Google’s One Pass Subscription Service Brings Magazines and Newspapers to All of Your Devices


Without too much fanfare, Eric Schmidt has announced the launch of a new magazine and newspaper subscription service through Google called One Pass. Publishers can distribute their digitized newspapers and magazines easily while Google manages the logistical side of payment processing and user authentication. The price and pricing model (one-time purchase, subscription, etc.) are all determined by the publisher.

The cool thing about One Pass, a direct challenger to Apple’s own recently announced subscription service, is that once a reader buys a magazine or newspaper they can access it from any device, their PC, a tablet, or their Android smartphone. People with current subscriptions that move over to One Pass will be able to migrate their service easily without paying any additional fees.

It’s good companies like Google and Apple are being proactive about digital content and monetizing it. The publishing industry has been in a pickle lately loosing revenue from print to free online content. I will stick with my physical newspaper, for now, however.

[via Google]

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  1. thumbs up to Google. One purchase for multiple platforms!

  2. Yay competition.

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