Bluetooth Sharing with the Speed of NFC Now Possible Thanks to Android 2.3.3


How many times have you wanted to transfer something like a picture, webpage, or contact information between your phone and another device only to find that the process often requires multiple steps and isn’t very quick at all. Sure, things like Chrome to Phone and apps like Bump have made the process easier, but in the latest release of Android Gingerbread, version 2.3.3, APIs are now available that combine NFC and Bluetooth technology to create instant sharing simply by tapping devices together.

It works by avoiding the normal pairing process associated with Bluetooth and setting up a temporary socket between devices by sharing the pertinent information quickly via NFC. In a world where this tech is fully realized, tapping your phone to another enabled device such as a laptop or tablet could pop open the  whatever you are currently browsing on your phone on a larger device, a trick that hasn’t been touted nearly as much as the payment solution that NFC provides.

NFC technology is just starting to come into its own, and really won’t break out until it becomes more prevalent in our every day lives as a means of payment and sharing information, but we are glad that Google is staying ahead of the curve on this one.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m not seeing 2.3.3 available for my Nexus S yet, has it actually been released?

  2. I’m going to come into every Gingerbread article and say this; where is 2.3 for my Nexus One?

  3. @OutstandingO, Patience is a wonderful thing. Flash a Gingerbread ROM for your phone and you should be good to go.

  4. Heh! I think you guys need to keep a library of links to related OS designation related blog posts. It’s bad enough going back to try to find relevant blog posts to a “current” OS, I can only imagine what the people who are just getting Froyo have to do to find the old posts.

  5. Wait, does this mean that people would be able to mess with my phone without me noticing?

  6. Kind of sad that no other phones have Gingerbread yet. I really think that there was an exclusive deal with Samsung to only feature Gingerbread for a certain period of time because it’s no reason why the Nexus One doesn’t have it by now. And yeah you can flash a ROM on your phone but you shouldn’t have to. They said one was coming soon and that was how long ago?

  7. @OutstandingO shut up

  8. I didn’t have to bump anything with my Palm… :/

  9. Why is there a bing ad right under this story? I’m sure the ads are random and probably not everyone sees the same one, but its making me sick to my stomach to see it. *PUKE*

  10. The touching of two phones could become a very sexy thing soon…

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