iPhone 4 Embarrasses Android, Wins Best Mobile Device At MWC


The Wall Street Journal called Android, “the star of the show,” claiming it powered, “every significant device launched at the Mobile World Congress.” This is true. Android was here, Android was there, Android was everywhere – anything worth talking about at MWC 2011 was Android-based.

Then the iPhone 4 won “Best Mobile Device” at an event they didn’t even attend where the only things important were Android-based. It clearly shows the judges aren’t biased, only offering awards to exhibitors, but it’s a pretty embarrassing situation in my opinion. HTC won Best Device Manufacturer and surely a slew of handsets on site could have taken home the gold for best overall device, but Apple got the award instead.

To be honest, if the judges really did feel the iPhone 4 was the Best Mobile Device, Apple should have one best manufacturer too. In an Android-dominated landscape they still manage to win Best Mobile Device despite a healthy portfolio of Android smartphones appearing? The iPhone 4 is better than the Atrix, Bionic, Thunderbolt, Galaxy S2, Optimus 2X, Incredible S? How about the Optimus 3D or Xperia Play, two of the most innovative and interesting devices at the event?

I’m not debating that the iPhone 4 should or shouldn’t have won the Best Mobile Device award, I’m just suggesting that if they were truly able to beat those odds, they should also be considered the best manufacturer. But just out of curiousity, which device do YOU think should have won the MWC Best Mobile Device for 2011?

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UPDATE: As noted in comments, the award went to the best phone of 2010 which makes the above poll semi-irrelevant but the overall concept of the article still applies.

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  1. Wasn’t it an award for the best phone of 2010?

  2. atrix

  3. I picked the Thunderbolt because that is the only device that is close to the EVO! Which why is the Evo not on the list? It has been the only Iphone killing device as in design, speed, 4G, and not to mention having Android onboard. This device has been out and has been one of the most popular Android devices to be released to date.

  4. I don’t think they would have given the best mobile device award to a phone that’s not even out yet. Pretty sure that’s why they gave it to the iphone 4. Personally I think they should have given it to the Evo. It set a standard for future android phones.

  5. How did it win? Its not that good of a phone, Consumer Reports says not to buy it. Plus a bunch of awesome Android phones that kick its ass in spec comparisons came out last year.

  6. “To be honest, if the judges really did feel the iPhone 4 was the Best Mobile Device, Apple should have one best manufacturer too.”

    Gotta say I disagree, best device does not equal best manufacturer. HTC had multiple devices that could have been considered for best device. I think a manufacturer having the 2nd,3rd,4th best etc… device is better than the manufacturer with one “magical” device.

    But then maybe I am just an apple basher! LOL

  7. How the hell are we voting on best mobile device for 2011? It’s only the second month of this year. Plus most of those phones on the list aren’t even released yet

  8. lol what a joke the I phone can’t compare 2 my mt4g no way it beats the new beasts

  9. I have to agree with Kevin (above) how could a phone that stirred up so much controversy (Antennagate) with its antenna problems, then trying to drag other phones down with it like the Droid X? Don’t get me wrong, iPhone has made sales and is a decent phone, but comparing it the specs of the phone that came out after it, and the fact that Android did better than the iPhone closing out the year should say more. I think Jobs paid them off lol

  10. This is for 2010. Notice how every single Android phone you listed in your poll is a 2011 phone?

  11. Is anyone surprised? The iPhone is like the cool kid in high school everyone wants to be friends with.

  12. wait for it……here come the apple bashers! (they’ve nothing better to do, but bash on apple and whine about not having 2.2.)

  13. I own a Droid X, I love it… that being said, I voted for the iPhone 4 because of iOS. iOS is better than Android, period. It’s more stable, more fluid, and everything works on it. Android is more buggy, has more features, crashes more frequently, no app standards, etc… There are more plus’ and minus’, but when it comes down to the overall package, iPhone4 wins in my opinion. And no, I am not going out to buy one… why? Because I am happy with my phone, I can live with these random restarts and bugginess in hopes of new OS revisions…

  14. > Apple should have one best manufacturer too

    should have WON

    Also, Apple isn’t the manufacturer. It’s the designer.

  15. Atrix is SICK!

  16. Phandroid should do a piece on Apple’s new subscription/in-app purchase policy and what it’s going to mean for Android users who subscribe to services like Mog or use Kindle books. It’s one of the more nefarious tech policies that I’ve seen in the last few years.

  17. I wonder how much that award cost , and what device were the judges using. They are probably Ifanboys

  18. This was for the last year. HTC Desire should have won.

  19. The MWC 2011 award is based on performance in 2010. You can’t give to companies awards for actions/accoplishments they haven’t achieved when the year JUST started (6th week into 2011). That doesn’t make sense. And I agree with Antny1979, how can you award phones that aren’t even out on the market yet and there are more phones for 2011 to come that weren’t even announced at MWC.

    When looking at the 2010 award, it was given to the HTC Hero, which was released in 2009. So yeah, the award was for the year before, not this year, Rob.

  20. What a joke those judges are. The iphone 4 with the antenna issues. Not only did not one android phone have a manufacturer issue like this but multiple phones beat the hardware of iphone 4 in every aspect and the atrix has a laptop and desktop dock. Lol @ iphone 4. Dunno what the judges are thinking but its obvious they are morons and didnt vote on anything that matters but besides the apple logo.

  21. While I think the iPhone is great, I don’t think it even deserved best phone award, not even for 2010. The judges were on iCrack or something. I mean, think about it, it was plagued with antenna issues on release and the only thing it had better than the evo was a nicer screen. And the evo came out a month before.

    The release of iPhone 4 brought just another iPhone to the market. The os broug nothing new, exciting or cool. I mean, a press conference about folders? Really?

    Pathetic if you ask me.

  22. Although I’m not a huge fan of motorola, the atrix was hands down the best device at MWC IMO…it may not be the perfect implementation yet, but it is the future of computing IMO.

