HTC Thunderbolt Delayed Again?


Bad news, folks: the HTC Thunderbolt may not be coming out on February 24th as we once thought it would. Rumors from sources of Android Guys‘ say that it may be getting a 4-day delay – that’d make the new date February 28th. Doesn’t sound too bad, but considering how long most of you have been waiting for this and how many delays you’ve had to endure, I can’t imagine any amount of time would make you happy. It’s starting to feel just like the DROID Incredible debacle, isn’t it?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC Desire S Release Date is April 18th, Price is £419.99, Says Amazon

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  1. I hate the world.

  2. Man this is really starting to annoy me. I just want a new phone dangit. LOL

  3. Buzzards!!! maybe it is because of the return policy, with less that expected people buying the iphone on release and buying it a few days later instead. The BBY guy I talked to said between the 24th and 28th – Not that they know anything or are truthful, he just wanted my $50.

  4. Perfect name for this illusive gadget. Like lightning no one knows when or where it will strike. In this case much more frustrating, all apart of Verizon’s devious marketing schemes to get everyone talking on a day to day basis about its release in turn hyping it up. I say FUCK that scheme and just tell us already…

  5. If they don’t release it on the 24th .. I’ll still show up at Best Buy because I’ll be getting my money back. If I’m going to keep waiting .. I might as well wait a bit longer to see what else is out there.

    What a bunch of crap.

  6. bullshit

  7. f*cken bullsh*t

  8. Bye Bye Thunderbolt….Atrix 4g comes out on the 22nd. I’m sick of Verizon’s BS

  9. ohhh my first comment did go thru..well ill say it one more time..THIS IS FUCKEN BULLSHIT

  10. Yes I will do the same…on the 24th I want to get my money back from BB. This is big BS. If Verizon would tell us a date and a reason for delay no problem but this is unacceptable. And before somebody tells me here on the forum that VZW never gave a release date. I know. But somebody has told BB that it was first the 14th, then the 24th and now the 28th. What’s next? 10th of March?

  11. i wonder how many people r guna switch to at&t to get the atrix which comes out on monday

  12. All you guys bitching and moaning when verizon never announced a release date so you people preordered with no solid date that is your own damn fault ha. smh

  13. I have yet to see an ad for it in Best Buy and I went to VZW store this week and nobody was offering any info on any LTE phones. The girl was like “we don’t know anything”. How could BB know more than VZW employees?

  14. Verizon may not have announced a release date, but on the 6th when best buy took my pre-order, they said it will be released on the 14th, so in all it is Best Buys fault. I will be getting my money back this weekend, and I am going to wait a while for something even better than the Thunderbolt

  15. You can not blame verizon. Verizon has never announced a release date. The only thing that Verizon has ever stated was that the device would be released in the first Quarter and twitter “Coming Soon”. So how can it be delayed, if there was no official release date?

  16. Verizon has only said coming soon and BB did the same therefore all the other dates and supposed leaks are not something Verizon is responsible for, therefore relax and wait for Verizon to give the release date, if Verizon says a date and then it doesn’t come out that date, then fine blame them all you want, meanwhile relax its just a phone.

  17. Well as I am one of those people who pre-ordered the thunderbolt. I am also upset with the number of changes of release dates. My piece of crap Blackberry Storm has been freezing up on me for past 6 months or so. I could now upgrade as of the 11th of Feb. As much as all of you have valid reasons for being pissed off, but the truth is Chris#8 comment said it best. Stop blaming VZW as they never gave a release date. Who gives a fuck if u have to wait another week or 2. Bottom line is that this phone is gonna rock and for all of you who wants to go back to Best buy and get a refund go ahead and stop bitching. But i promise you this you will bitch more when the phone is released and you couldnt get one because it sold out. We all know this phone will rock and will sell out fast as its the first phone to be on vzw 4g.

  18. definitely getting my money back on my pre-order this is completely rediculous. all i ask is for a date. put people in the dark and ill go elsewhere

  19. Haha you whiners. Best Buy is really going to shudder when you come in asking for your $50.00 back. They really are just in business to take $50.00 reserves for unannounced phones.

  20. Why is everyone pissing and moaning?I’m in the same boat as all of you guys, waiting patiently for the T’bolt.I don’t recall seeing an official launch date from Verizon.I think all the BB alleged dates are BS anyways.Don’t lose sleep over it, it’s just a damn phone.

