Words With Friends Update Allows You to Disable Sound, Customize Notifications


The folks at Zynga have released a new upgrade to Words with Friends for Android. At first glance it doesn’t seem to add much, but it does add two new features that will make life easier for a number of users: the ability to disable sound and customizable notification options that allows you to set the move-check interval or disable notifications altogether. Go ahead and find the update in the Android Market.

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  1. I’m really dissapointed by the half assed job that they did on words with friends….I expected much more polish on a game that they seem to have been working on forever!

  2. can you play with multiple people in one game on the ios version?

  3. It would be nice if the game didn’t keep crashing for me when playing on 3G

  4. wordfeud >> words with friends

  5. The problem is they are still programming with an iPhone mindset. Android users want more options and more customization.

  6. this thing kills my incredible’s battery.

  7. The problem is that Zynga is fucking horrible. Who really wants and trusts the company behind all the horrible facebook games on their android phone?

  8. Zynga reminds me of a pyramid scheme.

  9. Wordsmith is better. The few bucks was worth avoiding these damn pop up ads.

  10. WordFeud is still the best. Zynga’s iclone doesn’t work for android.

  11. Notifications still aren’t working for me and somehow the game keeps thinking its my turn when its not so now neither opponent can play and I can’t resign. WordFeud is better

  12. this will all be fixed when EA/Hasbro releases an official scrabble app

  13. This app is not that good right now. A button to turn off sounds? That’s pretty dumb IMO. I can use the volume button for that. The notifications don’t even work and why does it take 5 minutes to find out if someone made a move?? WordFeud has instant notifications. Why is it so hard to make that happen? We can’t add pictures like we can in WordFeud. This app needs lots of improvement. I’m only staying with it because of iphone compatibility. Hopefully they make it playable soon.

  14. the game is constantly force-closing and i never get the notifications. sticking to wordfued. og droid.

  15. How can anyone expect Android apps to get up to the level iPhone apps are generally speaking? This is a game that’s been out for so long on the iPhone, and this is the result when they develop for Android?

  16. Isn’t Words-with-Friends a cross platform app? I was wondering if anyone knew if Blackberry users could play with Android users. Thx guys!

  17. I read somewhere the lack of push notifications was so the app would be compatible with Android 1.6, which is completely absurd. The fears about fragmentation of this OS are beginning to start to surface and this is a perfect example of that. The lack of push notifications makes it very difficult to complete a game in under 2 days

  18. @Terrel – same bug as me. Try playing on wifi, doesnt seem to happen then

  19. word fued is much better!!
    Words with friends force closes like a champ on my nexus one. i will only use it play Iphone users and stick by word fued

  20. the game itself works great on my evo. but the way they did the adds is ANNOYING.

  21. it would be nice if i could even open the app. i’m getting force close upon launch.

    vzw, incredible, on 3g (haven’t tried wifi @ home yet).

  22. The game is working fine on my Vibrant. Just a little lag here and there. Great game.

  23. I have only had one force close pre- and post-update, but the app still needs a lot of work. I’ve had games just end before they start (maybe the other player just resigned), the interface is ugly, the “options” seem incomplete. The ads are obtrusive but not really any more so than the free version of WordFeud. It would take a lot of work to make Words with Friends worth purchasing, and right now I’m basically just trying it every now and again to see how it progresses since it’s clearly not ready for primetime on Android. On the plus side, I feel lots better about dropping the two dollars on the paid version of WordFeud. WordFeud is a great app that’s worth supporting.

  24. MY biggest complaint is that the game CONSTANTLY resigns me from a game, often after only one or two plays. I’m tired of playing and then going back to the menu to find I’ve “lost the game” because apparently I quit. (When I didn’t)

  25. The fact that the Android Menu button isn’t even used shows how little this was tailored to the platform.

  26. I am having the same exact problem as DM. My friends that I’m playing are getting pissed because they can’t delete or resign the games that WWF has resigned for me. I really liked playing though. I just hope this kink is worked out!

  27. My problem is that the notifications won’t STOP working. :) I have the option set to never and it still keeps popping up when it is my turn. Thus running all the time killing the battery on my Nexus One.

  28. The problem isn’t with Zynga. I just got an iPhone & will NEVER go back to droid! Loving it!!!

  29. I’m stuck my last move has been sending for 24 hours what do I do now this is so frustrating

  30. The problem is with Zynga, Raven. How can you say it’s not. They’re the maker of the game and obviously did a piss poor job or making it ready for android. Be happy with your crappy iphone. I’ll enjoy my free to customize android device.

  31. WWF works great on my iPhone 4. The notifications are sometimes annoying as they do not go away after you get them and take your turn. But other than that it works great.

    iOS > android and WWF > word feud.

  32. This app is a huge battery drain, and the lack of any notifications is annoying. While overall, I would have to say that WordFeud is a better app on my phone, it is still nice to have a cross platform option, bugs and all…

  33. How do you delete completed games on the android version. I know you can delete games on the ipod by sliding your finger across the deleted gam and then hit delete, but that doesn’t seem to worl on the android version.

  34. Words With Friends is the crappiest port of a game I’ve ever played. It is so buggy! Doesn’t even come close to WordFeud in every aspect. Here are my bugs:

    Game is stuck in “Your Turn” when it is either finished or clearly “Their Turn”

    Layers, it layers other boards in, then when you refresh it the layers are gone

    Sending takes forever!

    Ads load forever!

    No working Menu button!

    What does Zynga take Android users for? We are not pawns on a chess board like Apple users. Bottom Line:




  35. So disappointed in this version of wwf, want to be able to play with my friends who have iphones but keeps stuffing up, theres a text pop up over the whole screen now and I cant play at all! Does anyone else have this proplem? Does anyone know if zynga are going to fix it?

  36. WWF works great on my EVO! No complaints.

  37. How do you delete completed games? The sliding your finger from left to right across the game does NOT work.

  38. Cannot delete completed games! WTH!! They’re adding up!! Love this game but it REALLY needs some upgrades to compare to iPhone version!!! VERY disappointed!!!

  39. If you don’t like the damn game, don’t play it. You paid nothing for it. Why do people bitch at the dumbest things?

  40. You can delete a completed game by holding your finger down on the game until a red delete button pops up, then hit delete.

  41. Love the idea. Maybe I will play it sometime.

  42. So frustrating! My games with iPhone users keep disappearing! Just don’t even show up after a couple of turns. My friends keep telling me the game is still open on their iPhones & since it’s my turn, they can’t end the game…

  43. how do I turn the sound off wwf on iphone4 ? Im a dinasour with technology.
    Any help ?

  44. but how can i delete the games that arent being answered?

  45. I would like to play the same words with friends games on my iPhone and iPad I have been told this is possible but I am having trouble doing it any advice would be appreciated thanks

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