    @Albert is iOS better at multitasking, customization, freedom, flash…etc? iOS is better for games (android is improving rapidly though) and ease of use (my mom has an iphone and she sucks at technology) but I wouldnt call it “better than android, period”

  23. If this was for 2010 I can understand why the iPhone got the award. More consistent experience, high quality phone and a slew of apps.

    Considering the advances in the Android OS, the great handsets coming out in the next months and the speed at wich the Android Market is groing it would be very surprising to see anything else than an Android phone get this award next year.

  24. @Albert. That’s not android that’s buggy and causing random resets. That’s moto blur doing that. My wife had the droid x and it had the same issues. She switched to the droid 2 and it want much better. Her OG droid never had those issues and my incredible works great.

  25. “Best Mobile Device” … lmfao.
    Just like on American Idol, it was a POPULARITY contest.

    Certainly not an evaluation of “best of” in categories of features, reliability, performance, etc.-etc. contest.

  26. Sadly…
    Apple is enjoy being a religion…

  27. I would agree that as a package the iPhone 4 was the best mobile device of 2010. It has the best screen, it’s fast (you can argue about clock speed, but the iPhone just feels fast), it has great apps, and it’s well-built. I think Android is better than iOS, but there is no single Android device I would recommend as widely as I would the iPhone 4.

    That said, there is no reason for Apple to be best manufacturer just because they won best phone. Apple has a single hit that’s a great (though not revolutionary) phone. HTC has put out half a dozen phones that are nearly as good (and better in certain ways).

  28. it won because android is a fractured market (pardon use of the ‘f’ word).

    Assume 30% of judges vote for iPhone and 70% of judges vote for their favorite android device (7 different devices), iPhone wins.

  29. I own both iOS and Android.

    Android is better period.

    Why Air Sync, Chrome to Phone, Flash 10.1, the ability to run widgets and customize the device.

    My iOS device my iPad I find the OS to simplistic and insulting.

    Applications iPhone has none than I miss.

    The iPhone is NOT high Quality, the you need a rubber bumper or old a special way.

    I think the iPhone should not of won the device of the year for this major flaw alone.

  30. I have no problem with the iPhone 4 winning. It’s the first iPhone I thought looked decent, and after all Apple has tons of cash to spend on design and they only design one phone per year. . . so it should be one of the top contenders.

    As far as being “the best smartphone,” that’s a whole different argument and I think most would agree that that depends on personal preference.

    One thing we Android users can always hang our hat on is, we have a lot more choices in hardware than anyone else and because of Android, hardware is upgrading at 10x the speed it was a few years ago–by the end of 2011 the high-end Android phone will be just as powerful as the average laptop on the market today.

    So, congrats to Apple for their award, but thank you Android for changing the smartphone environment!

  31. I agree with Tech above. The iPhone seems like it just sites there with it’s dumb apps. No widgets, no status pull-down and no life.

    Android can do so much if you just spend a wee bit of time with it.

    The iPhone’s interface has barely changed since 2007. It’s just a bunch of icons on multiple screens with a 4 icon dock. What have they done since ’07? Folders?

    Don’t even say multi-tasking or copy/paste because that should have been in there from the start.

  32. One major reason I think they won was because of gaming my friend has a ipod touch and he was playing games like black ops which I think android doesn’t even has

  33. lol pretty obvious lots of people are looking forward to the Atrix. i voted for the Galaxy S2, though. Samsung totally surprised me. and their new display on the device is top notch

  34. Strange decision, considering the HTC desire was given as phone of the year by engadget, t3 and another couple of polls as well. Considering the iPhone 4 has had reception problems, tons of smashed back screens, volume buttons put on upside down and numerous other problems as well, its a bit of a shock in my opinion

  35. even if it is 2010 the galaxy s is way better of a phone than the iphone 4!

  36. Probably has more to do with all the Apple people voting iPhone, but all the Android people splitting their votes among the different devices available. For Android, there is no “one best” phone, as they have different features that appeal to different people. For the iPhone, everyone that likes iOS is on one device, period.

  37. Somehow I’m not totally surprised. I’m not going to bash Apple but there are far superior devices out there. It’s all opinion based so they picked what they liked. I just happen to not agree.

  38. If Atrix didn’t have a locked bootloader, and was on Verizon,I would get it.

  39. It shoulda been the Evo!!!

  40. I am inclined to agree somewhat. What the iphone can do, it does really well. Simplistic and fluid, it is definitely a quality device. But how is it better than say the htc evo, or any of the galaxy s variants? Or the droid x? Or even the nexus phones? I think what the judges need to add ask before considering the nomination, was what can the iphone do that evolution, epic, Droid x can’t do? Then flip the question around, and ask what can those phones do that the iPhone can’t do.

  41. This is stupid … Consumer Report didn’t even recognized buying an iPhone 4 !!! and someone please tell me How could iPhone’s specs beat any of those phone??? single core vs. dual core? 512MB ram vs 1GB? 720p video rec vs. 1080p??? or maybe is it because the rest of the phones don’t have a death grip? … this definitely is it.

  42. The galaxy s series should have won because it sold more than any HTC variant. It was the only device within range of the 16 million iphone sold. It sold more than 10 million and changed the game…

  43. I’m an Android fan through and through and a Nexus One owner/user.

    I think the iPhone 4 win was correct.


    1) None of those devices there are being offered for sale right now. If this award is kinda like the Grammy’s than you don’t hand out prizes for movies that aren’t in theatres yet.

    2) I hate to say it, but hardware-wise, Apple still makes some damn potent and good-looking kit. It’s a testament to their ability that they can launch one device a year and have it stay relevant for almost the whole cycle.

    3) iOS takes the cake on software. I love widgets, live wallpaper, etc. But Android still has UI inconsistencies, the odd stability issues (I get one Force close a day and I’m running a stock rom on a Nexus One), and of course content. The Android ecosystem is very, very far behind. And we won’t even talk about updates.

    All in all, I’d say all this adds up to a win for the iPhone 4.

    That said, I am hoping this does not happen again. Google needs to get off its ass and fix the ecosystem. Where’s the media store that was promised? What about universal access to paid apps?