  21. I dont see the big deal? Yes its a pain in the but waiting longer. But its probably better than all of us finding the problem (that caused this most recent delay) and flood the tech support nonstop for days and weeks. If it means we get a better product then great.
    Is it Verizon’s fault or HTC ?

  22. I hope it’s delayed another 2-3 months just so some of you whiny spoiled idiots will get a coronary. If this is the biggest thing you have to complain about in your pathetic life then consider yourself fortunate. Some people don’t know where they’re getting their next meal, and you idiots whine about a phone that may be pushed back 4-6 days. I can see why other cultures wish ill will on us.

  23. Bad news for those of you saying you will get your money back. When I asked if the $50 was refundable, I was told yes, in the form of a $50 gift card…SO BBY gets your fifty either way. I’m just going to wait until the thing is in stores…I don’t have to use the damn thing within the first 24 hours it exists.

  24. HTC announced it’s shipped so Verizon is just sitting on this.
    Maybe Verizon never announced a date but the phone is available now and they are the ones preventing us from it, so yeah, there’s where the anger is coming from.
    I’m sure they have their internal reasons for doing so but they will lose more money to the Atrix than the rumored restocking fees.

  25. Verizon may not have announced a release date but you can’t blame those that are waiting for it from feeling like this is somewhat of a 4G carrot being waved out there on a string.

  26. And $50 of my money, regardless of no date being released I think Best Buy has some making up to do to those of us who pre ordered.

  27. my G1 stopped working at the end of december which is when i started researching new phones. I found out about the Thunderbolt and the rumored release date so i decided to just buy a prepaid phone and put my sim card in it and wait til this one comes out. Well, i have had enough of this prepaid phone. I do agree this phone is better than the EVO but it is also very similar which is why i dont understand all of this. Everyone can say Verizon hasnt given a release date so stop complaining…well how about the fact that this phone is supposed to come out this quarter and they havent said ANYTHING about it. a few little ads from bestbuy, Youtube, and Sports Illustrated for the phone but Verizon has said nothing. I think we all have every right to complain about this.

  28. i happened to go to best buy on the 14th to see if just by chance it was in and they told me that they had found out that day that it was coming to them on the 28th so that sounds about right. and you cant get a refund on your deposit. u will just end up with a $50 gift card so sorry about that for you upset ones.

  29. This is hilarious. All you people are upset over something that wasn’t a guarantee. If Best Buy told you any info, then its your fault for listening to any second sources. Get the info straight from the source aka VZW and then decide whether to get upset or not. Surely if you’ve waited since January 6th you can wait a bit more until an OFFICIAL VZW announcement is made. Chill people!
    -Fellow HTC Thunderbolt fan.

  30. you people have been bitching for a while now and nothing has happened. Its no sweat off BB’s back if 4 people get their $50 back. I mean seriously guys its just a phone and if all of you bitching switch to AT&T for the Atrix, you will just come back because what is the point of having a kick ass phone on a shitty network? you guys havent died yet from waiting, it will not kill you to wait for it if you want it that bad. I agree with Mike#17, you will get your $50 back and have to wait in line and go home empty handed when the phone FINALLY comes out because yours is no longer reserved. CHILL THE F*CK OUT GUYS

  31. Uh, when are we going to start talking about the likelyhood that this phone doesn’t work correctly? Something is wrong here. There is an all out race to get new technology to market- and here is Verizon and HTC “waiting” for some unknown reason – on a phone they claim is operational. I’m calling BS. Something is wrong and the phone cannot perform as advertised. Why would a company have a powerhouse, game changing cell phone, and just sit on it? Every day people walk into cell phone stores and sign up for expensive contracts based on the cool new phone, and Verizon doesn’t put this on the shelf? This phone has problems.

  32. I agree the delays and no information from Verizon is very frustrating but at the same time I would like to believe they have reasons for this and from what I have seen, it will be worth the wait.

  33. And for the nitwits who think BB doesn’t care if you return your $50, you better bet they care. The phone costs $250 plus locks each buyer into a multi-thousand dollar contract. Verizon pays them for that sale and pays them well. So well that BB has opened cell-phone only stores called Best Buy Mobile.

  34. Austin,
    HTC has shipped the phones out already…
    Are you suggesting they shipped phones that don’t work?
    This is simply red tape from big red.

