Super AMOLED Plus Gets Crisper with Doubled Subpixel Count Thanks to ‘Real-Stripe’


PenTile has been a technique in place on the current generation of AMOLED and SUper AMOLED displays that shares green subpixels among several whole RGB pixels, creating a grainier image in displays with smaller pixel counts. With the introduction of the Super AMOLED Plus, Samsung has deployed a pixel scheme they are calling Real-Stripe, which introduces regular old pixels for all colors red, green and blue, eliminating the granulation issue caused by PenTile in older AMOLED displays.

The drawback to Real-Stripe is that pixels require a greater overall size, meaning displays need to be slightly larger in size to achieve proper resolutions. This would be why Samsung went with 4.3-inch and 4.5-inch versions of the Super AMOLED Plus in their Infuse and Galaxy S II.

These are the sort of subtle differences you might not notice at first comparison of the Super AMOLED and its Plus version, but the screen technology keeps getting better and better. Now, hopefully battery drain issues will improve alongside.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I want my EB13!! First!

  2. Thats a shame, I have phone screens bigger than 4″ so will have to stick with PenTile for a while.

  3. Thats a shame, I hate phone screens bigger than 4″ so will have to stick with PenTile for a while

  4. When does galaxy s2 come out? For what carriers

  5. @2 I agree.

  6. It’s not double. It’s 50% more. So now it has real 800×480 resolution just like the LCD displays.

  7. It’s not double. It’s 50% more. So now it has real 800×480 resolution just like the LCD displays.

  8. It’s not double. It’s 50% more. So now it has real 800×480 resolution just like the LCD displays.

  9. whats with all the suttering problems?

  10. @2 and 5, also agree :) I’m tired of all the huge phones these days.

  11. Oh snap! Cant wait to but me a galaxy s2 so I can sit around for 5 months with an os that is 2 steps behind. This is gonna be awesome.

  12. @Rick
    For whatever reason the website doesn’t automatically post responses instantly anymore. I think people are assuming thier response isn’t taken.

  13. Looks interesting. Just waiting for jon po’s negative response and worthless, uneducated ramblings, lol!!!

  14. Think I’ll be getting me a GS2 when its available. TMo messed up and I still have my upgrade available!

  15. That’s why my wife’s Epic looks funny sometimes when I stare really hard at the screen. I knew I wasn’t nuts. I’ll just have to rub it in her face if I get an Epic II (if there ever is such a thing) since I am still rocking a HTC Hero.

  16. Good to hear Amoled is actually getting better. I didnt see the difference with Super Amoled, but looks like + will be a real winner for all around good screen.
    I head the qHD screens aren’t too pixelated too, or not as bad as Amoled, Super Amoled.

  17. Yes I must say myself… Currently the Samsung galaxy S2 is the best device awaiting to be brought on the market. Notice how adobe flash 10.1 currently is not optimized for the new Tegra 2 dualcore devices so no adobe flash will be supported on these new devices,when they launch Lg optimus 2x, Lg optimus 3d and Motorola ATRIX 4G, as well as the Motorola Xoom. This tells you that the dualcore processor on this Galaxy S2 might just be that much better than anyother device. These announced devices rather it be at recently CES or just last week MWC are NEW to the market and should come out the box with everything ready to work for your enjoyment ESPICALLY IF YOU SPENT YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR. You should not have to wait on SOME SILLY UPDATE. This Samsung Galaxy S2 looks VERY IMPRESSIVE.. Plus Adobe was at Samsung’s most recent unpacked event.. So yeah this device is currently the best today and it will be going to tmobile first… then other carriers after….

  18. No ashy LCD can come close to SuperAMOLEDs contrast ratio. I can’t stand lookin at the MT4G screen in the dark next to my Vibrant.

  19. Kind of ridiculous with the name… AMOLED… Super AMOLED… Super AMOLED Plus… Super AMOLED Plus Mega-extreme… Super AMOLED Plus Mega-extreme ultra edition…

    I mean really… AMOLED is active matrix organic light emitting diode. This would be like namign improvements in cathode ray tube TV’s over the years CRT… Super CRT… Super CRT plus…

    OMG all marketing departments should be shot and dumped in a ditch somewhere…

  20. Looking at a pic on my phone and the same pic on someone’s Galaxy S…
    LCD really only looks ashy when viewing off center. Amoled has the best viewing angles right now.

  21. My nexus one and vibrant both look the same, and they both look awful next to my wifes iPhone 4. I like my android OS more but there’s no debate the iPhone 4 screen is far better than the vibrant and nexus one. Resolution is phenomenal it makes my two androids look like cheap knock off phones. I hope resolution is an area that gets attention in the android world. And I’ll never buy another samsung so hopefully htc and/or motorola get it together

  22. The layout of the pixels reminds me of the way single electron gun Trinitron Wega picture tubes had aligned RGB sub pixels as opposed to the standard CRT format where the RGB elements were staggered. It’s a good idea, it certainly made a difference in the pictures on the WEGA CRTs compared to standard CRTs – use the same basic principle in their AMOLED set up and, well, just like you see ion the pictures.

  23. M awaiting an upgrade myself, gonna give samsung another chance 2 make right after boning me w/ pos behold. GS2 looks and hopes 2 b a success. lets not hold our breathes, but I can afford 2 give tmo n samsung another 2 yr. contract. tmo is carrier, saw price tag @6-$800, release 1st wk in march(4th i believe i read). hard 2 believe it will b out 1 wk following the s4g vibrant.

  24. @Richard, LG Optimus 2x and Motorola Atrix 4G have already launched and have Flash pre-installed. Better luck with your next theory.

  25. I wish my Laptop was SAMOLED…..

  26. @ richard. You failed!

  27. Does this mean a Fascinate 2, Epic (4G) 2, Captivate 2, and Vibrant 2 are being released. That was kind of the aim of the first Galaxy phone. In fact, it was already referred to as the Galaxy “line of phones”(or something to that effect.)

    I want a Fascinate “2” (LTE enabled obviously).

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