    And I hope they do something about upgrades and the fragmentation situation. Personally, I consider Froyo to be the first version of Android that’s truly usable and marginally competitive with iOS. Yet, there’s millions out there that won’t get a FroYo update. Google really needs to start leaning on OEMs to get some sort of understanding on updates. Heck, Google needs to get to updates themselves (no Gingerbread on my N1 yet!).

    I’m glad to see Android getting better by the day. Now I want to see Google kick it up a notch!

  44. Wow. I’m shocked that the EVO didn’t win the phone of the year. The iPhone 4 didn’t do anything revolutionary and the EVO certainly was a game changer. The media’s infatuation with Apple is sickening.

  45. yea the evo was made in 2010, much better than the iphone in my opinion.

  46. All of those phones offer something over the iphone, the galaxy has a way better screen, the atrix brings a way better processor, and accesories, the evo/tbolt has 4G, the xperia will have some sick games, The optimus has a whole extra dimension. It isn’t necesarily fair to compare the first batch of the best of 2011 with last year’s iphone, but the situation hasn’t changed much since last year. Almost every phone has an achilles heel, be it a crappy skin, or a crappy camera, or a crappy build quality, a less tha stellar screen or a gps that can’t find you. The only downside to the iphone is iOS, the software that a lot of people love it for, its limiting, insulting, boring, and when things go wrong, you’re pretty hopeless to try to fix them. However, people like that, being able to fix your own computer means being able to break your own computer. It has one button. Its really easy.
    As much as I adore my Moto Milestone, it has taken a lot of fighting to get it as good as it is, and it still takes pretty bad pictures, theres no helping that.
    These phones all have something cool to offer, and the iphone 5 is probably going to pick and choose the best bits of each (other than gigantic amoled screens and physical keyboards, android will hang on to those to the bitter end). If anyone else nails the total package, they’ll probably sell 80 million of them and win it next year.

  47. Best specifications does not equal best phone or best user experience.

  48. This is easy to explain – it is exactly how political elections get screwed up:

    Lets say there are 10 judges, and 4 of them are hardcore iPhone fans. iPhone 4 gets 4 votes. Not enough to win, right? Wrong. The remaining 6 votes are split between the top 3 Android devices, and viola! iPhone 4 wins by a 50% margin over the second closest device.

    If the camps were truly divided among software lines: between iOS fans and Android fans, then it easy to see why the iPhone will win: It is the only iOS mobile phone! There are dozens of Android phones to split the vote.

  49. I admit, I own an iPhone 4 and I love it. I also love all my friends Android devices. I once switched to Android for a few months about a year ago only to come back to the iPhone. Like many commenters have stated before me, as an overall package, I believe the iPhone is better. Especially to a “normal” user. Everything has an onscreen button – not a maze of hidden menus only accessed by a physical menu button. Not only that a big part of what makes the phone great is the app store and the apps and developers themselves. Apple provided a great SDK for developers to build on and they have ran with it. Im not talking just number of apps but quality of apps mainly. Say what you want about Apple’s imposing store guidelines (i hate them) but they do keep a lot of “crap” out of the store and ensure a certain level of quality in every app. This point exactly is where I disagree with the author of this post. Apple shouldn;t have won the best manufacturer award because Apple just provided the hardware (which is still pretty good) but the real allure of iOS is the apps and the app ecosystem that comes with it.

  50. And this further backs up what I’m saying about all of these companies making these trash talk videos about their tablets over Apple’s. (Yes, I realize this article is about a phone but same idea.) Apple’s name still carries a TON of weight in the consumers’ minds. This is a huge hurdle that all of these companies will need to overcome and pricing their offerings way over what Apple asks doesn’t help. This is just one more thing for Apple to dangle in front of the consumer to lead them to their door. :(

  51. Who cares? it’s just a prize! I don’t think it was deserved thought.

  52. I think the Evo was the best device (at the very least, most revolutionary due to 4G) but you can’t give it to the Evo since it is only available in one country.

  53. It doesn’t make calls unless you have a bumper, it only sports 3G, has a single core processor, its perhaps the most ridiculously controlled and regulated platform on the market, oh, and it didn’t even bother to show at MWC, but its the best device.

  54. Ok…so if we’re talking about 2010 only, I still say the Nexus S is better than the iPhone 4.

  55. I just read this, threw my Android in the trash, and spent $400 on a iPhone, Am I happy now?

  56. cry a little more… christ this place is officially out of my RSS feed.

  57. Good riddance then Jason. Anyway The Evo alone should have taken the iPhone 4. How in the world does it come out over a Galaxy S. This is the same iPhone 4 that consumer reports won’t even recommend right?

  58. Well lets see here…iphone 4…hahahaha..i mean the phone is good but not great..not being able to use facetime without WiFi,most of the apps u have to pay for but Android most are free…in a couple months Android will surpass iPhone in apps..iphone is a joke..too boring of a phone for eye candy..oohh retina display..who cares…apple can’t compete with android/htc…even when the iphone5 comes out its not gonna make the waiting for the HTC pyramid hopefully specs are right this time..bye the end of this year people will be

  59. android is not a device its a software. plain and simple. there are dozens among dozens of android devices but only one iphone

  60. The Evo should have won for 2010.

    /not an Evo owner, not a Sprint subscriber, Dad owns an Evo…fffffreakin awesome phone.

  61. Apple iPhone is a stunning piece of hardware, but the ios platform Blows. Come on people, that walled garden of ios sucks and watch out all your ios jail breakers, Apples latest stunt with iBooks detecting jailbrocken iPads with continuously get worse. Apple ios blows and I hope that Jobs chokes on that shitty operating system.

  62. What is this based on? If sales alone… this makes sense. If anything else, I suspect bais…

  63. im pretty sure the judges were such dumbasses that they couldn’t handle the ability to customize and wanted everything done for them

  64. The iPhone deserves the 2010 award IMO. Yeah apple is behind in a few technologies but as they have shown plenty of times they may be the last to get something but it’s usually one of if not the best when they do. I agree the os is pretty boring having it for the forth year straight but is alot more stable than android IMO.