  35. Verizon isnt that great anyways. Only thing they really have going is the strength/network speed-both blown out by the new techs coming out. Atrix is better and at&t rolling out their 4g soon. Yeah at&t can be a network problem, but do you realley want to stick with cdma type carriers like verizon and sprint who charge $10 extra for 4g that you dont use or force you to use their own market place? T-mobile doesnt charge you for tethering or other extra fees. Straight $30 a month unlimited for hspa+(4g) period. One button to tether built into stock settings(vibrant and mytouch 4g) Bottom line, the high end phones offer similar performance, difference will be network. Dont waste time waiting for a good phone that will be crippled out of the box.

  36. The thing that irks me is that I’m sitting on a really really pricey ATT bill that has too few minutes so that I can switch to Verizon and get this phone. The longer they delay it, the more money I have to burn.

  37. This is honestly starting to make me angry. I preordered it on Super Bowl Sunday, thinking “It’ll be out the 14th” like it was supposed to. Then its the 24th “Set in stone”. Yesterday it leaks as the 21st. Now it’s the 28th. VERIZON: GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND GIVE A DROP DEAD DATE!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of this waiting game, stop humping apple’s leg and motorola too and release the phone we all know is ready to go.

  38. I really wanted the Htc thunderbolt..but since they keep moving the date..and wanna do preorders without even giving a date for when it comes out…I went ahead and purchased the iPhone 4 Verizon. I’m just annoyed with Htc they really let me down.

  39. WOW!!! Vzw customers get all worked up over some other networks used up old phones and yes I’m talking about the Evo oops I meant the thunderbolt I guess, and the damn I phone that us Att customers have pretty much used up and spit out, were done with that shit! I would pretty much guarantee if you guys were getting the atrix in 2 years you would be doing the same amount of bitching to bad we will have it on the 22nd. No delays, No pushbacks, No bullshit!!

  40. I am waiting for this phone like everyone else and i’m getting pissed too. The thing I find really strange is that Verizon hasn’t even announced their pricing plans for 4G. I have a feeling their 4G rates are going to be astronomical.

  41. @pm
    verizon has said nothing about increasing plans for 4g so do some research word is they are going to keep the 30 unlimited for 4g as of now. smh

  42. Remember that tweet from Verizon mentioning the Thunderbolt might be coming out sooner than expected? DON’T TWEET THAT WHEN IT’S GOING TO BE DELAYED. That’s why I have a problem.

  43. VZW does release phones on tues and thursdays. Just some hope for everyone.

  44. OK there are a lot of you saying nobody gave a release date in the 1st place. Well you are dead wrong. Verizon did finally make an official release date announcement, stating it’s release would be on the 24th, that has been posted on many tech sites. Plus prior to that announcement, when I waited for the doors to open at Best Buy to pre-order, the employees there did tell me & others that it would launch on the 14th. As they are the exclusive retailer than it would only be logical to believe them. Then when Verizon delayed it & announced it, then it would also be logical to believe them. I understand people’s frustrations because I am more than pissed myself.

  45. Who the hell is this Rob guy that is just complaining about people complaining. People that dont know where their next meal is coming from should spend that free time looking for a job….I hope you have a coronary for reading this and complaining

  46. Fracka nacka bull

  47. I have to agree that Verizon said the phone would come out on the first quarter = (Jan,Feb,March). Having said that, I will sugest that we be patient. I think Best Buy shouldn’t tell people that the phone would come out on February 14 or 21 or 24 or whenever unless they have something official. That’s misleading information which is not right and not legal. I would highly recommend for those of you who pay the $50 Dollars to get it back. Thanks and hope this was helpful.

  48. Wow if your life is wrapped around the rumor mill about release dates for a cell phone, you have a lot more problems, we need to work on your therapudic drug levels.

    The t-bolt will come out when VZW anounces it and not before. Everything else is rumor and has no attachement to reality.

  49. For all of you who are sooooo upset, get a life, geez. With all the craziness going on in the world, is it really that big of a deal?

    We live in such an exciting time in terms of technological advances… 4g, etc. sweet!

    Come on, let’s all just relax a bit and count our lucky stars that we even have this cool tech to play with.

  50. My contract is up. Im switching to AT&T.

  51. My contract with ATT (iphone) ends at the end of the month so that would work fine for me if they bring it out on the 28th, but if it isn’t available on the 28th I may just get a Verizon iphone.

