WiFi-Only Version of HTC Flyer Looking to Cost 499 Euros, Says Pre-Order


Sticker shock plagued the eyes of many when we learned of initial pricing for the HTC Flyer: it would appear most would have to spend upwards of 669 euros for the Android 2.4 tablet with a bigger version of HTC Sense on top. A WiFi-only model is in the works, though, and one pre-order page for it has already gone up.

Cyberport is listing it for 499 euros, a considerable amount cheaper than whatever 3G version Amazon Germany outed a well ago. We know most of you on here are only interested in WiFi-only models of devices, so It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the pricing HTC’s going with. (If Cyberport is to be believed, of course.) Leave those thoughts in the comments section below. [Netbook News]

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  1. No thank you. Try again HTC and this time with Honeycomb.

  2. May be a stupid question.. but can they not just update it to honeycomb with an ota?

  3. I’m pretty sure they can, and HTC has been pretty good on upgrades. Not sure why this is such a huge deal.

  4. This might actually signify that US prices will be around the same price too. I may have to sell my iPad and cop one when it drops.

    And yes, Honeycomb is already confirmed for Q2 for the Flyer.

  5. can´t think of a reason why anyone would buy the flyer when there are much better honeycomb tablets available for the same price?

  6. @Thomas Sweden – So that I can bring it to work meetings instead of a notebook (the kind with pages) and synchronize my entire working existence while simultaneously looking like a huge TOOL.

  7. um…….one word, xoom

  8. I like the Flyer.

    Might buy it at some point if they whip up some Honeycomb-Sense for it.

  9. $680 US…What the hell is wrong with HTC!

  10. @Him

    You can’t really convert Euros to USD like that. An iphone 4 is 776 Euros on while the US Amazon sells it for 690 USD.

  11. Ok everyone is saying the Xoom or w.e but frankly the Flyer has better functionality compared to the rest of the Honeycomb tablets. Yes it has a single core processor but if im right this was made for the college students/professionals to make sure it worked on a cell phone version b4 being pushed to a tablet version the great thing about that is that everyone has forgotten that HTC hasnt really released any dual core phones which im sure is because their waiting for which chip reigns supreme, since Nvidia is releasing their quad-core chips in august im sure thats when htc will release their big tablet along with quad core phones if their were betting on dual core phones the Thunderbolt would have had one. but if that fyler comes to the US around 400-450 i’ll get one for school n business work unless they make 2 8.9″ one b4 im ready to buy.

  12. The thought of a pressure sensitive stylus on a 7″ form factor makes me happy — tilt and rotation would cause my head to explode. This tablet looks to be practical.

    @ jdog25,
    HTC already stated Honecomb will be an OTA update shortly after it’s released. They’re still readying it.

  13. HTC has already stated that they’re going to intitally release this with 2.4 so they can release this soon, but then they will upgrade it to Honeycomb.

    This tablet is way better than the Xoom.

  14. Who cares…it only has 4 hours of video playback…#Fail

  15. did u guys notice that it says 3.0 ready… huh???

  16. I meant Honeycomb not some watered down HTC Sense crap.

  17. @mac It says “Android 3.0 ready, Android 2.4 installed”

  18. I think that means that is is capable of handling Andriod 3.0 lol.

  19. Well at the rate this is going, I will probably have a functional HTC Flyer before I have a Thunderbolt, even though I already have an Innocase for the latter…

  20. Guys. Complain your asses off but know this. Of all the manufacturing companies out their htc consistently brings the phones with the most overall user friendly experience and all around they are known for producing great and smooth operating phones , shut I still have my trusty old Dinc and several other phones that have so called “better” ti omap and samsung hummingbird processors and my Dinc blows them both away in everything except fps in gaming and quadrant scores. Why do u think that the Dinc and EVO are still two of the best options out there? Because the sense they come with is FAR FAR FAR more useable than touch wiz, motoblur, or any of those other shitty skins. Face it, they may not be putting out the absolute best hardware but their phones blow everything else in the android world away. Bottom line, this should be a solid tablet once honeycomb is on board.

  21. Remember how we all drooled over the Courier tablet project? The Flyer reminds me of that.

    An active pen means a lot to those of us who actually create instead of just consuming.

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