Feb 16th, 2011

One question many had regarding the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play’s ability to play classic Playstation One titles was whether or not you’d be able to transfer PSN content that you already own. The answer, unfortunately, is no: if you own a game on the Playstation 3 or PSP that is also available for Xperia Play, you’ll need to redownload it.

The word comes in from GameSpot who spoke to Sony Ericsson’s Nathan Vautier. There’s a good chance that things could change, but there’s still a good chance that they won’t. If this doesn’t bother you – great! But I can’t imagine those who have invested a lot of money in Playstation classics on the PSN will be joyed to know that they’ll have to start all over again if they want them on this phone.

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