LG Optimus 3D and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Priced and Dated for UK on Play.com


Online retailer Play.com has put up pre-order pages for the upcoming LG Optimus 3D and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The two new handsets had a big showing at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and since have been showing up with looks pricing and availability all over the internet. This latest puts the UK pricing and release for the Optimus 3D at £514.99  available April 25th, and the Xperia Play at £519.99 available March 28th.

No official pricing and availability has been made available for either handset, so it is likely the information at Play could change as release draws near.

[via AndroidCentral]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Second time today Kevin.

    The play was priced/dated by expansys and clove last week.

    Quentyn, please do something about this clown who continually posts out of date and/or badly written ‘stories’.

  2. can i use the optimus 3d on att 1900 band

  3. @Karnka – back off!

    This is extremely interesting news to me because I am soon out of contract and considering hanging on for this phone. Reporting a further supplier with the same date and price helps me be confident to hang on for the right phone.

  4. @karnka don’t you read? The guys said they’d pick up last week’s news today as they’d be up to their neck in the MWC coverage all of last week. Chill man.

  5. I just threw up in my mouth. The Xperia Play costs more than a PS3? If the NGP has more tech in it, how the fudge can it be cheaper than a PS3?

    Massive pass.

  6. Kevin is a great writer , lay off. Simple as this, if u don’t like it go read another site. Great job Kevin, I read these everyday, and will continue.

  7. Karnka’s got an itch-down-under! :)

  8. Kevin just wrote the greatest article of all time!!!!He deserves an award and not llama looking taylor swift

  9. I think Quentyn and Rob Jackson write decent stories, Kevin spoils this site for me.

    MWC is no excuse, he was writing his usual out of date crap the back end of last week, as normal.

    Granted it hasn’t been as bad recently but Kevin’s ‘articles’ are usually full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes blatantly never having been proofread. Really poor.

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