HTC Flyer Price is 670 Euros, Says Amazon Germany


We’ve finally got ourselves some preliminary pricing information for the HTC Flyer tablet introduced yesterday at Mobile World Congress. Amazon Germany has revealed a 670 Euro price point – that’s just over USD $900.

Many were hoping to see it a bit cheaper than several of the Honeycomb tablets coming out as they see this as HTC’s Galaxy Tab. The reality is that we’re still not sure if the price is justified or not because we haven’t seen enough of the tablet.

Amazon didn’t include a date to go along with their little reveal, but HTC told us this thing should be out within a month’s time. It’ll be interesting to see how carriers will price this if they allow subscribers to subsidize the cost. Let’s hope any subsidy puts it right around the Galaxy S’s average price point ($400-$500) when it debuted. [via TabletGuys, Thanks Denny!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They could gave made a killing if it was $299-$349. A little more then a color nook. But with the specs it sports I doubt they will sell many.

  2. *cough* WTF?!? Um, no. Once again, not an Apple fan myself but I don’t think the average consumer is ready for those kinds of prices when Apple has done a tablet for much cheaper.

  3. HTC Germany already communicated their “price recommendation” yesterday. (See Update 2 in this article) Which is 699 Euros for the UMTS-Version and 499 Euros for the WiFi-Only-Version. So the real street price will be somewhere under this. Like we see at … but I assume the prices will go down fast. Especially the difference between Wifi und UMTS seems a little high.

  4. I’m so happy I ordered by Adam, 10 inch wifi/3g 425. I was trying to wait for HTC but once I heard only 7 Inch. I placed my order still hoping they would have came with a 10 but…

  5. That’s not the US price. People keep forgetting the huge tax component in European pricing. Remember the galaxy tab was initially reported at $1200 or more over there. This is a pretty good price when you consider how much lower it will be here. I’m guessing around $400-$500 outright.

  6. I guess that stylus makes this worth the extra $400 bucks….

  7. @JaylanPHNX
    The price is inclusive 19 % vat.

  8. You won’t get US sale price by getting European price and converting the currency. You’re more close to the truth if you convert it 1:1. US sale price is probably going to be close to $670.

  9. $900? really?
    needing a stylus & not even released running Honeycomb?
    i never thought i’d be arguing FOR the Xoom, but come on HTC–you guys really screwed yourself over with this

  10. They can Suck my BIG toe.

  11. @Joshua, you won’t NEED the stylus that comes with it, it’s a capacitive touch screen with a capacitive stylus, similar to the iPad’s stylus that’s pointless and doesn’t work half the time

  12. This is the most elaborate version (32GB + 3G), it’s possible cheaper versions will be made as well.
    And the price includes VAT; without VAT, it’s $730.

  13. While I would never buy an iPad as Apple sickens me, why would the average consumer pay hundreds more for an Android tablet? My guess is they won’t.

  14. Note taking, people! Note taking!
    That’s why you pay more, so that you can use the damn tablet as if it were a notebook and not just a less functional laptop.
    But you won’t pay more because that price has a 19% tax built in. Talkin’ bout $600.00 range.

  15. oooooh, i don’t understand what VAT means.

  16. There is no way I’ll pay over 500 for the Flyer when the wifi only version of the Xoom is only $600. NO WAY!!!

  17. This garbage, I really thought Htc was going to blow them out the water!! This is a huge upset, where is the 10″tablet at? If I want a 7″ Ill buy a Galaxy Tab. I don’t care for a doodling pen, are you kidding me. This better not cost more than $400 when it comes out!! No wonder Apple is selling products so well, they know they can price them more reasonable than the good companies can without the high mark up!! Htc don’t release a 7″tablet before the 10″tablet with honeycomb!! You will fall behind in the market by sales. And you know apple will come out with a new ipad soon, even if it doesn’t beat the other tablets by specs it will by price guaranteed! And price is what sells!!!

  18. Why on earth have you done a simple currency conversion and posted it up for silly Americans to crap themselves over? It doesn’t work that way. It won’t be anywhere near 900 USD.

    European vs. North American prices are never “equal” because of all the taxes involved. I can’t believe the article writer didn’t know this.

  19. VAT = value added tax = kind of a sales taxe!
    German prices are including the sales tax of 19% and including a 2 year warranty. Therefore it is usual to convert 1€=1$.

  20. @Derek: It has an active digitizer and apps/UI optimized to let the stylus work to add extra functionality (ie note taking). I doubt this is true.

  21. Where is that BUM. ksizzle9… he needs to be SLAPPED

  22. OMG: Seems like all the manufacturers are going on the extreme high end on pricing. I, I just don’t understand it. Do they not understand that peoples main concern is price, that the wi-fi only, unsubsidized $400-$500 dollar range is the largest area of demand. Now, if one of the tablets ended up to be a high end high quality device that would be one thing, but.. … Their is no average consumer device, .. well.. that’s wrong. Their is 1… and it starts with an i.

  23. How about integrated OnLive ?
    Is this worth the price?
    I think so.
    Check HTC website.

  24. I would pay a couple hundred dollars just to get that stylus, if it would work with my galaxy tab.

  25. I would rather drop 700 on an EXOPC and have a fully functional Windows 7 tablet with better specs. I have had three Android phones and am totally behind Google, yet (and a big yet at that) I will not spend that much to sacrifice the function of a true HD Windows Tab, especially with emulation for Android games…

  26. not buying…

  27. That is an old marketing trick named skimming – first price a new „must have“ product high and then let the price slip over time. So the early adopters will pay most and over time everybody will buy at exactly the price that is just bearable for him or for her.
    So wait a bit longer ant the prices will come down. You might see up to 30-40% off after 6-12 month at Amazon.

  28. All prices in Europe are inclusive of all taxes,the price shown is the price you pay “at the till” for all items (as if it you’d want it any other way??) Convert it roughly $1 to €1 for a US price.Maybe HTC are being clever and getting some feedback on pricing as they are arguably on the verge of going into orbit as a brand and a lot of it hinges on this item

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