Rumor: Motorola Atrix 4G Release Date is February 22nd?


We originally thought we wouldn’t see this thing until the middle of March. Then it became early March. And now rumors are saying it’s going to be launching in 5 days. A supposed internal shot was sent to Android Central that said the Motorola ATRIX 4G would launch February 22nd, but that’s all we have to go on. Not the strongest of legs to this rumor, but we’ll keep our eyes on that date anyway.

And as far as we know, the pricing hasn’t changed: $199.99 for the phone on a two-year contract, and $299.99 if you opt for the laptop dock to go along with it. (Don’t forget that you’ll be subject to that contract for data tethering if you do decide to get the laptop dock.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like a Samsung

  2. so wait the price changed fromm $499 w/the laptop dock to $299 for phone and laptop dock? or are you just not paying enough attention to detail because its an ATT phone and not on Verizon?

  3. I think it has always been 300 for dock with tethering contract

  4. This is no rumor. My brother works for ATT and he sent me a text at 221 this morning telling me about the date. The CEO said it yesterday.

  5. @Marti – It is still $199 for the phone and an additional $299 for the laptop dock. Quentyn was stating that if you opt for the dock it’s an additional $299.

  6. This may pee 8== > – – on others! Lol.

  7. Actually, it wasn’t very clear, the way he wrote it. it could’ve been interpreted as 299 with the laptop. And actually, I think this site does hate at&t. And actually, att has an additional $100 off right now bringing the total to just $399 for phone and laptop. The problem is they force you to sign up for the $45/month, “tethering”(4gb of data/mo) data plan when you use the $100 coupon to buy the laptop deal. AND, according to salesman that seemed pretty sharp, that I just bought four of these for my family from, AT&T will “see” if you ever get the laptop or cradle somewhere else and launch the “webtop” application while on their system,(if you’re on wifi, they won’t care) and start charging you for the $45 plan, instead of the $15 (200mb) or $25 (2gb) plan that you might be on at the time. This terribly mis-guided business plan, for this fantastic opportunity that Moto handed them may change. But may not. So, I don’t think I’ll be buying the laptop dock anytime soon, unless this policy changes or actually isn’t true. But I’ll definitely buy the multimedia docks (when they become available somewhere reasonably priced) and try using the “desktop” mode on wifi. And, even if I never dock it, I’ll have what appears to be the world’s best smart phone, which also allows me to share my photos and other content with my friends on huge screens in HD. I played with this phone at CES for hours and it really, really flies!

  8. Motorola Atrix 4g and Ass t&t can KISS ELEPHANT ASS.. HTC EVO 2 4G RULES ON SPRINT CAN’T WAIT TILL CTIA IN MARCH… Where is that ASS WIPE… ksizzle9???

  9. richard, do you have tourette syndrome, and were you trying to say say something constructive about the evo 2, or were actually trying to sound like a first grader?

  10. Huh. Kinda looks exactly like my defy.

  11. @ MT thanks i was like ummm…thats not what EVERY other piece of lit has said about it including ATTS website but i see what youre saying now. i read it incorrectly that would total the $500 they want for both which IMO is way too much for a piece of metal that does nothing (referring to the laptop dock)

  12. I called att bout the feathering, and they said I could keep and use my unlimited data with this phone and dock

  13. I just received by FedEx confirmation. It’s shipped with an estimated delivery of Feb 21, 2011 by 3:00 PM

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