  65. Android users are too split as to which device is best, so although android devices may have gotten 80 % of the best device votes – the 20% of the dedicated Apple fans that voted for the iPhone put it on top.

  66. I don’t know how the voting worked, but maybe since there are so many Androids they split the vote. If you are an HTC fan there are a dozen different phones to split your vote. There is only one phone for Apple fanboys to vote for.

  67. It is exactly like the Heisman trophy winner for ncaa football, not winning the best quarterback award? How are they the best player in the country but not at there position? Awards never will make sense.

  68. HTC had many “firsts” like front facing camera and 4g. They also created visually appealing devices that the iPhone 4 modeled after as well as the HTC Wildfire which now apple is rumored to have a similar device.
    Therefore the sum of their phones were good on a manufacturing side, yet they didn’t have the best one phone (at least in the eyes of the judges).

    the iPhone 4 set a bar with their beautiful screen and subsequent battery life, but since they only had one phone produced (with manufacturing flaws like the antenna) they did equal the sum of HTC’s models

  69. Here is the thing about Iphone. I have never owned one. I am an Android fan, but the reason I phone is popular it is designed for technologically impaired people. How do I know that. I took my 5 year old son to mall, he wanted to see Iphone we got in to Apple store, it took him 5 minutes to figure out Iphone. I am not saying people who use Iphone are stupid but they are kind of people who can not set up their email client at their desktop. So that’s why Iphone is popular. If Geico didn’t have it first they could have used “IT IS SO EASY EVEN CAVE MAN CAN DO IT. “

  70. Apple won because they control the most important issue, mindshare. Fortunately that’s changing as Android is the new cool.

  71. Like I said iPhone is a joke…when the iPhone 5 comes out its gonna get old fast since HTC is making some redic phones in the next few months…its kind of sad Apple only can put out one superphone a year when HTC/Android puts out dozens..steve jobs is a joke if he had a brain he would have made the iPhone unique and not a boring pos…soon iPhone will be forgotten forever and htc/android will rule for a very…very..very long time

  72. I agree the 1phone 4 is a great phone, but the title of this article was nothing more than to spur debate, as Android was not “Embarrassed”. Pretty stupid article title.

  73. Congrats on apple! It should of won this 8== > too! Bahaha!

  74. Unless they are basing that vote solely on the Operating System, which then boils down to a preference (i.e. Fanboyism) the iPhone 4 is inferior in every way (EVERY WAY) to the Bionic, Atrix, Nexus S, SGS2 and every other device on that poll up there. I’m fairly certain that the judges were people who are very simple and aren’t very tech saavy, which seems to be the case with a lot of judged things.

  75. This is like a beauty pagent that the winning contestant never had to show up for and won. Iphones are for people that just want the phone to do what it does and not think have about it. Android truly is for the geek in us and for those that fight being controlled as APPLE does with all there products. Give me FREEDOM or give me DEATH!

  76. comparing the iphone 4 to the next gen android handsets is not really being fair. compare the iphone 5 to any of those and I can guarantee it will more than hold its own. Apple doesn’t have to release 200 phones all running the same os. They can target all markets using the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS. You’ll see the same thing when the iphone 5 comes out. the iphone will be premium and the 4 will become the entry level phone.

  77. So many people here are living in the fantasy android world. The iphone 4 was not recommended to buy by conusmer reports, but yet, it still had a higher rating than the evo 4 The antenna problem affects a tiny fraction of a percent and thus doesn’t really amount to much more than a bad few phones in a bad area for signal, a very rare problem. Stop with the antenna bs already.
    The iphone 4 has facetime over 3g. It’s not called facetime it’s tango, which can work to video phone evo’s also. There are still commercials about how the iphone doesnt have facetime over 3g, more lies for a delusional android fantasy world. Stop spreading this bs already, it’s sad if you have to resort to a lie to insult a product.
    And people say the judges are fanboys or retarded, they gave another award to htc, and the last best mobile device award to an htc phone, so these arguments are obviously completely illogical.
    Android phans live in a fantasy world where old rumors about iphones limitations are never cleared up. The worst headline about iphones are taken at face value, their support is never really weighed. Most people on this site think the iphone 4 is the worst smart phone out there, yet it wins award after award. Even the toughest critics like consumer reports say it’s still better than the evo 4. And doesn’t the nexus s still reboot uncontrollably? Doesn’t the nexus s still send texts to the wrong people? That’s as stable as it’s supposed to get on anroid. Netflix app skipped over android and is now on windows and blackberry phones, this android market is just not ready for prime time.
    Keep deluding yourselves, ignoring awards, and intelligent analysis you android sheep!

  78. Hate to have to break it to you, but it’s not embarrassing to anyone. iPhone is the top device in the world. Symbian is the top OS/platform, and Android is the top selling. So, wouldn’t you then think iPhone would win for device? It’d only have been embarrassing if iOS had won “top platform” or “best selling platform”.

  79. It’s all about apps and user experience. IPhone still wins these categories. End of story. Satisfaction among iPhone owners is very high, and is the standard by which android is measured. Until this all changes Apple will continue to win these awards

  80. i don’t know why this 2010 apple iphone 4 is the winner… 2010!!! that was last year!!! it should have been the optimus 3d!! come on glasses free 3d??? atrix is pretty good but no 3d and i don’t think atrix has dual channel like optimus 3d… does it??

  81. Even for 2010, iphone 4 was still a stretch for the best device.
    Both ipad and evo are better…..but again, ipad may not have been considered a “mobile” device.

  82. iOS isnt measured against android. Android is measured against iOS. And i have an EVO too only because ATT is crap where i live.

  83. My Evo beats the shit out of the iphone.

  84. Makes sense somewhat that the iphone would win…they probably got 15% of the vote and the other 85% was probably split up equally among 10 android devices. Was there an award for best phone OS? If so I’m sure android won that hands down.

  85. Epic would have won IF IT HAD FROYO!

  86. Gotta say it. I had the Incredible and the X, still have the X but wish I had kept the Incredible. HTC by far over Moto. My son who lives 500 plus miles away talked me into getting an Iphone for Facetime so I gave in. Never ever thought I would say this and I loved my Incredible but Iphone is the best device I have ever owned. Yea I was against all the closed source but it is a great device. Since I carry two phones though may replace the X with another Incredible or the Thunderbolt.

