Flash Player Not Optimized for Tegra 2, Leaked APK Surfaces


Today a Motorola XOOM ad indicated Flash Player 10.1 wouldn’t be available on the XOOM at launch. Turns out it isn’t really available for any device running NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chip. After the ad surfaced, Adobe updated the Android Market description for Flash Player to include:

It SHOULD NOT be installed on devices/tablets with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 super chip including the LG Optimus 2X, Dell Streak 7 and Motorola ATRIX. The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2. Future updates will include these optimizations. If you are unsure as to whether your device includes the NVIDIA Tegra 2, please consult your device owner’s manual.

So it looks like we will have to wait for Tegra 2 optimization before getting the benefit of Flash content on more powerful dual-core devices. That might not be too far off, either, based on a leaked APK file uncovered earlier today. It is available for installation over at DroidLife, if you want to take the risk on your brand new XOOM come Thursday.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. “based on a leaked APK file uncovered earlier today.”
    earlier today?
    tegra2 versions of flash have been repeatedly leaked since december, and even so the market version of flash works fine on tegra2 devices.(only since the last few weeks though)

  2. Things like this are what make me think Steve Jobs just may be right…

  3. It may not be optimized for Tegra 2 processors, but flash runs very well, and has on my Viewsonic G Tablet for over a month. I got my tablet the first week of January and have played flash videos and even games on Pop Cap games.

    I’d be interested on what is considered “optimized”.

    You don’t need it to be optimized to get the benefits of Flash on a Tegra 2 device right now.

  4. Meh… I am still wondering when we will see

    1. GSM Xoom
    2. Wifi Xoom
    3. LG G-Slate release date and pricing

  5. Am I missing something?

    It says: “The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2.”

    So as far as I understand it, there is a Tegra 2 optimized Flash Player in the devices, but not in the Android Market (Yet). So consumers which buy the devices should still enjoy Flash using a pre-installed version.

  6. ” The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2.”

    So it does have flash, just not the market version.

  7. EPIC FAIL for Moto and Android. Moto (and other manufacturers) want $800 (what???!!!) for a product that does not have Flash (yet) nor has proven that it can run Flash effectively and efficiently (think battery life). Like Wendell said, Steve Jobs seems to be onto something in regards to Flash.

    How can you justify paying this much of a premium for a device that does not have proven Flash nor apps to run on it? Boy – iPad 2 is looking stronger and stronger every day – but it too falls well short of the mark and is too pricey (as expected from Apple).

  8. So then none the dual core benefits are being taken advantage of?? We all know how slow adobe is for flash updates, we’ll see how long this takes to fix. Dual core optimization is supposed to be much more difficult and detail oriented than most software programming also, I don’t think adobe can handle it. No wonder Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and most other video content filled apps all went with html5 and not Flash for mobile video.

  9. Hmmm. Agree with Desi. I’ve been,playing flash: watching daily show, Colbert report, streaming al jazeera english, watching engadget videos on my viewsonic grab for over abmonth with it’s tegra 2.

    They did have to roll out a patch to fix a wake issue. After sleep both cores would be locked at minimum speed and flash would not work.

    But Flash has been humming ever since.

  10. “So it looks like we will have to wait for Tegra 2 optimization before getting the benefit of Flash content on more powerful dual-core devices”

    “The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2.”

    Can you not read? This is in your own article for crying out loud.

  11. so the pre-installed version is optimized for tegra 2 but the one on the market is not?

  12. @v8dreaming

    LOL!! I was wondering the same thing. I see no point to the article. I think somebody missed their cup of coffee today.

  13. The funny thing is….that note has been in the market for a few weeks. I saw it the last time I updated to Flash on my Droid X.
    Thats one of the things I was talking about in the Xoom not having Flash article..

  14. You can just use Skyfire until the Adobe update for 10.2 and Tegra 2.

  15. @ari-free


  16. “The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2” — Does this not mean that flash is supported out of the box at least on the devices they list?

  17. just gotta chime in and echo Desi here, it runs GREAT on my viewsonic g-tablet. i would bet the xoom users can install the same .apk file we use from here:

    since they both use the Tegra2.

  18. WTF, I got the Atrix today and of course I installed the flash player. Would have been nice to know this before hand. How do I go back now?

  19. Yeah, who needs Flash 10.1??? I mean from the ads that I have seen, you touch the XOOM and BOOM you are in a space ship! Who needs Flash when you have a Space ship?!?

  20. I’m pretty sure that statement from Adobe has been in the market for months, has it not?

  21. Headline should read:

    “Pre-installed version of Flash Player on Tegra 2 devices is optimized for that prcoessor. Market version is not. Oh wait… this isn’t news. Sorry.”

  22. That message has been there for a while already.

    Adobe managed to certify it on the Advent Vega 2.2 tablet which has a Tegra 2. I own one of these and confirm flash works fine since last weeks update.

  24. The advent Vega, a tegra 2 tablet running 2.2, has been out in the uk since before Christmas. Initially it came preloaded with flash but this was withdrawn from later updates because the standard build had not been licenced for tegra 2.

    However, the market version could still be installed and, bar the odd glitch, works fine. Advent released an update with an an officially official flash version last week. This may be the source of the apk floating around. I haven’t even bothered updating yet.

    Honestly, its a none-issue.

  25. @Wendell Dingus

    Every time I watch Flash videos inside the window, especially non-youtube ones I think; Steve Jobs was wrong.

  26. Agreed with everyone above. You really need to fix this article or remove it. It misinforms people about the status and expectations of Android. I have the gtab as do several of my friends. All running Flash without an issue. Maybe not fully optimized, but it still runs, and quite well.

  27. So based on this news tegra 3 will be useless @ first especially @ 40 nm size.

  28. Its Verizon’s fault the xoom was launched without Flash support. They needed to get it to market before the ipad 2. That is also why it does come working with lte out of the box.

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