Bejeweled 2 for Android Has Finally Been Released


They’re about a month late from their original promise, but PopCap has finally released Bejeweled 2 for Android. Yes, we know Bejeweled 3 is out for PCs, and we know Bejeweled 2 has been out for quite some time on iOS. I’m sure PopCap is working hard on getting us up to date with their catalog of games, but for now we’ll take what we can get. Find it in the Android market.

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  1. finally a polished ios port

  2. I’m on Vodafone UK. Can’t see it in Market, and if I try to install to my Desire, the website says “not available on your carrier”. Wtf?

  3. Don’t seem to be able to get this in the UK on my Nexus S.

  4. No Blitz mode, no purchase. Easy as that.

  5. the best part is playing ppl on facebook. it doesn’t look like its linked….. and the blitz

  6. @Scissorkicks
    Same here :( Nexus One, Vodafone UK

  7. In the comments section under Bejeweled, at least one person noted that Verizon was charging $8 while other carriers had it at $3. I have vzw, and it was $3 when I looked. Perhaps PopCap lowered the price? I thought whatever is on the market cost the same for everyone in a given country regardless of carrier? Besides, $3 is fine. Im NOT paying $8 to play Bejeweled on my phone. Like when I saw NFS:Shift for $10 I laughed my ass off. I dont care what kind of Android you have: its still a phone with a little screen, not an xbox360 with a 46″ LED HDTV; unless of course your Richard Yarrell, whose phone spreads joy, ends wars, and blows him. There is no accounting for some people.
    Apparently, quite a few folks were very upset because it didnt have Blitz. IT’S THREE BUCKS! Dont be so fucking cheap!

  8. Here in Norway every EA game has two versions. Most of them look the same, but some have different prices for what appears to be the exact same product. This is starting to get anoying.

  9. Not available on my carrier ( orange UK desire)

  10. @DJ: It shows up as $3, but the Market won’t let you buy that version if you’re on VZW. You get a compatibility error msg at the point of purchase. I hope some of the blogs do some investigating and call out VZW/EA for forcing their users to buy the $8 version.

  11. Why does EA purposely block Verizon Galaxy Tab by claiming it’s an unsupported device? I can see that in europe that people are running their games on the Galaxy Tab perfectly fine.

  12. Doesn’t show up for me either, went to buy it no go… Tmobile CM7

  13. No Blitz…WTF?

  14. Now bring on Plants vs Zombies…

  15. Did I just wake up in 1992?
    No wait, people were smarter then, they didn’t buy their games from their phone company like these retards.

  16. Did I wake up in 1992?
    No wait, people were smarter then, they didn’t buy their games from their phone company.

  17. Wabbit, what point are you even trying to make?

  18. Chris,
    Sorry for the multiple posts …Phandroid app sucks.

    This is a very old game. Very old!
    And people buy it via their carrier? WTF with that?!? Just losers that don’t. Knoy

  19. I remember this on the Palm. People will play this game 50 years from now.

  20. Needs Blitz mode before I even think about it. I’ll go back and play on my 1st gen iPod touch instead…

  21. I hope by next year, developers will allocate at least equal resources to Android development, and get them out in the same time as iOS or even earlier.

  22. Everyone I know only plays Bejeweled Blitz. WTF is the point of buying this if they aren’t going to include it?

  23. Purchased it, voted 5 stars too.

    Blitz mode so what it costs a whole $3.

    Why is it in the market twice? Bejeweled 2, Bejewelel by EA look the same.

  24. Once again Popcap have screwed the android market. note that this is NOT an official PopCap release, it’s another sketchy port by EA Mobile, the same group responsible for all the low quality Java ports of PopCap games to the old feature phone market, whilst I used to be a fan of PopCap, and the high level of polish they put into their games, their attitude to the growing android market is bizarre, particularly given that they have already managed their own Windows Mobile 7 port of Bejeweled, so you know what screw PopCap, I’m going start giving my money to all the little guys out there ripping off your ideas, but at least giving us a nicely polished Android skew.

  25. @Vinnie

    The occasional period will help make your long run-on sentence a bit more readable.

  26. I still can’t find it. I’m from sg. Trying to cheat?

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