  87. *giggling at all of the fandroid apologists making excuses for why the iPhone won” Priceless….

  88. I guess if you don’t care about making an actual phone call..
    can you hear me know???

  89. now even.

  90. Memo to fandroids:

    Not everyone gives a damn about widgets and custom wallpaper….


  92. Is anyone surprised? I mean, the iPhone 4 can’t even make a decent phone call. Can’t browse lots of websites. Has a joke of a notification system. Has to be jailbroken to realize any kind of decent customization. Has to depend on garbage apps like iTunes. Doesn’t have a removable battery. Has as a smaller display (resolution matters little when you still have to zoom to read). Yet it wins. Not surprised one bit. Despite their simplistic, crippled system, Apple always gets a free pass based mostly on name and less so on the evidence presented. And unfortunately for the time being, that’s going to be the norm. Embarrass Android? I don’t think so.

  93. Despite GPS problem, Samsung Galaxy S should win because it has the ergo design.

  94. We can’t talk about the iPhone antenna anymore, damn, back to the easily broken glass, and the crappiest of all 1990’s connectors

  95. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Apple doesn’t even have to show up and it still wins!!!! All the little fake iPhones saying “notice me notice me!!” and the one who blows off the party still walks away with the crown!!! This is too hilarious!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  96. Nexus S vs. Iphone 4

    Nexus is more customizable and it has a better notification system.

    Iphone 4 has a generally more polished UI, more and more polished apps.

    I think it’s a tie.

  97. This award proves that the people who believe the iphone is a horrible phone are delusional phandroid sheep lemmings living in a fantasy android world. My theory: while young these people were sexually molested with apples. I’d check it out with your local psychotherapist.
    To the android owners that can at least appreciate it is on par with top android phones, sorry, it must have been close, maybe you can get the crown again next time. To the sheep what’s that behind you? It’s a girl wearing apple bottom brand jeans run!!

  98. WTF?? What kind of judges are these? Seriously? They must use a different definition of “mobile device”.

  99. No NEXUS S as even an option? Weird!

  100. Let me see if i got this right, iOS comes out with a new version and all iphones get it?

    Android comes out with a new version and 1 phone gets it?

  101. Yeah all the iPhones get IOS but only SOME can actually use the new features (if you can call them that). For example the 3g can’t multitask and actually LOSES performance. Folders? Wow what an innovative feature! LOL! Android’s been doing that long before. Multitasking? The iPhone’s is a joke and again, Android did that since 1.x. Even Android 2.0 is more capable than IOS. IOS gets ‘features’ that should have been included from day 1. So I wouldn’t be too quick tout IOS updates as anything more than minor ‘catching up to the competition’ updates.

    Like someone rightly said, IOS is Android’s APP TRAY. Period!

  102. How the hell they WIN BEST OF SHOW? When APPLE don’t even attend at CES or MWC they shouldn’t even be listed their if APPLE isn’t joining other manufacturers

  103. @John and yet no one says “hey how does the iphone/ipad stack up against xyz android phone/tablet”. But it seems like everything is compared to whatever apple is doing.

    Im just saying.

    And the iphone 3g? You bring up a 2 year old phone when the biggest and baddest comes out at least once a month for whoever. And once jailbroken, i had no problem multitasking on my 3g and i even had froyo on it just cause i could.

    So a 2 yr old iphone can run froyo (yes i know not fully functional) before phones like the epic.


  104. Honestly who cares everyone knows Android is the best..steve jobs is jealous…iphone is blah..i love the eye candy of I love the notifications and customization Android has…i can’t wait to see the iPhone 5 get obliterated bye the ridiculous android/Htc phones coming out like hopefully the pyramid..boom…soorryyyyy

  105. Don’t u just love it that whenever tech reviewers praise android it’s bcuz they’re so smart, but if they praise Apple they’re biased, ignorant, secret Apple fanboys??? The good book says, “a fool is known by his multitude of words”….keep talkin fandroids

  106. @runzombierun, I had a 3g – it was a slow crappy phone plain and simple. Even IOS ran like shit on it, so if you can run Froyo, it would be slow and buggy so what’s the point? I brought up the 3g because tons of people still own them. Yes jailbreaking is nice, but very few of the hacks available run as smoothly as claimed. They are often full of bugs and are not fully functional.

    As for Android updates? Well: The high-end Android phones are updated first before the lower end models and as there are so many to choose from, the more informed folks choose the ones that:
    1. Are guaranteed to have roms available if they need to update before the official.
    2. Are 99% sure to get an update in a timely fashion.

    Example: the Droid and Droid X and EVO got updates pretty quickly and their were roms available for the EVO and Droid long before the official releases. Now these phones are considering outdated. If I want Android 2.4 or 3.0 or whatever future phones comes down the pike, I will sell and buy another. That’s all. However the cool thing is, 2.2 does everything I need it to do and then some so there is no rush. The people that whine and cry didn’t do their homework and are just plain impatient.

    If you buy an older phone or lower end phone waiting forever for an update – you deserve it plain and simple.

    Android gets updates and hardware improvements at a much faster pace, and while it might suck – it is expected that the user will UPGRADE if they want the newer features. Yes the manufacturers and carriers are in it for the MONEY just like Apple. No it’s not the thing most users want to hear however it’s just the way it is. This fragmentation nonsense that’s often brought up is just that – nonsense.

  107. How could they commend the ‘build quality’ of the iPhone4 on the website? The front and back panels shatter to pieces if dropped on a hard surface from less than a metre’s height, not to mention it’s not easy to grasp – trying to prevent it from slipping, and the ever-so cliched ‘death grip’ was not even taken into question?

    I’m pretty sure all these qualify as attributes contributing towards ‘build quality’.

  108. @Poseidon. Don’t you know that shattering is a feature of the iPhone? It shatters much smoother than any Android phone. Don’t you know anything????

