Best Buy Thunderbolt Price Confusion: $250 or $300?


Best Buy’s got some ‘splainin to do. In the latest issue of their Mobile Buyer’s Guide, they’ve listed the HTC Thunderbolt – still without a date – for $299.99. This is interesting considering we’ve been hearing $249.99 and it’s unsual to see a phone go for more than that. Then there’s the fact that Best Buy lists the Thunderbolt for $250 in their fully-featured circular this week.

So which is it, BBY? And when are folks going to be able to get their hands on it? We’ll be looking for more information on this through our usual outlets. In the meantime, there’s a forum chock full of folks excited for the Thunderbolt at Android Forums where they’re playing “Sherlock Holmes” 24/7. Pop on over there to participate. [via Android Forums]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow. Been waiting for this phone. $250 was gonna be pushing it, but if this phone is $300 then I will be getting a different Android. Hope that’s not the case.

  2. ditto

  3. It’s not $300. To post this and fan the flames is stupid. It’s an obvious misprint. Pretty sad though. This crap is about to kill the phone.

  4. Doesn’t matter, just release the darn thing. Not that I’ll be getting it from Best Buy anyways.

  5. Returned my BB preorder yesterday. Went to Verizon store, and was told the phone would release the 24th, but ‘ expect it to be 4 days late, so the 28th.’ No reason given for that response. They did say 250 though, and again confirmed no price increase for 4g.

  6. yeah, bob is dead on the target. despite all of these rumors, for a fact, best buy will have in stores 2/28 and sell them that same day. the price you saw that was 300 is bogus, it will be 250. i talked with htc on this matter. and yeah, there yall guys go.

  7. One of Apples conditions for Verizon getting the Iphone was to price competetors phones ridiculously high.

  8. It’s not unusual for Best Buy or many other retailers to 1) have different prices in-store vs online, 2) to run a “sale” price different than the regular going price (so $250 on sale until X and $300 regularly) and 3) price things differently market to market. Heck, even Walmart has different prices for the same thing between stores in the same city here.

  9. Mimsy, you are an id10t

  10. Verizon want you to wait because of the iphone 4, they don’t want you to start returning your iPhone 4 for the htc thunderbolt.

  11. They have to give the device at the listed price in the add even if it is a mistake….

  12. LOL @ MIMSY!!!

  13. Returned my BB preorder yesterday, too. I can handle the delays; I’d rather be patient and have things set right. I’m not comfortable with Best Buy & Verizon failing to commit to specs. Yes, I want the phone, but not unconditionally. I don’t care to give the vendors carte blanche to set price or application support.

  14. $300 is too much. $250 was pushing it. Atrix 4g is only $199 on AT&T. Atrix is just as good if not better than the Thunderbolt. I used to really want the Thunderbolt, but after all the delays and disappointments, I’m just not sure anymore. I know Verizon never officially announced the release date, but they announced the phone at CES. That was like 6 weeks ago. If it wasn’t ready at CES then they should have waited until MWC to make the announcement.

  15. Let not all jump the gun right now. Just buy the phone and enjoy it!

  16. Just got back from BB, and they do have the Thunderbolt in store, but were told to hold them until 2/28. Reason given was Verizon doesn’t have pricing in place for data plans on 4G phones. Sales manager suspects that it may also have to do with BB’s end of the free buy back program, which ends 2/27.

  17. Well, the best buy I called today did not have the phone (at least that’s what they told me). I have been very patient waiting for the TB phone. I believe the data plan will remain the same “for now” as stated on previous blogs. If Verizon come with ridiculous prices for the data plan, I’ll just either buy a different phone or go to a different carrier..We’ll see what happend.

  18. I have a strong feeling this phone will turn out to be like the HTC Incredible. Does anyone remember how the incredible was, they couldn’t keep up with the orders because of the screen problems? Well, I think the Thunderbolt will end up the same way. They’ll come out with the phone, then few days later they’ll come with an excuse when they run out of TB…

  19. Went to the BB in Fredericksburg, VA. The lady who I spoke to advised me that they were suppose to release the phone on Feb 20. But Verizon put a hold on it. She also told me that she had the accessories for the TB ready and are waiting for Verizon to give them the green light. She said they were having some issues with the 4G LTE and the phone which they were working on. She said that Verizon told them to hold the phone until further. When I asked her about the data issues, she replied by saying, “we were told the data will remain the same just for now”..That’s all i have.

  20. What do all the deniers have to say now that BB published the price at $300 in their weekly distributed this yesterday? Today is the 28th and Thunderbolt still isn’t available.

  21. All of you people can stop the crap, as all you can see it’s now March 11, 2011 and the thunderbolt is not even near the stores!!!

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