Flight Control for Android is Now Available


Funny. I’m sitting on an airplane on my way home from Barcelona, and I find that Flight Control for Android has been released. That’s totally not an omen. Anyway, there have been many “flight control” type games on the Android market since Android was conceived, but this iOS hit might be worth the $5 they’re asking if you haven’t tried this genre or if you were a fan of it on iOS. Check it out in the Android market now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. For 5 bucks? No thanks.

  2. pass…

  3. Five bucks?! Isn’t the iOS version only a $1?

  4. I remember buying this for $0.99 in iTunes back when I had an iPod Touch and now they’re asking $5 for it? Wow…what a ripoff

  5. I downloaded this when I had a palm treo pro and it screwed up the phone. Won’t download this version either. Not taking the chance

  6. Its basicly expensive cuase its a brandname.

  7. Idk what you guys say IM buying it.

  8. Airport Mania for me!

  9. What’s wrong with Air Control? That is a sweet game! are there any extra features in Flight Control?

  10. You want to say IDC not IDK just saying, your a dumbass this game is worth 1.99 tops

  11. Way to prove you have 5 bucks…

  12. Too late, Air Control got my bid.

  13. HAHA. This old game is $.99 for the iPhone. Im not paying $4.99 for this.

  14. boycott this.

  15. a bit expensive

  16. @WhoaManWtF
    No, I meant IDK faggot. Fuckin’ beezys wanna grill me.

    Kid put away your huawei and gfto

    Do you know what boycott means?

  17. Too bad Firemint didn’t port the game themselves.

  18. $5 for this is a rip off seeing as it sold on iOS for $1…

  19. For those who would buy this game, there is a saying for you….”You have more money than you have sense.” Just saying

  20. Air Control is the same thing and it is free. Also $5 is way too expensive, I would have gone with a free ad supported version like Angry Birds did.

  21. $5 is pretty spendy for an app like this, doesn’t look like there is a demo either.

    I’ve been enjoying air control.

  22. Flight director has the best graphics! I think it deserves more creds…

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