PopCap Says Bejeweled 2 Coming This Week, Others in Q2


Just yesterday, PopCap teased us with shots of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle running on a Nexus One, but didn’t offer anything in the way of a release date. They weren’t being stingy on information, though: turns out someone just had to ask nicely.

They revealed that Bejeweled 2 would be released sometime this week, while titles such as Plants vs Zombies and Peggle would see their releases sometime in Q2 2011. That’s a rather large window – it’s possible we won’t see these games until the end of June – but at least we know.

PopCap also spoke to this “issue” of fragmentation, stating they have experience working with limitations and having to support multiple devices and platforms so development wouldn’t be too much of an issue for them. They’ve chosen a target device on which to test the games, but wouldn’t reveal which device that was. Hopefully, most of the devices released in 2010 onward will be supported. [via Android Guys]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “They’ve chose a target device on which to test the games, but wouldn’t reveal which device that was.”..really? THE PICTURE POSTED IS A NEXUS ONE!

    I think its pretty self explanatory.

  2. Sorry, looks like a Nexus One and a Captivate, AKA a Galaxy S@#$ device.

  3. No, you’re right, it’s a Nexus One in both pics. Notice the metal body visible in both images.

    But anyways… This is one game I have been waiting for. I HOPE they make it just like the PC version, not like the crappy “bejeweled” thing I had on my samsung eternity java phone lol.

  4. Bejeweled 2?
    Errrm pardon me, but isn’t Bejeweled 3 out now?
    Not that I’m ungrateful, I will buy (Given the right price) but it would have been nice to get the new one.

  5. People need to stop talking about fragmentation. Just make the game run on 1Ghz phones and you don’t have to worry about that. The guys who bought a cheaper phone should learn to live with that.

  6. @no what about us early adopters still on contract eh? If it wasn’t for us none of this would have ever happened.

  7. Fair enough, but they could just release a lower res version for those people later.

  8. Just because they showed the games on a Nexus One doesn’t mean it’s the device they’re using as a reference point.

  9. @Mikeyd, I got in about 4 months after the G1 dropped, and I’ve been on a G2 and a Vibrant for months already. Most of the early adopters are on their second or third phone by now. Expensive? Yeah, probably, but … those first gen phones really didn’t have the stones to do as much cool stuff, even if you take display rez into account.

  10. It was shown on a Nexus One, and therefore I believe that to be the device they are devolping on.

  11. It should be noted that the screenshots, which appeared yesterday on Twitter, are from a different source than the information that PopCap is using an undiclosed device for development. The latter source is our exclusive interview, which is unfortunately not linked in the article above:

  12. @ Quentyn, true… OR it could be an awesome fail at secrecy… or since that dude looks like he is chillin at his place playing XBOX maybe he just happens to own a Nexus One and that is not in fact the reference phone. Wouldn’t mind if the reference point was a lesser phone cause I currently have a Hero, and I would be sad. XD

  13. I hope Bejeweled Twist is coming! My son has that on his DS and it sure is fun.

  14. Great, they’re going to release Bejeweled 2 for Android. What about Bejeweled 1? Android users will miss the development of the Bejeweled plot.

    (Yes, I’m joking. Yes, I’m really excited to see PopCap finally releasing their games for Android.)

  15. I won’t be buying these popcap games for my Android phone. Bejeweled? Really? There are already 8000 jewel type games on the market. How many Peggle games are there? 0. PvZ?0. I am tired of their lame Apple Fanboy stand point. I will just stick to the developer community that started with Android in a reasonable amount of time.

    PopCap only made their promise 2 years ago. Then are going to only release one game. Heh. Whatever.

  16. @Nerdstaz

    Check out Leave Devil Alone, that’s essentially PVZ in a different skin.

  17. Bejewled has to be one of the most boring games out. But I suppose it’s doing something otherwise they wouldn’t keep making new versions. bleh

  18. It will only be up to par if it links with facebook to compete with friends. If not.. whats the point…ps love my galaxy phone. have no problem waiting for update.

  19. Been waiting for the REAL Bejeweled 2 since I purchased my N1. Can’t wait to get this, but I agree it needs to be fully featured which includes integration with Facebook and Bejeweled Blitz…

  20. So where is Bejeweled? It’s Thursday of the week it was supposed to be out. I’ve checked the Market and still nothing.

  21. Nothing but scams in the market no Bejeweled 2 yet.

    By the end of the week well maybe later today or tomorrow?

  22. still….. waiting nothing

  23. I’m so over it. This is beyond laughable. PopCap should quit promising deadlines that it can’t keep. At the very least, say SOMETHING while we wait with our thumbs up our bums.

  24. What’s the update? I thought it was supposed to be out already? Surely there’s some news about the delay??

  25. Wow Popcap… you suck. Don’t be mad when i pirate your game you liars :P

  26. Still nothing they have bejeweled 3 on everything.
    But Bejeweled 2 Android it is not coming.

  27. What annoys me more than anything else is they did not have to say they would be releasing the game because now we know they are not.

    If they have technical issues the game was not ready for release they could of said something like….

    We are sorry, we know you are all waiting for Bejeweled 2 but we found issue with compatibility on some devices and decided to delay the launch.

  28. Why on earth isn’t there coming Bejeweled 2???
    That is my favorite game.

    Hurry up Popcap! I want to play.

  29. They’ll never release it. all of their promised releases for Android have been delayed again and again and again to a point it’s getting stupid. because of their attitude against Android, Popcap will NOT see 1 cent from me. it’s obvious iOS is their platform of choice. their loss i say, other mobile game developers like Gameloft are pissing all over popcap when it comes to what is now the world’s number one mobile OS.

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