Sports Illustrated Thunderbolt Ad Set to Roll Next Week


This Thunderbolt craze is starting to make us nauseous, but here goes: the February 21st issue of Sports Illustrated is set to roll a full-paged HTC Thunderbolt ad. It doesn’t give many details, but if we take what we know about mobile phone advertising – that the trend lately has been to go public a few days before launch – then we might assume that the Thunderbolt’s rumored 24th launch was never in limbo to begin with. Then again, we’ve seen ads online already. But then again, online ads usually do come out a good deal earlier than print, radio, or television ads. Whatever. We just want our freaking Thunderbolt already. [via Zifnab]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It was in this week’s Entertainment Weekly as well! I was happily surprised to see it last night!

  2. A Tbolt ad on tv aired 2/17 early evening.

  3. I’m not sure if this was mentioned, but last night, while watching either The Big Bang Theory or #$&! My Dad Says, but, at least in my market (Philadelphia area) on CBS, there was a Verizon commercial for the Thunderbolt. I didnt catch all of it, or if there was a release date, but I thought I’d mention it. It is probably on youtube, I havent checked. I for one, am looking forward to it. The smartbench scores shown in the EVOvs. TBolt review seem…”off”, but an unlocked botloader, the fact that its already been rooted and nandroided, speaks volumes to this current D2/D1 owner. The ~10 second boot was impressive as well. I was in 2 vzw stores yesterday, and got to hold a mockup, and i liked it. What I REALLY liked was the customozability with their UI (sense). Wo far, I, who am seldom impressed, was impressed by its cold-boot time and performance. Quadrant scores are a joke to me, and smartbench is far better, they dont tell the whole story. My D2, when running stock outscored the TBoly by a margin, and the EVO by a lot; which is why i take little stock in benchmarks, mostly Quadrant. Bring on the TBolt! Im waiting to see real world performance. Sorry, Richard, your almighty EVO (still) isnt the best on the market. And WiMax does NOT=4G, regardless of what entity says it is. Although, (according to Richard Yarrell) LTE was “unproven'”, “stupid”, for “dweebs”, and “Sprint owns all”….until earlier when Sprint announced that they will be using LTE. Alcatel/Lucent manufacture new fiber optic cables individually capable of handling 100GBps – enough fpr 15000 HDTV channels, which are needed for wireless communications. It was first tested by vzw in the Dallas area,and is now commercially availabe

  4. A Verizon Tbolt ad ran early evening 2/17 on major network.

  5. There was a full page ad in last weeks Entertainment Weekly.

  6. I was in best buy yesterday and the lady confidently told me the 24th, then she said the 4g will not cost any extra. Who’s stoked? I am!

  7. i wont get excited until i actually know the confirmed release date

  8. @Dj… ABOUT TIME YOU LEARNED ABOUT HTC… The Thunderbolt will be great perfect choice on Verizon… And your RIGHT guess sprint HAS NO CHOICE but to switch to LTE maybe that will be fine. Hopefully us CURRENT EVO 4G OWNERS won’t be too affected… ENJOY THE THUNDERBOLT it is another great device front favorite manufacturer HTC

  9. If this phone was dual core I might be impressed. But it’s not, so I’m not.

  10. Wow, the first ever non a hole EVO comment from Richard. Congrats richie, don’t mean to hurt your feelings but the only effect this will have on the EVO is that it is simply a better more improved EVO, that’s all. The EVO is still a great phone so don’t get your panies in a waud.

  11. Richard is still a short dicked bastard.

  12. Just saw that tunderbolt tv ad and it said coming soon if u see the full ad a girl counts 6 lighting strikes… think about it what’s 6 days from now the 24th hmm I wana see it again just to make sure

  13. Amelia Earheart, Jimmy Hoffa, HTC Thunderbolt. You’ll never find any of these

  14. Scans of the upcoming weekends Best Buy ad list the Thunderbolt and its price….all hope MAY not be lost

  15. Tbolt juat showed up in best buy ad with a crazy price od what we all excpected $750 off contract. Sku:1949051

  16. $250 with 2 year contract

  17. So Verizon finally gets a phone that puts them where Sprint was 8 months ago…not impressed

  18. face the fact sigint the TBOLT is a good ass phone, even tho imma be the atrix anyway, cause HTC screwed up and didnt put a FFC on the inspire

  19. face the fact sigint the TBOLT is a good ass phone, even tho imma be the atrix anyway, cause HTC screwed up and didnt put a FFC on the inspire

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