  109. the decision was really simple, the judges were paid by apple lol

  110. Number one selling mobile phone on planet earth;
    Most successful launch in the history of Verizon Wireless;
    Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress;

    Aaah the accolades just keep pouring in….

  111. 8 == >

  112. I believe that the iphone should have won the best handset for their software and no bloatware installed by default policy alone.. And what’s worse is that it pains me to say that as an owner of 8 different android devices I really wish that there was a consistent update policy, and a no-bloatware installed.. I have unlocked phones too but there is still shit that we don’t need or use on the handsets.. common android manufactuers get a clue.. rapid, regular updates, no bloatware == happy customers.

  113. I have dropped my iphone 3g and 4 from about 4 feet twice each onto a hard surface sometimes and they both worked perfectly fine after doing so. I had no screen protector nor bumper on either one. Yet once again, the phandroid sheep speak about what they not nothing of. Once again a few rare cases are applied to every iphone. Once again the iphone wins awards over the androids.
    And the iphone 4’s antenna was taken into account by consumer reports and their exact wording was: “The signal problem is the reason that we did not cite the iPhone 4 as a “recommended” model, even though its score in our other tests placed it atop the latest Ratings of smart phones that were released today.” Reread: “ATOP”! Even with a supposed handicap that affected just a fraction of a percent of the phones (and 100 % were given free bumpers), the iphone still beat every other android phone according to CR, who is clearly not biased.
    With a 9 month late re-release it still doubled previous android phone records on verizon. The droid x came out at the same time as the iphone 4 and it flopped. They give you money to take it off the shelves now while the price does not change for the iphone 4 nine months later and a re-release still beats out the initial releases of androids. You have to admit you got creamed this year.
    At least you still have netflix, hulu, mortal kombat, grand theft auto, rage, infinity blase, oh wait no that was us again. At least you have flash even though hulu nbc cbs and anybody else can still block you and you cannot control even simple games, oh wait we have that too, except our version converts it to html5 and we save 1/3 battery life over you while improving video quality. What was the good reason to buy android again??

  114. iking + Eileen is definitely the same person. And the fact that the troll hasn’t left yet and MUST stick around to defend the iCrap speaks volumes. iKing we know it hurts to know Android is superior and has the better hardware. But please continue. BTW I like the Eileen character better, she’s hilarious.

  115. evo should have won..

  116. Seriously @iKing is Steve Jobs paying u to say all the shit u say. He must break u off 10 grand to praise then iPhone n suck his dick. Just 4 years ago non of this was goin on until the G1 released when I replaced my iPhone 3G for my G1 I fell In love Lol that’s sad of me but to be honest the HTC Evo4G didn’t have any problems AT ALL so why didn’t it win? Ugh all those mudda fuckin judges gettin paid to suck Steve Jobs and his coworkers dick n praise the iPhone. Tuah. They need to get da mudda fuck wit that shit ain’t no way iPhone 4 is better than the Galaxy S lines and the Evo 4G which had NO flaws AT ALL. Wat else phone didn’t have a major problem uuuuummmm the Droid Incredible too. So i don’t understand how could they win. Honestly the G2, Galaxy S or Evo 4G should have won. It was the first phone that started it all as Apple would say about the iPhone which didn’t change shit except shit Lol.

  117. Seriously @iKing is Steve Jobs paying u to say all the shit u say. He must break u off 10 grand to praise then iPhone n suck his dick. Just 4 years ago non of this was goin on until the G1 released when I replaced my iPhone 3G for my G1 I fell In love Lol that’s sad of me but to be honest the HTC Evo4G didn’t have any problems AT ALL so why didn’t it win? Ugh all those mudda fuckin judges gettin paid to suck Steve Jobs and his coworkers dick n praise the iPhone. Tuah. They need to get da mudda fuck wit that shit ain’t no way iPhone 4 is better than the Galaxy S lines and the Evo 4G which had NO flaws AT ALL. Wat else phone didn’t have a major problem uuuuummmm the Droid Incredible too. So i don’t understand how could they win. Honestly the G2, Galaxy S or Evo 4G should have won. It was the first phone that started it all as Apple would say about the iPhone which didn’t change shit except shit Lol. The iPhone doesnt even have a Notification System AT ALL, messages jus pop up which has no privacy to it

  118. @iKing did he give u a extra grand to deep throat that thang, lmao but all in all the Evo should have won it was the phone that changed it all first front facing camera first phone wit 4G first phone wit HDMI out and didn’t have any problems. Steve Jobs mus skeet off in everyones mouth these days

  119. Droid Incredible is #1 in my book. Great phone. 2011 is sure to change my mind. The Thunderbolt and friends are looking pretty sweet!

  120. @antny1979&albert- albert is right on, I’ve had 3 htc androids, one samsung android, and one i4, and they all had the same issues. It’s true and it’s ok to admit, android has more features but iOS is more fluid/stable. That’s how they coexist, google likes to throw out cool features even if they aren’t 100% ready, but some people to forgo the features for a phone that’s more reliable.

  121. @ John:
    You’re right John! I’m sooooo hurt! It just PAINS me to know that my iPhone is the number ONE selling smartphone in the world; I almost cried when Verizon reported that it had only taken 2 HOURS for the iPhone to have the most successful debut in the history of the carrier; I was CRUSHED when I found out that the iPhone was awarded Best Mobile Device over a sea of me-too Android wannabes EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP; how sad I am….BOO HOO!!!

    @ Ugh:
    Shoulda, coulda, woulda… fandroids can blow smoke all day long about which version of your fake iPhones should have won the award. The Evo SHOULD have beaten the iPhone. The Steelers SHOULD have won the super bowl. The Celtics SHOULD have beaten the Lakers. But guess what: they didn’t! Take your ass-whippin like a man….

