Android Will Own 80% Of Smartphone Market Says Kaspersky


Windows dominates the PC Market but Microsoft isn’t replicating their strategy OR success of the 1990s, which is why the CEO of Kaspersky (Eugene Kaspersky) says Android will own 80% of smartphone market share while Apple and RIM will split the remaining 10%.

Android domination, iPhones and BlackBerry playing niche, and Windows Phone nowhere to be found? Sounds about right. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how things shake out, and Microsoft and HP won’t go out without a fight, but these companies need to seriously change their focus if they want to be anything better than niche or marginal.

Microsoft and Nokia just formed an alliance which is an absolutely terrible idea for Nokia in my own opinion, but if they’re both trying to keep Google from wielding too much power with Android, these are two huge companies that have a vested interest in pulling it off. Unfortunately, they’ve both been slow to innovate, slow to adapt, slow to move forward, and they’re already behind. I don’t see any signs of them catching up let alone pushing forward unless they totally change their approach.

There is a still an opportunity for a competitor to go toe-to-toe with Android, but they’ll have to follow the angle of openness and somehow come out of the gate swinging with something big, bold, and new. What could that be? I have no clue… so until further notice it’s on with the Android show. And just for the record, it’s a show that I hope never ends. Get with the program, Nokia… the Droid Show is on.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Bold statements, my first thought was where did the “other” category of OS go? Personally, I’d like to see Meego get up and take off, could be a great competition to keep Android getting pushed.

  2. I disagree. RIM will be near to 0% (iOS and Android will take that) while iOS will be at around 20% maybe. The rest will be split between Android and WP7, because not everyone gives a s… about being able to install the Brut version of Google Maps (not necessary, WP7 might (will?) have onboard navigation for nearly the whole world…), being able to root the thing, being able to change the home screen app etc. They also don’t need 100000 apps in the market, as long as the 10000 that are there are fulfilling all their needs. What they do care about is ease of use, style and performance, and in those areas WP7 easily beats the whole competition. All WP7 needs to do is get cheaper and a better ad campaign, that actually shows of the phone. People need to get aware of the UI.

  3. Well, Microsoft lost the ability to strong arm customers and vendors into a lock in as they did with Windows/Office … had they not used these tactics then they wouldn’t have what remains of the lock in today. They are slowly losing their hold on the desktop/laptop market and the animosity that they created with this lock in and the craptastic mobile offerings they’ve put out have kept people from adopting their products outside of Windows/Office. I mean .. tiles? Really? Are we geriatric or children?

  4. Android 80%, RIM and Apple splitting the remaining 10%?

    I know English isn’t the primary language of any of the authors on this site (or is it? I’m not being a smart ass I just always assumed you guys weren’t too fluent in English) but isn’t 80 + 10 = 100 in every language?

  5. Sounds about right to me… I have no idea why/how Nokia made such an incredibly stupid move, perhaps that ex microsoft guy that works there, but boy, if Nokia wanted to survive long term they HAD to choose Android, and they fucked it up. Sad, a good hardware company with a lot of history making an incredibly poor choice.

  6. That’s what’s up! The others get this 8== >. Lol.

  7. This coming from a moron who’s own product is barely competitive. Kaspersky has one of the worst detection rates out in their respective industry. Not to mention runs heavy on most machines.

    I think things are to early in the smart phone market to declare Android as the winner. It certainly has momentum but I think they are moving so fast that quality/fragmentation is becoming a huge issue. They need to slow software releases to annual schedule and have stronger update support for users. Buying a new phone every 6 months just isn’t in the cards. Microsoft will be the first company to support hardware acceleration in the browser which could be huge for media. WebOS and RIM could adopted the Dalvik Virtual Machine and allow developers to run Android apps on their respective platforms as well. As for Apple I don’t think they’re are total concerned with Market domination. Apple wants to remain very competitive, but also turn a wide profit margin on every devices they sell.

    The smartphone market is still young (in terms of growth), and it will look very different in give year.

  8. lollll @Hulk Smash

  9. Its funny how, if Android doesn’t win, there will be no need for anti-virus software on phones, because the other platforms have closed app stores and do not allow side loading.

  10. wow from a true russian sick

  11. That nto true. Android will be likely more to be 99% of mobile future with crApple, BB and WinPho7 fighting for the crumbs…like beggars fighting over last gruel left in the pot. Go Andoird!!!!

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