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Want to connect to your home computer through your phone? Maybe you’d like to be able to offer technical support through your phone while you’re on the go? TeamViewer has been available for awhile as a Beta Application, but it’s now officially out of beta and freely available on Android Market (for non-commercial use).

Check out this demo done by a YouTuber yesterday:

I’m actually really digging this app. It’s definitely useful, looks polished, and while I’ve really wanted to connect to my home computers remotely I haven’t tested a lot of solutions on Android Market. I’ll definitely be giving TeamViewer a shot.

The company behind TeamViewer sent a press release which we’ve included below:

TeamViewer available on Android now
Easy access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems from Android devices

Goeppingen, Germany (February 16, 2011) – TeamViewer, a leading provider of remote control and online presentation software, now offers single-click connection from Android-based devices. Free for non-commercial use, the user-friendly app offers fast access to Windows, Mac and Linux computers located anywhere in the world.

Based on the popular TeamViewer software which is already available on iPhone and iPad, the Android version enables complete access to computers from the mobile device. Perfect for people in the go, users can connect and control home computers while IT supporters can troubleshoot and offer assistance through their Android device from wherever they may be.

Connecting with TeamViewer for Android is easy; users simply enter the ID and password of the computer they would like to connect with on the Android device. TeamViewer partner lists can also be used to save the ID and password of trusted collaborators for easy touch screen connection. Further enhancing the experience, user history is stored on the Android app for fast reconnection with recent contacts.

Once connected, users are able to see the entire screen of the remote computer and manipulate the mouse for total control. Typical Android gestures like pinching and zooming give navigation an authentic feel as users scroll through programs and open files as if they were seated at the remote computer. Remote reboot is also possible from the Android device, if the distant PC must be restarted during the connection.

TeamViewer offers a number of options through the Android app, to customize settings which improve quality for individual preference.

“Mobility is an important part of the business arena,” begins Holger Felgner, General Manager of TeamViewer GmbH. “From accessing your workstation mid-commute, to checking in while at a meeting, the expectation and desire to stay connected creates a real need for remote control software. Thanks to the TeamViewer Android app, people can maintain a presence while being wherever they need to be. Even better, our multiplatform solution means it doesn’t matter what kind of computer they are accessing – the TeamViewer Android app is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.”

Available for Android versions 1.6 and upwards, the TeamViewer Android app maintains the highest possible security standards including AES 256 bit encoding. Free for non-commercial use, professional versions are included in select TeamViewer licenses.TeamViewer Android can be downloaded at

They’ve also made the following blog post urging you to download the app:

On our download site you will find the new final version 6.0.139 of our TeamViewer app for Android.

Commercial users have to activate a valid license key after the trial. In certain TeamViewer licenses the Android app is included.
Non-commercial users can use the final TeamViewer app for Android absolutely free of charge.

The Android app enables you to:

  • give tech support from your Android device – wherever you are
  • access computers at home or at the office
  • administer critical company servers
  • reboot remote computers
  • access different operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)

We wish you best continued success with TeamViewer!

If you test it out, let us know how you like it, and if you’ve used other remote connectivity apps you enjoy let others know in the comments!

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  1. I’m all over this

  2. it’s not on the market for CM7 | N1: We couldn’t find anything for your search – TeamViewer :)))

  3. way to much scrolling…. and you have to download the teamview on the computer.

    Just set up a dyn-dns account and use remote RDP lite to remote to your computer from your phone (or any of the other RDP apps out there)

    best part about using dyn-dns is you don’t have to have a program on your computer. so you can access your home computer from your phone or any computer in the world.

  4. Brutalsnowman-how does one do what you are recommending? thx.

  5. I have been using it for a couple days and I love it. Works great with CM7. I downloaded the apk from their website.

  6. i’m getting a parsing error when I click on the .apk on my dInc

  7. Funny how so many folks claim no one is using Linux but almost every modern app released now days has a Linux version. Thank you TeamViewer for supporting us Linux users. Maybe one day Netflix can get the drift.

  8. I’m using PocketCloud to do this right now but I wonder if TeamViewer is better. What is the best/smoothest way to connect to the PC?

  9. I’m not finding it on the Android Market, neither on my phone or in the browser:

    Anyone know how to get it?

  10. I have been using this for quite some time now. Haven’t had any issues with it. I understand how the scrolling can get annoying, but hey, it’s a phone. That’s just me though. I just used it to monitor and control my Minecraft server, that is until I found Minecraft Mobile Admin.

  11. I have TV installed on a few PCS. This is the first for Android. d/l was easy but registering is IMPOSSIBLE! It’s giving me a password error ,”Must be medium or strong password”. This is not rocket science, I use the strongest for everything I do – alpha, numeric, special characters. Trying to set a 15 character pw with special characters, alpha (upper + lower) and numeric. Still get the error, doesn’t matter what I do. Is this an Android or Teamviewer issue?

  12. FTW! I have use thiss application on my APAD tablet and wow i can support my client using my gadget APAD.

    Very cool indedd

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