HTC Inspire Is in Fact HSUPA Capable, AT&T Has the Capability Disabled


Ready for another twist in the he said/she said game  of whether or not the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T has HSUPA support? The technology, which provides faster upload speeds, was firmly denied to be included in the Inspire handset by AT&T sources, but now Engadget is claiming their insiders confirm HSUPA support is in fact supported by the phone, though AT&T has it disabled.

Engadget does make the valid observation that finding an HSPA+ chipset that doesn’t support HSUPA is rare, and that the ability could easily be enabled with a firmware update. Whether or not AT&T plans to release that update down the road is something no one could know at this point. Another point of speculation is that AT&T’s actual network may simply have HSUPA disabled in 4G areas rather than HSUPE actually being disabled in the Inspire.

So there you have it for now. The HTC Inspire won’t support HSUPA, but it definitely could if AT&T wanted it to.

[via Engadget]

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  1. What? If I was a Inspire owner, I’d be pissed!

  2. Having all options available, who would pick at&t to be their carrier?

  3. go Att, you’re Awesome!!…. *sarcasm***

  4. Does it have a dual core processor? Will AT&T disable one of the cores?
    AT&T: Rethink Pessimism

  5. Sounds like a job for devs to have at.

  6. I think the idea is how much uploading are you going to be doing? Unless you are streaming video live, is it such a bad idea to constrain uploads like that? Isn’t that how home ‘broadband’ is anyways? It could be ATT is trying this to control their crappy network. But yes it does raise questions since its enabled on the iphone

  7. @ first two comments. This is old news. AT&T has been doing this to all of their new phones besides the iPhone 4.

  8. hahaha only at&t.

  9. I’m shocked. AT$T disabling a feature on an Android phone? Why, I’ve never heard of such a thing!

  10. probably b/c att doesnt have 4g pricing and they dont want to let this phone have 4g at 3g prices

  11. I have my Inspire rooted, and I am running a different ROM that has HSUPA enabled. My upload speeds are 3-4x’s faster than out of the box. Not that big a deal, any one who cares can root.

  12. LOL@ Dannyb (#4)….well put my friend

  13. Didn’t numerous commenters point this out in the last article? You could’ve just updated the article then. But i guess a tip from a regular old commenter isn’t reliable enough for you guys.

  14. Who cares? There is a rooted stock ROM that already enables this. Go get it if you really care all that much.

    It’s only upload speeds. Does that really have to be fast? When I send an e-mail, I don’t sit there and watch it send. If it takes 10 seconds to upload a picture to your Facebook account instead of 5 seconds, that’s really not earth shattering.

    It’s just like everyone crying about no HTC phones having a dual core processor. I got news for all of you. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Most of the people in here just want dual core because it’s the “newest” thing. But most will never take advantage of a dual core processor anyway (unless they do a bunch of multitasking).

    There are a bunch of cry babies in all these blogs. The download speeds are much more important and I’m seeing nice speeds in Chicago. The HTC Inspire is a fabulous phone and I think people get way too caught up in all this other drama. The phone is great. AT&T is fine. I’m enjoying the heck out of the Inspire and wouldn’t trade it for another phone on the market. It’s become quite obvious to me that AT&T’s network is just fine. I’ve had no dropped calls with the new phone unlike the occasional dropped calls on my iPhone (my iPhone was never bad…just an occasional drop in my house). It’s clear the iPhone was more to blame for the dropped calls (although I never had that many that it was a big problem).

    So to all the drama queens out there, keep sitting there complaining about nothing at all. I’m going to sit here an enjoy the heck out of my Inspire and AT&T’s service.

  15. @Billy B…. You totally MISS THE POINT… Android is open source.. HTC made this phone and intended for it to operate according to carrier standard… So if HTC can take the time to do that… WHY???? can’t Ass t&t let the device operate as intended?? They are not BIGGER THAN ANDROID… NOBODY will take them seriously CAUSE OF THERE RESTRICTIONS who they think they are APPLE

  16. I didn’t miss anything. I’m a software developer. AT&T can do whatever they want with their network. If you don’t like it, you can go elsewhere. It’s upload speed. It’s really not a big deal and has NOTHING to do with Android being open source. That doesn’t even make any sense. Please use proper punctuation as well.

  17. Since I’m stuck on AT&T, I guess I’ll be getting an iPhone then.

  18. So I’m looking to buy an HTC inspire and was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether ATT blocks the portable hot spot feature?

  19. flash the Desire HD rom and hdupa will be enabled.
    change your build.prop and you can enable it aswell

    sucks for the non tech savy inspire owners tho. AT&T had done this with all of their Android handsets.

    What took everyone so long to notice?

  20. DWells, yes, AT&T blocks wifi tethering on their Android devices oem roms and try to get you to purchase a tethering plan.

    You should beable to enable it yourself after rooting the device bypassing their bs.

  21. It took everyone awhile to notice becoz no one liked AT&T android phones. It’s only now they are getting quality handsets.

  22. HSUPA enabled does in fact matter, because all internet communication is two way, you still have to send requests for data and acknowledgments , I’ve seen in real like with an HSUPA enabled smartphone my download increase and ping times decrease when using HSUPA

    Ping times are something people always miss when discussing bandwidth and it affects the time to establish connections
    often you can see the difference in loading a webpage , as it has to establish multiple connections to download the page.

  23. so i jus got the inspire yesterday, and when i was in store the speed test were cool, got out the store with my own and they wasnt good at all, got home connected to wifi and again they were cool, AT&T you sneaky son of a guns

  24. I’m a first-time Android user and I’m loving my Inspire. The battery life really is the only issue for me (but it’s only slightly worse than the much less powerful WP7 Samsung Focus I swapped it for). Thanks John for the lesson on the correlation between upload and download speeds. Time to root this thang.

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