  122. John, iKing and I are not the same person. Note the difference in attitude, I laugh at you guys more. And also notice the differences in screen name approach, iking is straight forward to the point, i lean (over) and you lick (my ass) has a different approach, it seems feminine and vulnerable then all of a sudden you’ve tossed salad like a rookie ho. iking also seems to use caps more often. I’m also clearly much better looking. I can see the similarities (owning the best phone in the world which shits on your phone, not buying phandroid sheep out dated bs), but I must point out the differences.
    And don’t pull out the troll card like a girl. First there’s an article calling foul on the iphone award, then you keep agreeing with clear lies about the iphone. You started the comparison with the iphone. If you talk about strictly android shit it’s one thing, but this article brought up the iphone in the first place, you should be put in your place. I think 99% of the articles here mention the ios apple or the iphone either in the article or by the pro android commenters. If a “troll” came on here saying that the iphone could transport people back in time, you wouldn’t need to pull the troll card, it would be clear that they are fucked in the head. But now that the “troll” is debunking common android fan misconceptions well, you now decide to pull the troll card. Man up and just show how the facts supposedly prove you right and them wrong.

  123. Even when the article does not specifically mention the iPhone these fandroids find a way to include it in the conversation….they’ve got iPhone on the brain! Clear symptoms of an inferiority complex….

  124. lets face it steve jobs has plenty of money that goes out to this so called judges. money talks bulls8t walks . This is the way the world is. plain and simple. its sad but truth.

  125. Lolol!! So let me get this straight Joe, the iPhone won the award bcuz Steve Jobs paid them off??? Did HTC pay off the judges when the Hero won last year??? Are you listening to yourself???? Boy you fandroids start going nuts when your side loses….this is friggin’ HILARIOUS!!! LMAO!!!!!

  126. @iking/eileen. Nice try troll. It was amusing at first but now you’re just repeating yourself. Get some new stuff.

  127. Translation: I have no valid rebuttal so go away

  128. Guys honestly who cares if iPhone won…when the iPhone 5 comes and and gets obliterated bye htc/android jobs is gonna shit bricks…the guys always trash talking Android cuz he’s jealous…iking and Eileen are a joke ohhh u can play mortal combat how much did that cost 5 bucks?..and multitasking Haa it barely hibernates apps…iphone has awesome social integration right? Ohh wait it doesnt….ohh wait I have to pull my battery..u can’t…i wanna upgrade my memory..u can’t!…and your IOS changed so much…it didn’t! In a year from now when Android basically owns the mobile phone world everyone will be saying iPhone? What is that

  129. (Yawn) Such wishful thinking….

  130. Mortal kombat costs 99 cents on iOS.

  131. Iphone 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 won’t matter. Android will always be ahead. And Jobs I’m afraid to say may not be around much longer.

  132. (Ho Hum) NOW who’s repeating himself? Like I said, take your ass-whippin like a man. The judges know the difference between the real thing and a bunch of pretenders, and they awarded accordingly

  133. Best Actor at the oscars doesn’t mean Best Movie. They are rated on different criteria. If the criteria for “Best Manufacturer” was the manufacturer who made the best device, then that would make best manufacturer a redundant award as it’s locked with another award. May as well call it “Best Device and Manufacturer”.

    You could have a manufacturer that makes shit devices out of green products. They could win because of their eco-friendliness. The criteria for the awards is different, therefore the receivers can be different.

    p.s. I hate all things Apple


  135. The iPhone 4 is a nice phone(seriously), but I just don’t think it can handle the stuff Android does, with the finesse that Android does, that and I don’t want to be an iSheep.

  136. I wouldn’t give too much credibility to this “award.” Obama was voted in, remember?

  137. So u prefer to be an aSheep instead…..

  138. I have said it before and will continue to say it for ever the Iphone is for basic SIMPLE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO DESIRE TO LEARN ANYTHING JUST WANT TOO BE TOLD WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T DO WITH THERE PHONE…. An android user explores and wants to get the best out of there device. Android users most at least UNDERSTAND WHAT A OPERATING SYSTEM IS AND WHAT A ROM IS… I was new to Android in June 2010 My First device was a HTC EVO 4G prior to that purchase i researched ANDROID VS IOS… APPLE VS GOOGLE and proudly made my choice. I SELECTED GOOGLE AND RESPECT THE OPEN STANDARD THE PLATFORM REPRESENTS….The HTC EVO 4G WAS THE BEST DEVICE IN 2010 THE DEVICE THAT SET THE STANDARD IN 4G TECHNOLOGY THE GRANDDADDY OF IT ALL….. IPHONE4 could never be an Evo and NEVER WILL BE BETTER THAN ANY ANDROID DEVICE…. HTC also runs rings around APPLE In the smartphone industry. People with iphones ARE A JOKE and have no creative ability JUST SIMPLE PEOPLE WITH NO REAL DESIRE FOR TECHNOLOGY ON IT’S HIGHEST LEVEL… If you want to learn anything about technology and the inner workings of your device YOU NEVER BUY APPLE

  139. It kills me how APPLE FANBOYS can come on our ANDROID SITE and try to talk about there CRAPPY LITTLE IPHONE4… Guess those Apple/iphone4 sites ARE PRETTY BORING…. We welcome APPLE DWEEBS… This iking and eileen are clear APPLE FANBOYS THAT HAVE BEEN STUCK IN THAT CLOSED BOX FOR SO LONG… Life on the android side of the world is so great… We have no need for apple or there blog sites if any exist… We welcome you lost iphone4 souls that HONESTLY can’t wait till there CRAPPY AT&T contract ends so they can TRULY BUY A DEVICE WITH NO LIMITATIONS…Shit on Apple and there iphone4 and shit on all apple iphone4 fanboys

  140. Blah blah blah…..and the winner is: iPhone 4!!

    Evo = big ugly garage door opener

    I agree with one thing you said….”iPhone 4 could never be an Evo”
    Thank God it won’t! Take your ugly, too big, brick of a phone and go open someones garage with it

  141. I personally agree in that it should have one. Most of the other phones aren’t out yet. I recently switched from my android to Verizons iphone 4. In order to appreciate the devices you have to spend more than a day with them. Iphone 4 is simple and simply works. no clicking twice, the touch interface is phenomenal, solid quality construction, and has tons of support. I also agree with some of you who said android is for the more adventurous smartphone user. Thats not to say that you wont learn anything by jailbreaking an iphone but the open android OS is quick to do new tricks. There is also a ton of help provided by devs because of this(have to appreciate free tech support). I guess my point is that we should appreciate both phones and systems. They do things differently but well and will continue to help advance mobile devices. Thats good for everyone. Batman with no joker?

