Virgin’s Samsung Intercept Getting Android 2.2 on March 25th


Virgin Mobile here in the United States has tweeted that they’ll be issuing the upgrade to Android 2.2 to their users starting March 25th. I assume it’ll be a staggered process, so don’t be surprised if you make it into April without the update. It’s also interesting how they’ve managed to throw up a solid date over a month in advance. Let’s see if they can stick to this unofficial promise. [via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. And the Captivate waits…

  2. I don’t know if you guys heard about this but apparently the Froyo update for the Captivate was apparently available today for a short period of time but was then pulled down with no explanation. http://bit.ly/gTWu0C

  3. If virgin mobil pulls this off . AT@T and t mobile should be embarrassed .HECK they should be disgusted at their performance of bein better than what they claim.


  5. My sister has the Intercept even with the update that wont fix all the problesm that plagued that phone. On, the other hand we need an official release date for 2.3 the Optimus V.

  6. Sorry folks. The person tweeting this is wrong and no longer employed by VM. If you want 2.2 I recommend the Optimus V, set to go on sale for $79 April 1st at select retailers.

  7. Sorry folks. The person who posted above is no longer employed by VM and has been liquidated by the VM Secret Police Force. I also recommend the Optimus V, which is a better phone, but Intercept owners should still be able to look forward to an update in the near future. Twenty-three skidoo, no soap radio, and all that jazz.

  8. I know this post is a couple of months old, but just in case anyone stops by here and reads it, the update has been pushed back to the first week in April, according to tweets coming from Virgin Mobile. For example: http://bit.ly/gUpULV

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