Samsung Vibrant’s 2.2 Source Uploaded, Too


First we just got the source code for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G froyo update and official word that it’d be rolling out February 21st, and now we’ve learned that Samsung has also uploaded the source code for T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant. Samsung and T-Mobile had already released an update for the Vibrant through Mini Kies, but considering they didn’t push it out over the air, we all considered that unofficial, in a sense. No more talking needs to be done: go grab that source. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update: Feb 21. Rollout Official] Epic 4G Froyo Source Code Finally Publicized

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  1. This is just depressing (captivate owner)

  2. Why? The captivate already has froyo. Oh, you are on AT&T? I’m sorry then.

  3. Thats just mean.

  4. +1 @ Crystal. Ugh.

  5. Any news on the AT&T Captivate? opensource.samsung.com doesn’t have anything posted for SGH-i897 as of 10 minutes ago beyond the initial 2.1 release.

  6. Samsung, quit dragging your feet and push it to the vibrant already.

  7. Ive got 2.2.1 Froyo on my ATT captivate thanks to Darkys 8.1 ROM.

  8. Samsung is a bunch of dishonest jerks. #NeverAgain will I buy a #Samsung product because of the way they handled the Behold II and Vibrant hardware issues, let alone the shell game they played with the FroYo update for the Vibrant so they could try and sell more hardware with the same specs repackaged with a properly updated OS while withholding that version of the OS from their earlier customers.
    And even then, after #Samsung has made a half hearted attempt to placate those in the technological know it took them another month or two to finally live up to their agreement with Google and make the source available?
    I wouldn’t buy an incandescent bulb from these clowns.

  9. I have ice cream already!

  10. Why the Captivate from other companies have Froyo?
    I think the problem is not Samsung, but the companies.

    Well, this is not like that for the American Trolls…

  11. T-Mobile FTW first to officially roll out 2.2 in US through Kies mini!!

  12. Why people are still with AT&T is mind boggling…

  13. @srlnclt Stop being a lazy complainer and just use mini Kies.

  14. TMO Vibrant was the 1st of the US Galaxy S series to get 2.2-just download it.

  15. Just Do the update thru mini lies I have had it for a couple of weeks

  16. now as samsung will hv better relation with T-mobile bcoz of google nexus/2.3(ginger bread)/t-mobile combo rollout. why would samsung care bout at&t for God Sake.

  17. Both the Captivate and Fascinate owners are suffering. If you include Mesmerize and Showcase owners (which are just rebadged Fascinates) you can add them too to the list.

  18. Update for Epic 4G pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, Epic 4g users will need to HARD RESET the phone. My advice: AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

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