Motorola XOOM Arriving at Best Buy Stores


While we still don’t know where the HTC Thunderbolt is, the Motorola XOOM is ready to go for its February 24th release. See it here already arriving at Best Buy stores, itching to hop out on those shelves.

[via Engadget]

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  1. oh what a tease!!!

  2. I want one!!!

  3. I don’t know why anyone would buy one of these unless they enjoy being overcharged and act as a beta test for Motorola.
    SD slot doesn’t work yet.
    Have to activate to use wi-fi.
    No Flash.
    No apps to speak of.
    Motorola quality and service and support=massive fail

  4. Until further notice the thunderbolt should be considered vaporware.

  5. @Darwin. I agree 100%……$800 Is way too much. Especially with all those issues. I think this is going to flop.

  6. DO WANT
    But probably won’t get, at least until the price drops. But I’ll definitely be at a Best Buy on Thursday to try it out.

  7. This is a total waste…. Htc Flyer anyone

  8. agreed. Price is total fail.

  9. Can someone please explain why they would pay $800 for a Android Tablet that cant do what a $400 laptop can?

    Android has NO APPLICATIONS people ………..300000000 wallpapers and Soundboards dont count!!!!!!!

    Same goes for the ipad!

  10. @darwin, your dumb, it runs most of the standard android apps you could find in the market on any other device LMAO, it is pricy tho

  11. BTW there is a Viewsonic 10″ tablet that has a Atom 1.66 processor with 1gb ram, bluetooth, front cam and runs windos 7 and android……ummmm for $379

    Dont get fooled people.

  12. @ryan ummmm Android has apps??? hahahahahaa

  13. It’s a duo core tablet. Not that many out there right now.

  14. HTC Flyer makes the most sense only cause of sense ui…..but from what i saw its very slow

  15. i has a calculater

  16. Flyer??!?? HAHAHAH you WANT a stylus? I stopped using one of those when I got rid of my palm pilot VII. Its also running froyo and not a dual core proc? Please.

    I’m picking up a xoom on Thursday and will return it later that weekend if it doesn’t meet my expectations. I have a feeling that it will do just fine.

  17. Why are you laughing……… has the option to have a stylus!!!!!!!!!!! for quick note taking you nerd. :)

  18. Okay, so the xoom has a couple of flaws out the gate. Lack of flash and presently un usable micro sd slot sure. Price…not really a problem. Do most people seriously think this isnt the way these devices will be priced. How much longer till apple increases their price? They love being over priced and viewed as the big standard. Soon all tablets will be this priced un subsidized. Lets learn to deal with it. The only reason apple didnt start at these prices is because they wanted to see how many idiots would rush out and buy their over sized 3rd gen ipod. ‘Magical’??? It sure is. Its ‘magical’ that so many people wasted their hard earned money. Apple could have, and should have at the very least included a camera. Its unforgivable to have left it off the original ipad. I give credit where its due though. I like apples marketing. They can certainly get the masses to buy just about anything. But to not even over haul the OS to make it slightly different is a shame. But hey, just MHO.

  19. Not quite knowing what to expect on Thursday, went to BB and paid my $50. It can always be returned if its a disappointment. I think 3.0 is where it’s at, although we may be in a for a few updates along the way. Anyone know if we’ll be able to do Skype video over 3G?

  20. ooh yea i work at best buy i get it for 550 i cant wait but i havent seen them i seen the atrix

  21. @Darwin

    What makes you think it doesn’t have Flash? It has it pre-installed. And yes I won’t buy this outright, but I will subsidized. And lets not forget iPad = cheap used menstrual pad crap.

  22. @DonyDon
    Yes, Android has many of the same apps that iOS has… and quite a few that it does not. For people that have desktops used primarily for media content and browsing… tablets are a much more attractive alternative.

  23. @Darwin,
    -The tablet is in the same price range as other tablets with comparable tech… how is it overpriced?

    -It has access to 200,000 apps from day 1, and tablet apps that already look better than those available on the iPad.

    -No one buying a 4G tablet cares that they need to activate it… ppl that only wifi will just get the wifi only tablet.

    -I agree that SD Card & Flash updates are downers b/c it gives the sense of an unfinished device. However, Flash support is due to Adobe’s 10.2 launch, and neither item is a deal breaker in light of the rest of the tablet’s functionality. At the very worse, you still get a tablet many times better than what the competition currently offers :-/.

    So you’re basically asking why anyone would buy something that’s better than anything else out right now…….. dumb question.

  24. @John
    It was said to be same price subsidized

  25. This is a Google reference device much like the Nexus One or Nexus S. I doubt that Google, Andy Rubin and Matias Duarte would give the approval of the Xoom if it was not a legit device. The power of LTE has to be experienced, but everything that the field users have been reporting, suggest that LTE is the game changer that makes all devices on it, so much more powerful. $800 will seem like a great investment once that potential is realized and experienced in real time.

  26. guys write it down, take a picture of it and mark my words the thunderbolt will be at a verizon wireless near you on thursday along with the xoom.was at verizon today saw the phone…the rep had it .i put my hands on it surfed the web…said come back thursday 24th and I could buy it. I would say I would prove it by sending in a picture on thursday but will be no need. You will know and see first hand. Believe or not really dont care just dropping knowledge on you peeps!

