Super Cool Or Super Scary: Face Recognition Goes Social


There are a lot of technologies we’ve seen as buzz words that have yet to reach the surface in terms of practicality. Augmented reality, face recogntion, social networking… combine the three and you’ve got Viewdle, a company building apps that leverage these technologies to do new and interesting things.

We could talk for hours just about the technical hurdles in making apps like these a reality, as well as legal complications depending on what level of access the apps have to personal information and whatnot, but let’s save that conversation for another day. There’s just one thing I want to know.

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I also just want to mention that nowhere but in a promo video would a bunch of girls walk down the street in the pouring rain, kicking puddles on eachother and smiling. If I’m wrong, please introduce me.

For more about Viewdle check out the article on ReadWriteWeb.

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  1. This is why I tell all my idiot friends not to upload my face to the book, esp. not to ‘tag’. What’s wrong with you people?!

  2. Anyone else find most of those girls to be rather narsty?

  3. It’s a bit 1984 for me!

  4. Hopefully Facebook implements this–not because I want it–so all the privacy invasion lawsuits can be directed at Facebook and not Google.

  5. They can only look-up pictures and names that they have access to. Avoid doing that and it isn’t so scary. Problem is many people just assume everything they do is safe.

  6. What exactly is the point of this?

    Cool? Sure… a bad idea? Probably.

    Think about it… Why would you need to scan people’s faces to find them on social networks? If they are your friend shouldn’t you be able to ask them for a profile link or something?? If I don’t know you, I don’t want you requesting me on facebook, never mind seeing me somewhere, scanning my face, finding out who I am and then doing whatever you will with that.. At least without this they don’t have a name to look for.

    App for stalkers anyone? lol.

    Am I missing the point? I’ll be honest I didn’t watch the video.

  7. Didn’t i see something like this on Lie to Me on FOX a few weeks back?

  8. i want!!

  9. Girl in the bar gives you a fake name…Never again….
    Nah ***** your ain’t “Jennifer” it’s “Rebecca”, my facial recognition software on my phone told me so quit screwing around…….

    I say scarey………..

  10. It could definitely be an awesome idea but I’m not sure all the technology is there. Personally I think it would be awesome to wear a pair of contacts/glasses that worked with your phone to pull information about the people around based upon their faces. Not creepy things, but if I was in a coffee shop it would be cool to be able to know people’s jobs, political views, religion, etc. so I could find people like me to talk to.

  11. Sam wrote on February 17, 2011

    This will only be available to law enforcement.

    Which does NOT make me feel one bit better. Not at all.

  12. @ Destardi: Actually, one of my first thoughts when I read this was – “man the government is going to love this”. lol.

  13. It’s Minority Report at it’s finest and it won’t be long until BigBrother is using it everywhere to track our every move. While it’s a cool technology, people should be very afraid of our government using this. We have so few freedoms left in this country, this is but one more that is garuanteed to be used in order to keep tabs on us.

  14. I think it’s cool, a little creepy and very impractical. And to all of you crying “big brother” or “1984” or anything else… If you think that for a second that the government can’t/ doesn’t use the GPS on your phone to track/ find people you’re so very wrong… thats why warrants exist

  15. The largest police camera network in the US (Chicago) already uses this. Well, the facial recognition part, I’m not sure about the social network bit (doubt it).

    They can track your movement from camera to the next.


  16. I’m sure the government already has their own facial recognition software, it’s just a matter of what media they can get access to. Which, thanks to the “patriot” act (which congress is trying to extend as we speak btw) is probably just about anything.

  17. Of course our govt already uses it, but with the Patriot Act, warrents are no longer needed and that’s where the problem lies. When our govt enacts laws they say are their to “protect us”, while silently taking away all our liberties and freedoms, that’s what I have a problem with. Most of you should as well! Problem is, most of the general public have no clue or could care less what’s in the Patriot Act and that’s the scary part!

  18. What’s sad is the concept of “1984” was written long before that date. Today it’s fact of life.

  19. funny conclusion

  20. Making identity theft, that much easier………..

  21. @seth.. Yes, it was a decent episode.

    This is used in Casinos almost everywhere. People are calling it 1984 and scary but the funny thing is 20 years ago things like facebook and myspace were 1984!! People break up, make up, hook up with each other on text this is just the next evolution. Instead of seeing someone in a bar or coffee house and being social and striking up conversation with them you will be doing a “friend hit on”… I saw you at starbuck’s and “faced” you. Wanna get to know each other? It will be followed by several thousand texts and emails and you may even be engaged before you actually have to meet up face to face. Gonna happen people just wait and see!

  22. The commercial showed friends hanging out, not strangers, friends. I think it’s a pretty cool concept. eg, sometimes i have a friend close to me, post stuff about me on FB(comments, pics, video, etc) n i find my self tryna load up FB app to check it out, not a fun experience. But if this Commercial is wat it’s hyped up to be. I’d love to just place my pcam on his/her face n see wat their latest updates are. I know face recognition still has a long way to go(tried some with less success). Don’t u think it’ll also make for easier pics Tagging. Guys think positive… that’s wat i like to do when it comes to tech n science. Look at the Advancements we’ve made in a few year span. Smart phone, HD/LED/OLED/3D TVs,Tablets, kick ass Chip-sets, Video games(Dead Space FTW)… m i missing anything. pls encourage n not criticize.

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