Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Now Rolling Out to Nexus One and Nexus S


Just yesterday there was a rumor floating around that Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) might never come to the Nexus One. The thought was that 2.3 would remain a Nexus S exclusive while all other phones would get the 2.4 version of Gingerbread. Looks like that was wrong. The @GoogleNexus Twitter announced last night that the update to Android 2.3.3 has begun rolling out to the Nexus S and Nexus One. As the tweet says, this update may take a few weeks to roll out over the air to all owners of these handsets, so patience is key (until we track down a manual install).

The update brings along some new NFC goodies including the ability to write your own tags (which will be of no concern to Nexus One users) and it also deals with the random reboot issues owners of the Nexus S have been experiencing.

[via GoogleNexus]

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  1. It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting since December for this. Yeah!!!

  2. Ooooh!!! I Just rolled back to the official Froyo for my N1 in anticipation…from Cyanogen 6.1!

    Can’t wait to get the official manual install link!

  3. @wolverineguy55 Brace yourself for a barrage of people telling you to root your phone :o)

    If the Nexus One gets it then surely the Desire can’t be that far behind? …Please!

  4. Congratulations Nexus One owners Gingerbread is pretty sweet.

  5. Well.. gotta wait to get it first

  6. Will believe it when I’m able to find a link to a manual install. Been led to the altar too many times with Gingerbread to believe it until I see it.

  7. Stock N1 on Tmob in Mass…still waiting…Phone Home?

  8. If you get the OTA update for the N1, please take note of the original filename and post that in its entirety so we poor schlubs can search for that file (I’ve had success with that in the past) and update ourselves OTW. Don’t let your giddiness at getting the goodies make you forget your still-suffering fellow Nexus One owners.

  9. Has anyone actually received the upgrade yet? Until I have proof I don’t believe it.

  10. Yay! Soon for the G2 too I hope

  11. Instantly dusted off my Sexi Nexi when I saw this on engadget last night. Now I’m hoping that my G2 can get some love in the coming month or so. Still waiting on the update in Philly…T-Mo user.

  12. Hmmmm, I wonder if they really did push the button to release the OTA, word around the net is that no one has received it yet. Someone should have gotten it by now, and the download link would have already been popping up all over the net.

  13. This update is a long time coming. It’s about time google updated the nexus one with some gingerbread love.

  14. Don’t worry people when it comes to the Nexus phones that update goes out at random. This was confirmed last year when people from all over the world said that they were getting it at around the same time. It doesn’t matter where you are at in the world or if you are on 1G, 2G, 3G and WiFi.

  15. yep, until i see it pop up as a manual download i dont believe its been released yet

  16. Gingerbread for HTC Desire should be pushed out around May or June

  17. was tweeting 16 hours ago – included in the message was the timescale of a few weeks so don’t get to excited yet…

  18. *#*#CHECKIN#*#* gets me nothing.

  19. I bet some Google employee is sitting there laughing as he toys with us with the release date. For that I have a few things to say. 1) Get a life. 2) Repeat item 1

  20. Bleh. I never get the OTA updates for the big upgrades, on the minor stuff… GRRR!

    You know, it’s really STUPID that checking the “System Updates” link NEVER WORKS! Why is it even there, if it always says “Your system is currently up to date” when I know it isn’t?

  21. Guys it has always taken google 1-3 weeks to push updates out to N1 users. It clearly states the update “started rolling out” yesterday. They can’t push the update to everyone at once, relex. And for all of those non believers about the update I just got my 2.3.3 update on my nexus one about 2 hours ago so yes it is real and no google is not just trying to bide time and finish the software. And to let you all know it’s very, very smooth on the N1, worth the wait.

  22. ^ So why not post the file name?

  23. So post the update bro.

  24. Dugh!! Why don’t I see anything about the G2? Did Google just like straight up gave up on the G2? LoL!! Why I had to be a keyboard person? Dugh!! I shoulda kept my Nexus. And don’t tell me to Root my G2, because I keep trying and something is happening and nobody is helping me. D:<

  25. Update.zip anyone? :)

  26. dude post the name of the file, wtf!

  27. Here is a link from XDA


  28. Is that for at&t version also?

  29. Yes it works for the AT&T version. I’ve got mine up and running!

  30. I got my OTA this morning 3/1 for the Nexus One on T mobile here in MA

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