Feb 17th, 2011

The Wall Street Journal called Android, “the star of the show,” claiming it powered, “every significant device launched at the Mobile World Congress.” This is true. Android was here, Android was there, Android was everywhere – anything worth talking about at MWC 2011 was Android-based.

Then the iPhone 4 won “Best Mobile Device” at an event they didn’t even attend where the only things important were Android-based. It clearly shows the judges aren’t biased, only offering awards to exhibitors, but it’s a pretty embarrassing situation in my opinion. HTC won Best Device Manufacturer and surely a slew of handsets on site could have taken home the gold for best overall device, but Apple got the award instead.

To be honest, if the judges really did feel the iPhone 4 was the Best Mobile Device, Apple should have one best manufacturer too. In an Android-dominated landscape they still manage to win Best Mobile Device despite a healthy portfolio of Android smartphones appearing? The iPhone 4 is better than the Atrix, Bionic, Thunderbolt, Galaxy S2, Optimus 2X, Incredible S? How about the Optimus 3D or Xperia Play, two of the most innovative and interesting devices at the event?

I’m not debating that the iPhone 4 should or shouldn’t have won the Best Mobile Device award, I’m just suggesting that if they were truly able to beat those odds, they should also be considered the best manufacturer. But just out of curiousity, which device do YOU think should have won the MWC Best Mobile Device for 2011?

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UPDATE: As noted in comments, the award went to the best phone of 2010 which makes the above poll semi-irrelevant but the overall concept of the article still applies.