Motorola XOOM Pre-Order Back on – February 24th for $799.99


We’ve said it time and time again, and we’ve gotten tons of confirmation, but Best Buy has republished their pre-order page for the Motorola XOOM. In fact, you could go out and pre-order one right now if you want to. Don’t expect to be able to walk out of the store with it until February 24th, though, and you probably won’t get it subsidized like we’ve been hearing you may be able to do.

It’ll set you back $799.99 + any accessories you may want, but take my word on this one: the tablet flat-out rocks. Check Best Buy’s site out for the list of accessories that’ll be available and their accompanying prices.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Did anyone notice the Best Buy ad says that to enable Wifi capability, you have to buy at least one month of data service?

  2. I really wish you would cut the crap with the 99 in the price. The tablet is 800 bucks. My rooted Nook color that I paid $250 for looks better and better.

  3. I pre ordered mine wohooo

  4. I hope Samsungs is wifi only. I don’t understand why they want contracts for these things.

  5. Got 2!!!

  6. Is it Thursday yet? I wanna taste honey.
    Nook color…lol

  7. funny thing, i bouhgt an ipad friday for school but it was killing me knowing i could this, so i returned my ipad today and went to best buy…. pre order mine and cant wait for thursday

  8. @GPL – Do not make me laugh. Nook Color?

  9. I pre-ordered mine today also! Happy! And yeah, that penny off didn’t make it hurt any less, but I just really wanted one because I like the features and specs. Hopefully, the overall experience lives up. I’m pretty confident it will.

    There is actually no contract required, at least nothing serious. You have to buy at least one month of month-to-month 3G access. After that month, you don’t have to renew. It’s silly yeah, but not a deal breaker for me. I have heard that you can immediately cancel after activation and get your activation fee and access fee back, but I can’t confirm that.

  10. Still pissed about no info on the WiFi only version.

  11. So it is now being released on Thursday… does this mean we should expect them to be releasing Honeycomb officially between now and then as well? A proper development environment would be nice :)

  12. Its nice.

  13. Hey Google… WTF? We need the source! Can’t develop without the source!!!

  14. reminds me of that microsoft table from many years ago, except this will be more successful..

  15. This will flop and be on sale soon enough.

  16. I pre-ordered mine too :-) Is it Thursday Yet?

  17. I pre-ordered one this morning. After you add a charging dock, you are looking at over $900 plus tax. That stings like a bee. Still, LTE is main draw on this for me plus Honeycomb. I want to use the Thunderbolt to MiFi the Xoom to it on LTE.

  18. I can’t wait for the wifi only tablet…. Best Buy has had a couple of sales where you if you buy the Virgin Mobile myfi you get $75 off any tablet.. so the mifi device ends up costing $75. You can buy access for 3 days 100MB or a month (unlimited or 5G, whatever “unlimited” means now a day at carriers) at a time.

  19. I can’t pull the trigger on it at $800. Its ridiculous. I’ll wait for the T-Mobile G-Slate and hope that is cheaper.

  20. It better blow me for 800…

    Just sayin…

  21. WOW This is an EPIC FAIL.

    $800.00 are you kidding me!

    Anyone who buys this over an iPad is a retard.

    Seriously though this android tablets need to stop thinking that they are just as good as an iPad and start pricing them appropriately.

    I actually would like to get a android tablet but these prices are insane.

  22. Also, love the video on BB’s website….shows a bunch of shit that is NOT a XOOM in action. So tired of these idiots selling myths, should be effin’ illegal to advertise like that. There WILL be some people out there that will believe that the video there IS the Xoom in operation. Boy are they going to be pissed.

  23. How much cheaper are people expecting other honeycomb tablets to be? If you spend 599.99 what another 200.00?

  24. Rumors have Costco selling these for $699 and with a mail-in rebate to cover the cost of the 1-month Verizon contract. Keep that in mind if you are considering a purchase.

  25. so when will i be able to pre-order it from verizon? They don’t even have it on their site!

    I won’t be getting it from BB as i’ve read they’ll charge a activation fee for each time stop/start the 3g/4g service.

  26. As I said before, people want ipads not tablets. All these new tablets with wallet raping prices and funky activation policies are in for a shock when they get dusty and blown out on sale. The 499 iPad hit the sweet spot and that is why it was a hit.

  27. No flash support, ha ha. Moto says spring. By that they mean August.

  28. @timjoe… that’s old news

  29. Got mine pre-ordered.

    I ordered it today (Monday) since I didn’t want to go to a store on the Sabbath. I was the first one to pre-order at my local Best Buy. I am in a good sized market. Salt Lake City. I believe we are 30th in city size in the US.

    None of the employees even knew about it. I walked in, and said “I would like to pre-order the Xoom please.”

    Employee “The what?”

    Me “The Motorola Xoom, it is on pre-order as of yesterday”

    Employee on his little shirt mic “do you know anything about a zune pre-order”

    Me “no the Xoom”

    Employee “what is it?”

    Me “a tablet”

    Employee “follow me”

    We left the customer service desk and walked over to the mobile counter.

    Employee “Do you know anything about a Motorola Tablet?”

    Employee 2 “No…”

    Me “It is on pre-order, I promise.”

    Employee 2 “I will look it up”

    After several minutes

    Employee 2 “wow this is a sweet tablet, when does it come out?”

    Me “Thursday”

    Employee 2 “huh, I guess that means I will be getting some in tomorrows shipment.”

    No one but us geeks has even heard of this thing. But I am excited to get my hands on it, even if no one else knows about it.

  30. @Thomas:

    So, here’s the head-to-head:

    XOOM vs iPad

    Dual-core Tegra vs Single-core A4
    10.1″ vs 9.7″ screen
    160dpi vs 132dpi resolution
    Same amount of storage
    2MP front camera vs none
    5MP back camera vs none
    720p recording vs none
    1080p playback vs 720p
    Flash support (expected Spring 2011) vs none
    HDMI output vs dock connector
    USB 2.0 port vs dock connector
    Barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope vs accelerometer
    Upgrade path from 3G to 4G vs 3G only
    $799 vs $729

    So, for the closest equipment comparison you can make (not the XOOM vs the lowest end iPad), the XOOM actually looks pretty decent.

    Does the price sting? You bet. Will I buy at that price? Probably not. But you do get more for comparably priced equipment. Note that I’m not making an Android vs iOS comparison here – just the features on the device. Others can have religious arguments about OS.

    I think calling anyone who buys one a retard because it’s not from Apple is like a corollary to Godwin’s Law – eventually, someone’s gonna do it, and it always cuts the validity of the argument.

  31. $800.00! For a tablet? It should wipe your bumm for you at that price! I’ll stick with my laptop and smart phone. Wonder what the battery life is on this?

  32. Looks like the XOOM is DOA. Pre-order is so quiet. Can we call it DOOM for “Doomed On Arrival”?

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