUST cost less. They must be much less expensive than laptops, because they are not a replacement for them to cost the same. Apple didn’t sell 15 million ipads for $829. The vast majority of sold ipads are 16Gb wifi-only ($499!). The average ipad price for consumers is $614. How competitors can cost $799, if people on the wave of incredible tablet-hype were buying ipads from Apple for $614 in 2010? The main factor for tablets is PRICE. Only Apple is able to sell 15 million tablets- brand, new, hipsters, trend etc. NOT even every iphone owner bought iPad! They’d have another sales figures. The ceiling is near. The whole tablet market is relatively small with such prices. 600-800 is too much for such an almost fun/entertainment devices.

    All tablets’ prices currently ARE WRONG. Tablet computer market is still a new-born.

    Angry Birds is awesome by the way on Xoom)

  9. @ Still Undecided

    The point is… my laptop was only $500 new. Its 5 times faster, and with windows 7 startup time is around 15-20 seconds. I have just about unlimited storage of music and better sound quality. It would be silly for most of the people out there to spend that kind of my on something that is a luxury. I don’t see very many people trading in their laptops to use a tablet.

    You must be in your teens because price and demand will always be there. I see that most people are not willing to pay $800, It’s not because we are whining or think that wal-mart is the best option, bottom line is that the product is over priced. The people are the driving force with prices not the companies.

    You go ahead and pay full price for it. I’ll wait till the next toy comes out and get the xoom at a a half or a third of the price now when nobody wants it anymore. It will only take about 6 months anyway.

  10. I bought one…LOVE IT!!!

  11. Ok, *unsubsidized* smartphones cost now $600 and even more, like HTC Thunderbolt for $740 or $770.
    @John overpriced, comparing TO WHAT? how do you measure this? Comparing to iPad for $729, which has nothing (yes, 32Gb storage only) of that what Xoom has? Comparing to plastic mid-level laptops, Xoom, ipad and ipad2 are expensive too.
    Tablets now are equally expensive, pretty useless and not for people who compare them to laptops, dishwashers or surfboards. They all are not overpriced. Current their price is inadequate for tablets.

  12. Angry people!!! Why are you all so angry!!!

  13. while the Xoom is good, it isn’t an iPad killer (as much as I’d like it to be). Honeycomb needs a bit of work, flash needs to arrive and the WiFi version should have been released along with 3G. I’d also like full size HDMI/USB to easily output to TV/Monitor – From what I see, Toshiba’s tablet (Antares?) is looking the best of the bunch, but is still a few months away – pity.

    I have no problem paying a bit more for Xoom IF it had everything now – but releasing before 4LTE can be installed, and Flash still not available is BS – shows Moto is scared of iPad2 – couldn’t dare miss selling to first adopters if iPad2 comes out and steals their thunder for same or lower pricing.

    One thing for sure – tablet pricing wars are about to arrive.

  14. I am definitely looking forward to Toshiba hardware. Their laptop lasted years of my abuse lol.

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