  52. What in the hell is Verizon thinking!
    C’mon now… NO ONE likes the iPhone!
    Let ’em return it and then buy the HTC!
    It costs more, (which sucks… but not for Verizon) and it would make a bunch of people happier.
    That’s what I think anyway.
    But hey, I’m just a customer, what do I know…

  53. To the people saying you will get the Atrix: I hope you live in one of only 9 markets that has the shitty 14.4 hspa+

  54. @Chris… That’s my point.. Verizon hasn’t said ANYTHING about their plans. So why don’t you read the whole statement before you go shooting off at the mouth.

  55. I’m betting the phone doesn’t work. Just because HTC shipped the phones (reportedly) doesn’t mean the software works. It also doesn’t mean the phones features all work correctly. I really have a feeling that this phone is a dud…
    On a side note, where does AT&T get off calling their phones 4G? The speed tests I’ve seen thus far are under 2G speed. That’s crap.

  56. Time for a refund, right??!! like someone stated before, either the Atrix, or wait for something better, on ANOTHER network. How about the coming, HTC Pyramid!!!???.. Sounds like a winner, and TMobil has wonderful customer service..

  57. Tired of this crap ! Now looking for another product with another carrier.

  58. There is obviously something wrong with this phone and maybe we shouldn’t have all got caught up on the hype, It’s untested and probably not functioning properly – maybe we should all sit back now and wait & see if it is really worth buying (from the look of it and the pathetic screw ups of launch date makes one want to think that this is a lemon)

  59. Forget the Thunderbolt – wait for the Motorola Droid Bionic, coming out early 2nd quarter. You can check out the specs online and compare with the Thunderbolt – pretty impressive stuff. Don’t know about you all but I can wait out Verizon with their little marketing ploys…

  60. There are actually more Thunderbolt accessories available for purchase right now than there are phones! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……

  61. Its because of the return policy guys. Verizon recently changed the return policy to 15 days. What people are gonna do is hold on to their iphones and return them on the 24th to get the thunderbolt because the iphone came out 02/10. TO prevent people from doing that they have to move the release date back so that it’s not within the 15 day return policy for that iphone. Verizon knows exactly what they are doing.

  62. I spoke with Verizon rep on phone tonight who said with almost certainty it will be sold in BBY tomorrow Feb 18th. I will cross my fingers and be there tomorrow at lunch.

  63. @pm
    read over your post again idiot you say sprint and verizon charge a $10 premium which they dont.Yeah at&t can be a network problem, but do you realley want to stick with cdma type carriers like verizon and sprint who charge $10 extra for 4g that you dont use or force you to use their own market place? SO exactly stfu you must not have read your own post unless you are just a plain fool. smh

  64. Just as others have said, nothing has come out from Verizon yet. All the dates have been rumored or leaked, no word from Verizon. I would have to say that the thunderbolt will be one of the best if not the best phone out there (when it is finally released). As said above, there has been no word about the 4g LTE plans on Verizon going up.

  65. Good. Get your money back from BEst Buy you losers. I hope you waste a lot of gas. I am getting the HTC Thunderbolt no matter what. I want less people to get it.

  66. As mad as I am that it might not come out the 24th, I will wait as long as it takes for them the get ALL the kinks out. Also to get the 4G network up and running.

    I dont want to be like all those first time IPhone4 people who kept getting bad signal due to the antennae design.

  67. People keep complaining about the release date and their delays but yet they doing all this for us! So people wont be complaining the nxt day. Just shutup they want the phone to be worth our money! idc about how late the date is im going to have my money requardless!. COME WHEN YOUR READY THUNDERBOLT !

  68. Oh my god, it’s the Incredible all over again! What is preventing htc from just releasing these damn phones? Just release it!

    Ah well, its still looking better than the poor HTC Merge.

  69. fuck this blackberry phone I need this thunderbolt now!

  70. Reason why they keep pushing the HTC THUNDERBOLT back because they are afraid IF they release the phone then users with the iPhone4 will take back the phone for the thunderbolt it’s wayyy better and offer alot more than the iPhone4. Basically trying to be slick to were people will keep getting the iPhone4 cause they are still trying to reach their sales. Or someone is to take it back for the T’bolt they can’t because their limit to take it back will be too late!

  71. Im not sure if this was posted yet… But as for getting your money back from BB… You should have gotten a 50$ gift card for your preorder, as good as cash but gotta spend it at BB. They’re not giving you the cash value.

