[Update: Feb 21. Rollout Official] Epic 4G Froyo Source Code Finally Publicized


It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? We’ve been waiting for official word from either Sprint or Samsung on the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Samsung Epic 4G. While today’s publishing of build EB13’s source code isn’t exactly an over the air upgrade, it tells us we’re as close as close can be. And not only that – wonderful developers at XDA can start making ROMs based on it. All is well in that corner of the Galaxy S world, it seems. Now let’s try to get folks on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon situated. [via XDA, Thanks Ninja!]

[Update]: And we’ve now got confirmation from Sprint themselves. An admin on their forum says to expect this update starting February 21st, though you may have to wait from anytime between then and the 25th to actually get it as it’ll be a staggered process. Go ahead, you can party in the streets. [Sprint, via Android Forums]

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  1. I like men.

  2. T-Mobile already got situated a while ago.

  3. @Belmont not really, I’d say.

  4. What happened with the article about source code for the Vibrant? It came out today as well.

  5. Say what not really?? How does T-Mobile not have the official 2.2????

  6. C’mon, AT&T.

  7. Ah, I actually missed that @ Pimp, Swehes, and Belmont. My mistake!

  8. @ Tim, I’m with ya, we’re the last ones it would seem :(

  9. yeah tmobile has had official 2.2 for a while now ….

  10. hey if i have the Froyo DK28 version installed will it have any problem patching?

  11. Hey sprint, thanks for finally giving us the latest os…… oh wait, after this update we’re still behind. Fail

  12. @George: If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. -Buddy Ryan

  13. T-mobile already had a froyo for a while now on the vibrant….dont be ignorant. Its called kies mini


  15. give us 2.3. And more vanilla android, less sprint crap.

  16. How long do you think that it will take the xda-devs to cook up a rom now that they have a perfectly working source code to work from?

  17. The Transform is next for true Froyo!

  18. @Aaron That is the best use of a quote ever! Brilliant.

  19. Do I have to Unroot to stock again or can I just flash over the DK28 Froyo build? Heeheeeheee cant wait ( Rubbing fingers together )

  20. So…Sprint gets the first OTA Galaxy S in America.

  21. First OTA Frozen Yogurt update that is.

  22. Will the froyo update for the epic be OTA?

  23. Ill believe it when i see it. Just like 4G coming in about 4 to 6 months when i bought this thing last september. Whatever!

  24. Sprint & Samsung did not get my good will by delaying update to Android 2.2.
    I wonder if part of delay was in work to stop Easytether & Barnacle from working in Sprint version of 2.2?

  25. I have been running with the Dec. “Beta”. Do I need to do anything special to be able to install the official Sprint release?

    Will I have to return to stock for it to dwonload?

    Any help would be appreciate.


  26. Dunno if anyone can answer this, but If I installed the unofficial version of the 2.2 android back in december, can I update with the official version without the hassle of rolling back to 2.1 and (going through with that long and tedious routine)?

  27. Update pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, you will need to HARD RESET your phone. AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

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