New Motorola Xoom Ad Goes Live


A quick ad for the Motorola XOOM has joined Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt commercial from earlier today. The 16 second spot doesn’t do anything to tout the specs or features of the slate, rather only showing a brief glimpse of it before it transfroms into a spaceship. Still giving off a Droid-y vibe despite the lack of branding from the device. Will that help or hurt?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. This is news?

  2. I think takin a break from “DROID” is good. You CAN have too much of a good thing.

  3. That’s coooooool.

  4. Xoom cool, commercial lame.

  5. Again, false advertising on Motorola’s part. When are they going to get it? That really had NOTHING to do with XOOM. Just overactive HYPE. Motorola’s ad department are a bunch of misfit star wars modeller wannabees. Sad. Simple, Funny, SOLD. Look at the Darth Vader Volkswagen ad. Perfect example of PERFECTION in advertizing.

  6. Bring the wifi only tablet out, for crying out LOUD!!!!!

  7. @ADWheeler Photography, I was cleaning my kitchen the other day, and never once did a bald guy in white show up. That’s false advertising! You wear your hatred on your sleeve. At least find better excuses.

  8. I thought the commercial was really cool! Surprisingly good effects.

  9. I think the commercial is awesome but I also agree that they should show more product and less c.g.

  10. Btw, i don’t think this a motorolla commercial. I think this one was made by verizon. I’m guessing this because there was no big motorolla logo at the end like you would assume, just verizons’.

  11. adwheeler, this is an ad for Xoom, not Windex. It’s not supposed to make housewives shed a tear.

  12. The ad forgot to mention the lack of flash, the lack of optimization for dual core, the lack of dates when this will get fixed, and the lack of official apps (that even blackberry and windows mobile have for fuck’s sake). This thing had so much potential!

  13. No Flash at release – promised “someday in the future” (heard that before) and an exorbitant $800 price tag for a product that does less than a laptop and lacks the backing (i.e. App Store) that iPad has.


    Moto and Samsung and the rest of them need to get a grip and learn how to produce a product and support it – not to mention how to price it. Apple is KNOWN for their high pricing. It’s highly unlikely that the iPad 2 will be priced higher than the original – and highly likely that it will have similar technical specs to the Xoom. So WHY would Moto think that people would pay MORE for their product???

    Grow up Moto,Samsung,LG,Toshiba. Figure out how to play the game, or stop playing.

    Epic Fail…

  14. Hey iking/Eileen. Droidlife already has a flash apk ready to download so you can SUCK IT, troll!! hahahahahaha!! You can’t do that with the i-menstrual pad. Oh BTW, skyfire sucks, is buggy, and can only play SOME videos. Nice try troll. Now go wear that menstrual pad you call a tablet.

  15. I don’t hate anything. Its just that every ad has been this overdone BS and nothing to do with the actual XOOM. But whatever. The only haters here are the ones off topic and taking personal shots. (Now Im a cool kid, cuz I did it too}

    For the record, HTC Incredible, Droid X and Nook, all rooted in this house. I’m not hatin’ just statin’.

  16. This ‘overdone BS’ turned android from an OS that used to be on low-range/mid-range phones like the mytouch and the cliq into an OS that powers the most powerful smartphones in the world.

  17. It’s a play on their tagline:
    “Grab it, and it grabs you.”

  18. I can’t wait to get one, just bring on the wifi only version.
    It sure beats that sorry excuse for a door stop, ipad.

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