Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs along with Mark Zuckerberg to Meet with Obama Tonight


Mortal enemies Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs will put aside their differences and join emerging rival Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to meet with President Obama as he travels to the San Francisco area, the base of many of the nation’s largest tech and web firms. Obama will be pushing his new technology plan. The details of that plan are quite extensive to list here, but that part Obama likely wants to discuss with these tech giants is a focus on internet commerce and network infrastructure. Maybe they’ll get to talking about those high-speed rail lines, too. Google does seem to want their hand in every pot of honey.

There is actually some question as to whether or not Jobs is healthy enough to attend. Some rumors coming from the not-always-trustworthy National Enquirer pegged him with only 6 weeks to live. That would be a tragic loss to the tech industry, and we hope it just isn’t true.

But given all the market competition between the companies attending, they all are sure to come together as strong allies for a better connected world. If you saw any of Eric Schmidt’s keynote this week at Mobile World Congress you know all about it.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Interesting

  2. Not that politics belongs on a tech site, but this is another bad move by Obama to throw money we don’t have at a sector that doesn’t need the governments help. I would think our President would have more important things to deal with.

  3. I’d like to be a fly on that wall.

  4. More important than the Commerce and Infrastructure of his country. Surely that is of SOME importance to him.

  5. Steve Jobs is always dying lol

  6. Interesting…maybe the government will be run like a business as it should be, invest in a venture early and actually make a profit. Taxes aren’t doing it so why not look for other forms of revenue

  7. We are in a national crisis and Obama is going to chill with people. Get the fuck out of here. Do your fucking job Obama and do something to help the dam country!!

  8. Lol on the Enquirer reference.

  9. “[Steve Jobs’ death] would be a tragic loss to the tech industry, and we hope it just isn’t true.”


  10. Obama is nog going to ‘chill’. He’ll be having a business-meeting. I like that the president will hear *directly* from a few of the most important CEOs in the tech industry.

    And a ‘LOL’ on the fact that Steve Jobs is dying is, to put it mildly, a bit disrespectful.

  11. @ ToastnJam and Brad, I loled when I read those comments (especially Brad’s), and I agree! XD

  12. I like to read stories like this for the information but hate the comments that it brings. You might as well shut this down now before it gets ugly.

  13. I know that almost all visitors of phandroid hate Steve Jobs but really, there is a good chance he is dieing! What kind of person laughs at that! that’s sad! He has been one of the biggest names in tech ever. Best wishes Mr. Jobs and get well soon….
    android fanboy

  14. Maybe they can teach Obama a thing or two about budgeting!!! If these 3 Tech-Giants ran their business the same way we run our country, they would be in prison for accounting fraud!

  15. @7-Brad Your level of ignorance is astounding.

  16. I’m no fan of apple, or the magical Steve jobs, but there is no denying what the man has done for the tech industry and mobile in particular. It would be a great loss. But I still hate apple

  17. My buddy put it a good way last night:

    “Presidents are either Mechanics or Parts-Tossers. Mechanics go through methodically with an educated approach to identify and fix the problem in the appropriate step-by-step process. Parts-Tossers throw money at the problem hoping it will go away without any real knowledge of the problem”

  18. Let’s hope Obama can inspire them to put their differences aside and work together for the common good ;)

    Which, come to think of it, they’re probably not too far from already :/ Go tech heros of the 2000-and-teens!

  19. Amazing obama wants an internet off switch,
    Hates big industry, is anti capitalist, and is an
    Advid black berry fan yet rim isn’t involved…

  20. @brad
    Wow, I’ve seen trolling but this is the most amazingly bad, ignorant troll I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats I guess.

    Nice, non-attempt to get all political.

    Here is my take: if the president is NOT meeting with folks like this, he is screwing up his job. We’re trying to increase higher quality jobs in America and this is where to start. Ask them what aspects of their companies that they are outsourcing could be reasonably brought back to America if conditions were met.
    Ask them what aspects of candidates for employment seem lacking of late.
    Ask them how they feel about making ubiquitous wireless internet a public utility and not and expensive service… would that increase productivity at their companies, would it foster innovation? Would their companies be willing to donate to such a project?

  21. Crporate shakedown for re-election bid. Okay maybe not, but then again…

  22. why cant you love android AND apple?
    no steve job worshiper here, just saying.

  23. @wildstar Very well said, wish there was a like button for posts on here.

  24. It would be extremely tragic if Steve died; under his lead Apple revolutionized the laptop, phone, mp3 player, digital music, tablet, and more. I’m still an Android fan and would take my Incredible over the iPhone 4 any day but Mr. Jobs is still a technical visionary.

    That being said would you, Brad, like to fill me in on exactly how you would handle the crisis. Perhaps by cutting taxes to repay the national debt (do the math bud).

  25. 1. I don’t give a rats arse what Steve Jobs has done. He is a human being and we should all be respectful of peoples lives. Stop putting importance on people because of money or fame. I have an aunt that is dying and I have the same feelings about both people right now. I wish they could get better but I hope they are able to go peacefully. Nothing about it is funny at all.
    2. Its amazing to me how many people all of a sudden became so interested in the debt and deficit when Obama became president and ignored the past 20-30 years of how we got to this situation. Its also amazing how no one actually realizes what makes up the biggest parts of the deficit that have little to do with Obama.
    3. Its amazing to me how many people have no clue what Obama should or shouldn’t be doing since they’ve never payed attention to a president before in their lives. These folks should watch what Eric Schmidt himself had to say about the history and future of government spending in technology on CNN. I’ll give you a hint though of what was said though….if you enjoy FOX news its not what you want to hear.

  26. Obama is meeting with Jobs and Schmidt to ask why he can’t get movies on his Blackberry.

  27. Wow, Obama pushing a technology plan! Woo-hoo, maybe it will be successful now!! Oh wait already is…guess you gotta find something positive to attach your name onto.

  28. Funny how these liberal CEO’s talk (and vote) lib nonsense but they run their companies like a smart pragmatic frugal conservative would.

    Afa Obama..true he did’nt start this fire we are having to deal with..but he’s pouring gasoline on it to fix it. After all, on March 14, 2008, then Sen. Obama voted in favor of the 2009 budget which authorized $3.1 trillion in federal outlays along with a projected $400 billion deficit. So when he talks about what he “inherited” he’s speaking about a problem he helped create for himself.

    Overall, I’m glad they are meeting. A President should be in touch with CEO’s other than GM and GE.

  29. @ wildstar, well said i couldn’t agree with you more, big A plus to you.

  30. Well said Goldni
    I am no fan of Obama even to the slightest but it is excellent that he is meeting with these guys. I wont like this if he sees it as another oppotunity to throw money at something. But yes, talk to the gurus and get some ideas, but stop the money slinging!

  31. Whether you are an Android Fan, or iPhone user, this is great that they are coming together with the President to make our future better.

  32. Not good.

  33. Listen u ass clowns, i work for the government. Shit is about to change, you should be scared. This tech is way better than carnivore. One pic will tell us everything. So go ahead and post ur on vacation or mary sue rotten crotch just burned you. It will all be there online to vue. The sad thing is that you all want it to happen. Trust me you dont, we use this tech in the UK, and look how it is over there. Think about it, i love my country, but look whats happening.

  34. So Jobs, you really got those idiots to buy into your products, huh?…Just like Obama got everyone to buy into his fake presidential race and health care.

    Haha, I crack myself up.

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