The Inner Workings of the Motorola Atrix 4G [Teardown]


Do you have any dignity at all, Motorola Atrix 4G? You haven’t even been street legal for more than a few days and here you are posing for some gaudy pictures revealing what’s underneath that back cover. And they’re all over the internet!

The folks at iFixIt have once again torn into a fresh piece of hardware to show off exactly what makes the Atrix 4G a monster of a handset. The dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 is there as well as the faux-4G radio capable of HSPA+ data rates capped at 14.4 Mbps. Word is the phone is actually pretty easy to pull apart and service, though most components are bunched together on one of two ribbon cables, so if one fails all using the same cable must be replaced simultaneously. The glass of the screen is not glued directly to the LCD, meaning if you happen to shatter the front pane you won’t need to replace the entire screen’s hardware.

See the full teardown over at the source link below.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. I’m having a very hard time finding hours of video play back. I only see video playback mentioned when it is docked on that laptop. The closest info I found was att who said it can playback two movies, no actual hours of playback was given. Aren’t movies 1.5 hours each? If so the single core iPhone 4 for example plays back 10 hours of video, over three times the dual core Atrix. Could it be that the dual core is not being taken advantage of? Why is motorola not telling us video playback time?

  2. The iphone 4 can play “up to” 10 hours of video, thats best case scenario and only in Airplane mode. This is speaking from first hand experience. Your more likely to get about two moves in phone mode on a full charge and new battery.

    The iphone 4 has ~1500mAh, the Atrix has ~1800mAh. The iphone may be a little more optimized than the Atrix, as far as battery consumption, but all reports back so far are saying the battery life on the Atrix, for day to day usage, is phenomenal.

  3. Sure, the “up to” implies it’s under the best circumstances. But then doesn’t motorola do the same, give us “up to” three hours video playback?
    Is the Atrix optimized yet is what I was asking. Each app or widget you use would need to be optimized individually to take advantage of the dual cores. No software will take advantage of dual cores unless it’s told to and it’s pretty complicated to work with dual cores software wise according to wikipedia and other sources. You would think an optimized dual core would improve a basic feature like video playback yet they claim it has 1/3 the video playback of other phones. If the video playback is not optimized, I don’t think we can expect beyond basic features like apps to be optimized.

  4. I guess that answers the question some people had over at xda about tricking the phone into thinking its docked in the multimedia dock when just using the hdmi cable.

    They thought it may be as simple as a magnet, or something metal being triggered by a magnet in the dock to allow the phone to realize its docked. They have found that you are unable to connect via hdmi cable only to access webtop, and were looking for ways to trick the phone into thinking its docked. I have not checked in to that thread yet today so I may be a bit behind though lol

    I have read below article that explain very deeply about iFiXiT..
    Motorola Atrix 4G Is the Most Repairable Smartphone iFixit!

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