  142. @ Ryan:
    Uh, did u dismiss the credibility of the award when the HTC Hero won last year??? Somehow I doubt it….

  143. Apple beat 50 phone makers with 100 phone models. (Nelson laugh) ha ha.

  144. Oh..Phandroid and everyone who keep it running deserve a big round of applause. They will take notice of news of all phones despite their android bias and that says a lot. I will continue to check Phandroid daily and ironically enough I did check if there was a Phandroid app for the iPhone. There wasn’t (that says a lot too) which lead me to bookmark Phandroid in Skyfire. +1 Phandroid, Keep it up all!

  145. Iphone 4 wins not because of the spec sheet it is the best built phone out there (yea yea some can bring up the antenna issue again) every one else is just throwing every option, feture and spec it can into the phone even if it does not help much other than saying the device has the best looking spec sheet. the atrix for one has two useless, over priced and half baked add ons… the inspire is just a EVO 4g in new clothes

  146. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Dont u love it????

  147. I’m a woman u pussy somethin I’m sure u don’t get. Lmao Maybe Steve Jobs made an apple dildo jus for u mf. And one more thing All Android fans we still haven’t lost yet n will never. HTC took the best manufacturer award which means most of there devices are great and Apple didn’t! Which means they didn’t bring shit to the table like HTC did. Nah STFU U DICK PLEASER @iKing

  148. Well then take ur ass-whippin like a woman then……same thing!
    And btw, they brought the Best Mobile Device to the table…..BAM!! lol!

  149. I thought the award was for devices that were at the event so in my opinion the atrix should have gotten the award.

  150. Iking is nothing more than some frustrated iphone DICK WEED.. Take that fragile device and go sholve it up some fat lady’s ass you apple moron.. NO SECRET IPHONES ARE FOR LOSERS

  151. Dont Feed The Trolls…..

  152. Nobodys listening to u jroc….

  153. lol iphone owners will always say its the best just like new england fans..pats,celts, sox they always think they have best teams when they really dont…the iphone is nice yes but its made out of glass! there have been countless stories of how iphone gets hairline cracks from basically nothing and i dont care what u say if u drop that phone on concrete or sement without a case its done!…and the front camera is cheap..not to mention drop calls and static in the just has so much more to offer…look at the new htc thunderbolt it destroys the iphone…4g, better front facing camera.faster processor..kick stand….im not saying iphone is horrible or a p.o.s its build quality is superd but it cant do the most important as a phone

  154. I’ve dropped mine several times with no case….no even a scratch

  155. I don’t think a 4G phone should win, maybe a 3D phone, but that was released in 2011, and we are talking about the best phone of 2010. Amercian’s aren’t the only people in the world, and the rest of the world, doesn’t even have 4G, some countries don’t even have 3G, so you can’t really give an award to a phone purely, because it’s capable of 4G and the iPhone can’t. The iPhone may be an overpriced junk (I have one, I’m even using these words carefully to cross the stereotype the above stated), but the phone is simple and efficient, and the app store has so many great developers, that have slowly started adopting Android, but most of the applications are more inviting to regular joes, rather than nerdy nerds. Sure I can root my phone to upgrade it to the latest Android firmware.., but that’s the only road if you want some of the latest apps (firmware requirments, etc), and this is what Android is completely embarrassing itself with. iPhone thinks more about other people rather than just individuals.

    Before, I get trolled, or w.e, just state this is my opinion. I may be a bit narrow minded, but I’m just stating my logical view.

  156. newspaper quote “Apple will buy $7.8 billion worth of components from Samsung, the Korea Economic Daily reports (via WSJ).

    The components are things like liquid crystal displays, mobile application processors and NAND flash memory chips that go into iPhones and iPads.”

    makes me glad to have a galaxy s, but really its just preference. people just want to keep up with the jones’

  157. I think that they are trying to be nice to ole’ Steve Jobs, being that he might not be here this time next year, Bless his digital soul

  158. @ Jason:

    I completely agree. Anyone who pays $500 for that keyboard and screen for the Atrix is a LOSER. in their quest to outdo each other, Android manufacturers are getting just plain silly. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid! People on this blog criticize the iPhone for it’s simplicity. To me, that’s it’s greatest strength. Not everyone is a mad scientist that wants to use their phone to take over the world: some of us just want a well built, good looking phone that’s easy to use with the best software available. And this is where the iPhone simply cannot be beat. Keep your HDMI out (which I’m willing to bet MOST of you don’t even use), ROMS and live wallpaper, I’ll take the iPhone any day of the week.

    P.S. Richard, when fandroids stop invading Apple blogs, I’ll stop coming on here

  159. Being simple kind of defeats the smart phone idea doesn’t it.

  160. Googlefight – iSheep vs. aSheep for popularity and longevity, finally something Apple deserves to win.

  161. @ iTard:
    Ape has mastered the idea of taking modern technology and making it user friendly. Android hasn’t captured that idea yet. In their quest to outshine the iPhone, they just load up the spec sheet with a bunch of stuff that only techies and geeks care about and the average person doesn’t. It’s like bragging about having 300 cable channels when in actuality you only watch about 20….

  162. Googlefight – iDiots and Sheep vs techies and geeks, sorry, I’m done, too much hate in this room, can’t resist…….

  163. Good for you iPhone! All the attention has been on iPhone and I suppose someone else deserves it now for a change but Apple is scrambling to stay ahead with the iPhone 5. I suppose Apple has always been better for people who want simplicity over options but I have the iPhone 3 and although it has suited me fine I find that we get used to what we have when something else isn’t affordable. Eventually a choice has to be made and there will always be something better. The better screen on the iPhone is nice to see my live and recorded TV from DISH Network on my Sling adapter. I was considering an Android phone too since it works with the Sling but I could wait forever if I wanted the “best” out since there is always around the corner that is better.

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