Android Activations Visualized [Video]


The folks behind the Android Developers YouTube Channel have posted the visualization video from MWC that showed the progression of Android activations since its inception. I’m not exactly sure how accurate the visualization is, but the huge spikes after the Motorola DROID’s and the Samsung Galaxy S’s respective launches are close enough for me. Expect for that chart to keep on growing. Video is above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Dam!! Jobs is shtting himself right now

  2. Very cool video, shows exactly what’s been going on around us.

  3. Interesting visual…makes for a cool video…

  4. I saw my activation in Sept 2010 and it was the coolest one out of them all.

  5. That is pretty damn awesome to watch
    Anyone who says the OG Droid wasn’t the beginning of the Android Revolution is lying to themselves

  6. Pretty beast

  7. That… is badass :-)

  8. JrzDroid.. The Hero was arguably the start in the UK.

  9. Awesome video!

  10. I feel like there needs to be some dramatic music that goes along with it

  11. Proud Android user since October 2008!
    Started with the G1, then MyTouch Slide, Vibrant, and now G2!


  12. Lol you can see that around the time of the Original Droid launch is when everything sparked.

  13. Droid only did it in the US

  14. Droid got the ball rolling. Nobody thought of Android as a flagship OS before. HTC was still pushing WinMo on their HD2 at that time.

  15. Woot I saw mine from back in November 2008 in Houston, I’m an Android OG.

  16. same here jdog i will be in to pick up my tbolt at the verizon store at gulfgate what about u

  17. Go Android. Soon dominate the world fully and Android will won the fight. Next Android take on computers and all integrated device fromvending machine to aircraft controls. Nothing stop the Android now. Not even crApple or BB crap. This show why innovation will rule world and closed system lag in functionaility. Whooooop!

  18. I love how there is a few blips appearing up in Canada lol. I’m not Canada bashing since I am Canadian. Just funny how small our market is.

  19. This is fantastic. I am now a part of the Android community. Long live the droid.

  20. That was totally insane! Loved it! I saw my two G1 activations in April of 2009. I bought my first one in black Tuscaloosa, Alabama and returned it to buy the white one in Bessemer, Alabama. It was just crazy to see them light up. I play with other phones sometimes, but that made me never want to leave Android again.

  21. I really love how Europe and Eastern Asia are blooming at about 0:50 with the Samsung Galaxy’s launch.

    A great idea to create such visualizations, it helps laymen understand the scope of things.
    Android might not be the leader but they are solid in what they do.

  22. @jimbob I won’t be getting a thunderbolt since I’m one of those people who always want the newest update so I have the Nexus S. I do love the look of the thunderbolt and I think it should have been the next Nexus phone.

  23. I love it how no matter what anyone else says or does, all the US posters are completely oblivious to anything that happens beyond their borders.
    On a semi-related note… it appears ‘Battlefield LA’ has been renamed ‘World Invasion’ in many/all international markets because no one gives a toss about another movie in which aliens invade the US. I wish the real aliens would just get it over with so the rest of us can carry on in peace.
    The above has not been a flame, just an account of how the other 6 billion of us feel ;)

  24. So what if I activate 3 days in a row trying different ROMS?
    (Wipe and activate?)

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