  27. ???? HTC Flyer???? Really, you do know it is priced at $800 and is not even running android 3.0 out of the box still running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Plus the screen is only 7″. I’ll Pass on the Flyer.

  28. @chris

    If that’s the case, I’m picking up a Tab on Sprint. I love the xoom and would get the hack flash from Droidlife no question. But if it’s not being subsidized there’s no way I’d pay that for it. I played with a tab recently and was impressed with it – even though it was 2.2.

  29. @John
    As much as I love android as a platform, it’s people like you that make android supporters look stupid. “And lets not forget iPad = cheap used menstrual pad crap.” Really? That’s your argument…you just wasted your time typing that and my time since I read that utter garbage. And Flash IS NOT preinstalled, hence all the Xoom backlash today. According to Adobe, Flash 10.1 won’t work on the Xoom (I call BS, but we’ll find out on Thursday) and Flash 10.2 isn’t ready yet and will be released Spring 2011 (which clearly isn’t this Thursday), therefore the Xoom won’t have Flash anytime soon.


    I love being an early adopter and all, but throwing down $820 for a currently Flashless tablet with no microSD support out of the box is a bitter pill to swallow. I’ll wait for a review on Wednesday/Thursday (or whenever a review comes up) and make my decision then, but most likely, I’ll buy it anyway since I like having new shit.

  30. Well, It seems this is the price point, read an article about the flyer and they were hinting that is too would be around $750. So I guess we shall see.

  31. This tablet will be a game changer for android and its actually not overpriced but if you can’t afford it then move on but no other android tablet will compare no matter how you look at it. I will admit while some things are disappointing flash will be out within weeks of release, SD card support will more than likely be included in the update not to say 32GB isn’t a lot but the real issue with the zoom is the 1 month requirement (which is the same as the galaxy tab) and lack of other options out of the gate.

    I get a nice discount so price is not a problem but at the end of the day it is just that so if you want one but can’t afford it don’t complain cause even if you do it doesn’t take away from the device also current android apps will work just fine without any scaling issues.

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  33. Just DO NOT purchase this from Verzion store cauz if you make a return,they will charge you $70 restocking fee plus activation fee and (minimum) $20 1st month data plan cost .

  34. Tad: who doesn’t like to draw? Drawing = $$$

  35. @DonnyDon viewsonic vpad 10 has Android 1.6. The point of the Xoom is honeycomb, isn’t it?

  36. asus memo has stylus and tegra 2 and honeycomb so I’m more interested in that

  37. oh…looks like memo has a qualcomm. bummer

  38. @anyone complaining about app support.

    I don’t know if there are no tablet based apps yet but they are sure to come soon and that aside you can still use the standard apps for now plus it has hi-res browsing, gmail etc, lots of things to occupy your time.

  39. I don’t get the argument that the Xoom is SOOO much more expensive than the comparable iPad. So, two cameras – front and rear, an SD slot to add up to 32GB more storage, flexibility of a USB port, Flash (yes, flash, if it isn’t onboard, it will be available in weeks, per Adobe & Motorola), 1080p playback capability and 720p capture, 4G LTE upgradable later this year – is not worth the additional $70? iPad 3g/wifi/32G is $729 and XOOM 3g/wifi/32G is $799. I guess being able to have your name carved in the back of an iPad makes it far more valuable.

  40. !! THINK !! before you purchase any tablet from Verizon because if you make a return they will charge you $70 restocking plus activation and at least one month data plan fee !!

  41. If you have a 4g hotspot do you even need the upgrade or the data package??

  42. Guys let’s see what the new iPad looks like first. It’s kinda silly to compare the Xoom to a year old iPad….

  43. I am going to let this one slide by. I will buy the wifi only version or I will wait on the LG Slate. Simple as that.

  44. The price is what it should be its been stated multiple times about 32gb wifi/3g ipad price….729.99

    The device does run flash. NOT 10.1 from android market because its not comparable. With the Tegra 2 chip. That’s not moto or google try blaming adobe.

    Just wait for the wifi version if 800.00 is too much.

  45. I like how everyone compares the price to last years iPad. That runs on a single core processor, and no cameras, not to mention no gps chip, and 256mb of ram, or expandable memory. Smh
    I’m sure using googles honey comb isn’t cheap, I’m sure the tegra chipsets isn’t cheap, and I’m sure two cameras and 1gb of ram add to the price. 10.1 LCD anyone. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. Everything that is in motorola xoom came from different companies that demand payment, compared to apple who does it’s best to cut out as many people as they can by creating there own chipsets and etc.

  46. Flyer is fail. Even more over priced then this thing, 7″, Froyo, this is better.. albeit still expensive. Once the wifi model is out ill snatch one, not this one though.

  47. hmmm….. a flashless SD Card missing tab… does anyone else see a correlation?? *Cough*iPad*Cough*…. At leas the Xoom will eventually have these capabiliies, unlike the iPad.

  48. I was at Bestbuy yesterday. Nothing. They looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese, mentioning the Xoom. So what exactly happened?

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