The Daily for Android May Land This Spring


All Things D is reporting that News Corps-owned digital paper – The Daily – will soon see its iPad exclusivity end and should find its way onto at least one Android tablet this week. The daily seems to be a big deal as Apple and Rupert Murdoch have touted its success since the day it was launched late last year. It wasn’t said if the newspaper would go to a specific tablet or would be available for multiple ones.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I can’t think of anything I’m less likely to buy than a tablet subscription to a Murdoch rag. If I wanted to be lied to, I certainly wouldn’t need to pay for the privilege.

  2. DO not want!

  3. +1 on the above

  4. Rupert, I prefer the WSJ on Android.

  5. Well said #1.

  6. Yay..I can finally pay for what is free on the internet via a browser in any case…NOT

  7. So this is why the superbowl ad didn’t mention iPad. Definitely DO want!

  8. Why release basically any app that supports only one or only certain devices? On purpose… I’d want ANY Android device to be able to consume my revenue generating content. Not just a Samsung branded device, etc.. I just don’t get it.

    > and should find its way onto at least one Android tablet this week.

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