  72. This is getting a lil out of hand, i dont understand why people just cant be patiant!! I too want the thunderbolt but i would rather wait for them to release a perfectly running phone rather then a piece of shit that wigs out right out of the box!!

    The only question i did have though was, Why is it when i preordered the phone at BB and paid the $50, they turned around and gave me a gift card for $50? it doesnt really make sense to me!

  73. Come on give me a break everyday this phone is getting pushed back is everyday I’m losing interest in the thing.

  74. Verizon stores are to receive the phones by the 22nd and release on the 24th according to the latest email from corporate sent to store managers. Bet ya there will be a news story tomorrow about how there’s no proof of the 28th and with the recent news of the atrix dropping the 22nd it maybe sooner than we think.

  75. I have had endless software problems with my Droid X-three of them-so VZ kindly promised me a Thunderbolt. Up until yesterday they have been politely cagey about a release date, hinting at the
    24 th and telling me to keep checking back. Last night, when I paid my bill on the phone, the customer service guy flat refused to tell me anything, saying that they had been told,”Not to say a word about that phone other than to tell people that its coming soon.”
    Seriously, I’m using an expensive paperweight which drops calls, doesn’t ring, reassigns tones, won’t connect to my home network and usually doesn’t have 3G, and VZ won’t even answer a question?
    I’m being patient and polite, but I’m paying large sums for something that didn’t work since Motorola’s lousy forced updates. Verizon, just be honest with us and don’t force your employees to lie or act stupid, please. You’ve obviously got this phone and for whatever reason, you’re choosing not to release it-I hate to think that its so folks can’t return i Phones, but you are acting a lot like Apple now, and that’s no way to keep customers….

  76. The Atrix is looking good…not a fan of Motorblur though…the Inspire 4G is cheap as nuts via Amazon right now…50 bucks for new customers…70 bucks for existing…

  77. Man, this is some bullshet. Everytime I log in there is another delay. I’ve never been with Verizon, and now I am wondering why I ever should. They don’t seem to care about anything but the $$$$. Please nitwits, stop it with the stupid “iPhone return” theroy. It’s just silly.

  78. They shoulda named this phone “HTC Comet”. As in Halley’s Comet – due again in 2061.

  79. People remember that even if the Thunderbolt comes out soon, the 4G network wont be active til close to SUMMER TIME. That means that even though you have a super fast and powerful phone, itll still be slow because of the 3G network.


  81. 4g lte is active already in some places:

  82. @Al, the 4G LTE network is already up and running in most major cities in the US. Even if what you say is true, the TB is still the first Verizon phone to be able to run simultaneous voice and data (even if it’s only 3G data)

  83. I really wish Verizon had some competition

  84. Just to let you all know. According to BB in CT as of this morning. The Thunderbolt will not be released until early March. Verizon is going back and forth with deciding on their 4G data plan pricing and BB WILL issue a refund to the people who pre-ordered so you will not be stuck with the $50 BB gift card. I agree this is all complete and utter nonsense but unfortunately…it is what it is and we can’t do a single thing about it except go with another cell phone provider and honestly that’s not even going to matter to Verizon since they are the #1 cell provider at the present time. They just don’t care…

  85. Due to all this I’m leaving to Att for the new 4-G device. I’m very unhappy with Verizon for this and because there prices are not low.

  86. i dont cae when it come out as long as its out befoe 3/8/11

  87. Do you people realize that ATT does not have “4g”. Their 4g network is at least one year away, so for all those you can’t wait 4 extra days, go and enjoy that ATT network, you deserve it!!! Geezzz people relax a bit, its 4 days for a phone, you wont die, you guys are like crackheads needing a fix!!!!

  88. ATT does not have 4g people, their LTE network will be rolled out in 2012….

  89. Um, Verizon never actually gave a release date. Best Buy did. Don’t blame Verizon for Best Buy’s mess.

  90. Also I dont know why there are people on here giving their two cents about the way people are reacting over this no release date bull…Its not the fact that customers are going off the rumored release dates…its the fact that VERIZON hasnt even come out with a RELEASE DATE in teh first place this phone has been revealed since Jan 6th…and people are excited about it…and it seems like its taking forever just for a date…Plus they did release something saying sooner than you think….they may be trying to increase demand for it…but it seems like they are just starting to tease people. So if you have your phone and your tired of hearing complaining…you could stop trying to look up a date…bc thats obviously what yopu were doing…or at least stop looking at the comments….AND YES you were just CALLED OUT!

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