Toshiba Says their Tablet Won’t Be Called Antares, but New Image Sure Does


We know a lot about the upcoming Honeycomb tablet from Toshiba. It will carry the 10.1-inch form factor with 1280×800 resolution, feature dual cameras, and an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. But what hasn’t been revealed as of yet is a name for the device. A new image grabbed from the folks at suggests that we may now know what the tablet will be called: Antares.

But before you go writing it down on your wish list, Toshiba has reached out to officially deny that this will be the final name for the product. Chances are this has been a working codename within Toshiba, as we often see such labels show up in device information screens. Still, the name referencing one of the brightest stars in our night sky actually isn’t half bad.

[via NetBookNews]

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  1. 1280×800?! I still would take the Flyer over it.

  2. Get a job.

  3. looks nice I like it but its my second choice, my first choice is the G-Slate. Very Excited!

  4. This looks very promising.
    No carrier to have to deal with.
    That in itself is a huge plus!
    Now lets hope for a good price!

  5. Bobert is correct. $$$$$$$$$$$????? Since the Xoom is shipping WITHOUT flash..(not smart) “Antares” is the next game in town.

  6. I was excited till I saw a video demoing a 2xxxMAh battery, when the competition is supposed to have much higher amperage. Granted, that’s not power, but how different is voltage going to be in these tablets?

  7. Is flash even available for Honeycomb yet? if not i see why the Xoom wont have it. Its the first tab with honeycomb most others will be out within the next few months, so of course they will ship with it because by then flash will be out for honeycomb.

  8. By the time toshiba releases this tablet it will be toast!! Just like LG toasted!! They announce these tablets in January and it takes them 4 months just to come out!! This is ridiculous. I commend Motorola for announcing the Xoom and releasing it in Feb. Toshiba don’t even have a name announced yet and it’s almost March.. No wonder apple does well in sales for ipad, they announce it and put it out with a decent price for people who are drooling for a tablet. The thing about it is I can’t stand Apple, but they do business when it needs to be done!!! Even Htc announce a tablet at MWC 2011 and now we have to wait until May or June for a release that’s garbage… I’m just saying..

  9. @Mike he clearly has one that’s why this article’s been written, if you don’t like it f**k off.

  10. Xoom doesn’t just have tegra 2. It has LTE which is a big deal if you want to watch live streaming fios TV on your tablet.

  11. Are we sure this is a honeycomb tablet? If so, why the hard 4-android keys on the front lens?

  12. I agree with Trisjen – what’s up with companies announcing products months in advance??? Everybody was all ga-ga over Notion Ink and they showed off a product in 2010 that didn’t show up until a year later! And then the FCC opened it up and found out how cheap it’s insides are! Toshiba, HTC, even Motorola need to get on the ball. The Xoom is supposed to be so great, but there’s no Wi-Fi only model as of yet – probably so they won’t squash Verizon’s business. If they wait too long, we’ll all have other (better) options! I don’t want an IPad, but if Apple is the only one who knows how to introduce and then make a product available, then so be it – I’ll buy theirs!

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