Feb 17th, 2011

Google’s Eric Schmidt said it himself, but Dan Morrill, one of the top dogs on the Android Team at Google has tweeted the same: In one way or another, all of the enhancements and updates made for Android Honeycomb will come to smartphones. This doesn’t mean we will be running a full Honeycomb experience on the smaller screens of our handsets, though. He is most likely referring to the merging of the Gingerbread and Honeycomb lines of code for the next big iteration of Android, Ice Cream. Here is the exact quote:

“Honeycomb runs all existing Android apps; all the APIs & features will come to phones in some form. Just a matter of time.”

We don’t suspect this will all happen with the upcoming Android 2.4, either, but rather what should eventually be called Android Ice Cream. It seems like Google is trying to move away from association with the actual version number and simply stick to the code names. Gingerbread should continue to develop as 2.x and Honeycomb as 3.x, but I could be totally wrong.

[@DanMorrill via Gizmodo]

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