Honeycomb Ported to HTC Desire, Nexus One


Two more handsets are getting their fair share of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK port. The closely related HTC Desire and Nexus One both received the new version of Android meant for tablets. Just as the ports for the NOOKcolor and various other handsets and tablets, don’t expect much functionality. Actually, don’t even expect to get them installed on your own devices any time soon.

If you do manage to follow in the footsteps of those bringing Honeycomb to new devices, you will be getting a port with not a whole lot to offer. Sluggish performance and missing features plague the current builds.

[via Switched, AndroidCommunity]

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  1. this makes me wonder if i should check it out or just stick with cm 7.

  2. As of right now, barely anything works. It just boots, the keyboard works, couple of apps work. Overall, it is just for fun and not for daily use- http://t3hh4xx0r.com/?p=1353

  3. Stick with CM7, they might take advantage of 3.0’s source later :P

  4. Yeah I’m sure they are waiting for the source but even better, waiting for Ice Cream.

  5. “Actually don’t even expect to get them installed on your own devices any time soon.”

    What is that even supposed to mean? I just downloaded the ROM and installed via Clockwork Recovery in less than five minutes.

  6. The nook color hc port is actually really good
    Its missng a few features butits fast and stable
    Im using it to write this post

  7. Wheres that guy who keeps getting mad about not having 2.3 on his Nexus One.

    Well buddy now you have 3.0.

  8. Good one JDog25….lol

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