I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)


This has almost nothing to do with anything mobile or Android related, but T-Mobile felt it necessary to upload and I found it necessary to share with you… pretty funny:

Since I’m sure you’ll demand an explanation why I’m filling your RSS reader up with this stuff, I’ll give you T-Mobile’s explanation:

It all started with Charles Barkley commentating during an NBA game. Then fans started sharing his rants and Miami hit-makers Cool and Dre took Charles and turned it into a hit overnight, making Charles the next musical sensation. And you can’t have a hit song without a music video, right? It all sounds a bit crazy, but anything is possible on America’s Largest 4G Network.

Basically they have an NBA app with which you can stream live games and get a ton of other NBA-related content, made better with their 4G speeds. Auto-tune has been done to death but whatever, I laughed, you got me TMO.

And now back to your regularly Android-focused content.

UPDATE: This is the “full music video” update to an earlier T-Mobile ad I hadn’t seen before but have tracked down and shared with you below:

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  1. Lame, but oh well. Not sure what any of that had to do with Tmo, but I guess it breaks up the monotony of the day. And so early in the morning. :)

  2. I thought it was fricken fun as well +10

  3. I seen the commercial again a week ago and decided to put it as my ringtone! Love it!

  4. Annoying! and i love the NBA!

  5. Charles is the man

  6. Sir Charles at his best.

  7. Damn this is old lol. Love this commercial thou

  8. funny as shit

  9. chuck’s reaction was the best part!

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