Xperia Play Owners Will Have to Re-buy Content from PSN


One question many had regarding the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play’s ability to play classic Playstation One titles was whether or not you’d be able to transfer PSN content that you already own. The answer, unfortunately, is no: if you own a game on the Playstation 3 or PSP that is also available for Xperia Play, you’ll need to redownload it.

The word comes in from GameSpot who spoke to Sony Ericsson’s Nathan Vautier. There’s a good chance that things could change, but there’s still a good chance that they won’t. If this doesn’t bother you – great! But I can’t imagine those who have invested a lot of money in Playstation classics on the PSN will be joyed to know that they’ll have to start all over again if they want them on this phone.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. damn… That is it for that phone I think imo… Old technology (dual-core with better gpu would be a must) and then this… damn nothing appealing for me except for the buttons. But it would not take long until some other manufacturer comes out with a similar phone. Why not a phone that looks like this with a tegra 2 chip and from a manufacturer that gives out OS updates for their phones?

  2. Seriously, no PSN on this phone eliminates the majority of the reason why most consumers wanted it to begin with. Yea people like to play games on their phones the only new concept this brings is physical controls, big deal. I’m shocked that Windows Phone 7 is integrating their terrible phones with Xbox Live and Kinect without any issues and they aren’t even touting their phones as “gaming” devices! Wake the hell up Sony this is a really terrible mistake. If you are going to make a Playstation branded phone make it actually INTEGRATE with a Playstation 3 and/or your existing Playstation Network.

  3. It’s not Sony that’s making the phone, it’s Sony Ericsson. I think they’re two different companies.

  4. @noPSN=noPointToThisPhone Good point. But lets all be serious here, it will be hacked within a month or two and all these restrictions will not be affective. You’ll be able to hold all your favorite PS games on the 32GB sd card it comes with. Take that SONY!

  5. Fail

  6. lmfao at commnet 2…

    windows phone 7 and their terrible phones? I like my wp7 and its pretty good :)

  7. Wow, that’s a deal breaker for me as I’m sure it is for 95% of the consumers that were interested to buy it.
    Bottom line Sony, we don’t have to buy everything again, that’s ridiculous. Infact that’s gotta be some form of robbery. Integration people! Come on don’t be silly!

  8. how about emulators…btw i’m sure it will get rooted and people will be able to dl their psn games onto this phone don’t worry someone will figure it out over at xda

  9. “I’m shocked that Windows Phone 7 is integrating their terrible phones with Xbox Live and Kinect without any issues”

    Why is that shocking? Microsoft is using an NT Kernel on the phone just like Xbox 360 and Windows so it’s natural that they bring their dev tools and SDKs to their phones. Sony just sucks at software and always has, this isn’t too shocking to me.

  10. Just see how legit customers are rewarded… I am soo happy to NOT buy my games from them…. (i know, not really great for the actual company who makes good games but still…)

  11. The only reason I would ever get this phone is for its controls, not for the PS games. I would use if for emulators. I was never a fan of PlayStation, but if I can I’d probably emulate one or two of my old PSP games.

  12. Meh, People will just DL psx4droid and run their PS Classics roms anyways.
    Same with Nesoid and SNesoid.

  13. Looks like noone really cares about. This phone …

  14. Remember the N-Gage? Sony doesn’t.

  15. Oh noes they want you to redownload the ps1 games again? ahhhh. Guys just grab the link for the game download, save it to your pc. Use the root method that will inevitably come out within the first 10 hours after release, root the phone and push the games from your pc to your phone. Problem solved.

  16. hey man face the fact if no one’s gonna care about this phone why are you all here? i prob wont buy either but i would love to have one as a gift to my collection of handhelds =p

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