Google Demos Movie Studio On XOOM at MWC [VIDEO]


At Eric Schmidt’s Keynote speech they announced a brand new Android App for tablets called Movie Studio that will allow you take your media and compose a video with lots of different editing capabilities and effects. Video was not permitted at the event, but luckily at least one rebel caught footage for your viewing pleasure:’

I would love using this to make videos and I’m sure with a front-facing camera and Movie Studio, YouTube will have a healthy influx of new Vloggers. In fact, this would be a great tool for us to do short discussion/opinion videos on Phandroid, complete with the ability to edit out or flubs and outtakes!

We also found a hands-on the app but it’s in French so be warned!

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  1. this looks incredible, Can’t Wait

  2. Awesome and looked decently quick for editing movies on the tablet.

  3. Very Very Very Nice…. This might make me spring for a Tablet.

  4. This is a great idea for an app on this type of form factor. Great job!

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